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Sprinkle Celebration water on Kasedori for a bountiful harvest! thriving business!Kasedori

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*In 2021, both the town parade and performance have been cancelled.

The content is the schedule for 2020.
Kasedori is a traditional Kaminoyama folk event that has been handed down since the early Edo period. It is a festival in which celebratory water is poured from a pail on young men parading in town while wearing straw costumes to pray for a bountiful harvest and prosperous business. Why don’t you take a look and try pouring water vigorously?

10:00 Prayer ceremony (Kaminoyama Castle front gate square)
10:45 Performance at Kaminoyama Castle
11:00 Kasedori procession departure
11:05 Tokamachi Shopping Street ~ Yumachi District ~ Shinyu District
12:10 Shinyu-dori ~ Futsukamachi Plaza ~ Futsukamachi-dori ~ JR Kaminoyama Onsen Station (around 12:40)
13:20 Departure from JR Kaminoyama Onsen Station ~ Ishizaki/Kawasaki area – Hayama area
14:50 Kaminoyama Fire Station ~ Kaminoyama Police Station
15:00 Yamazawa Kaminoyama store ~ Oban Kaminoyama store
15:15 York-Benimaru Kaminoyama store (ends after the performance)

(*This is a guideline for each year. Please note that the times are approximate and may change depending on the weather, etc.)

*Note: The straws that fall out of the costumes are said to be a lucky charm. It is said that if a girl wears one in her hair, she will be blessed with black hair for the rest of her life.

◆ Kasedori food… from 11:00 in front of the station and in front of the tourist information center, this is a special local food that can only be eaten on this day!
Kasetori soba & Kasedori udon limited to 150 servings for 500 yen

◆ Kasedori goods… from 9:00, Kasedori-related goods will be sold by the Kakkakka Kasedori Cheer Squad in front of Kaminoyama Castle.

◆ Amazake treat… from 9:00 in front of Kaminoyama Castle
Distributed by Kaminoyama city sightseeing volunteer guides, quantity is limited.

◆ Naragejuku’s famous natto aburi mochi… from 9:00 in front of Kaminoyama Castle, the mothers of the local “Grandma’s Club” make natto aburi mochi.
The fragrant taste that can only be eaten at Naragejuku in winter is adult-friendly. 100 yen each (1 mochi per skewer, limited to 250)

Basic information

Event name
Date and time
February 11, 2020 (Tuesday) 10:00~15:30
Kaminoyama Castle (Prayer ceremony) ~ Kaminoyama city



About 15 minutes on foot from JR Kaminoyama Onsen Station

Official site

Kaminoyama City Tourism & Products Association
Phone: 023-672-0839 & fax number: 023-673-3622

〇 The straw that fell out of the costumes is a lucky charm.
It is said that if a girl wears it in her hair, she will be blessed with black hair for the rest of her life.

〇 The history of Kasedori is posted in detail on the website of the “Kasedori Preservation Society”.

Please do not pull straw directly from the costumes and be careful when picking up fallen straw.

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