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Commemoration of the 6th Mountain Day National ConventionZao Okama Magic Time Tour

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This tour is recommended for guests staying at Zao Onsen to enjoy the dawn and sunrise from the summit of Zao’s Kattadake mountain.

Please take a look at the Okama crater lake surrounded by the light of dawn, a rare sight.

Basic information

Event name
Zao Okama Magic Time Tour

Departure date
September 3 (Sat.), 4 (Sun.), 5 (Mon.), 10 (Sat.), 11 (Sun.), 12 (Mon.), 17 (Sat.) & 26 (Mon.)

6,000 yen per person (same amount for adults and children)

Minimum number of participants
2 people (capacity of 3 people per car)

・ This tour will be operated by Yamako Higher or equivalent class
・ Please apply for 2 or more people
・ No tour conductor will accompany this tour
・ Meals are not included

Main menu

~ Process ~
Zao Onsen ・ pickup in front of each hotel
Departure (around 4:00 AM)
⇒ (Small higher)
⇒ Via Zao Ecoline / Zao Highline ⇒Katta Mountaintop Parking Lot
⇒ ・ ・ ・ (walking) ・ ・ ・
⇒ ・ ・ ・ Dawn and sunrise tour from Zao’s Okama and the summit of Kattadake
⇒ Parking Lot
Zao Onsen ・ return at each hotel
(Around 6:30 AM)


Yamako Kanko Co., Ltd.
☎ 023-641-4567

◆ Travel planning and implementation ◆
Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agency No. 1528
JATA regular member

Yamako Tourism Co., Ltd.
Teppo-machi, Yamagata City 2-13-18
General travel business handling manager Satoru Nagahama

◆ Sponsor ◆
Yamagata Wide Area Tourism Council
Zao Onsen Tourism Association

The travel business handling manager is the person responsible for transactions at the sales office that handles your travel.
If you have any questions regarding this travel agreement, please do not hesitate to contact the above travel manager.

Yamako Kanko HP

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