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[Feature] Yamagyu! Enjoy the finest Yamagata beef yakiniku


Yamagata beef is a brand of kuroge wagyu (Japanese black beef) that attracts customers with its delicate meat and sweet fat.

The seasonal differences of Yamagata, where it is hot in summer and cold in winter, and the large temperature difference between day and night, create its taste.

This time, we will introduce Yakiniku Meisho Yamagyu, or “famous yakiniku restaurant Yamagyu,” which is popular not only with tourists but also locals.

The delicious meat selected by a connoisseur backed by more than 30 years of experience in the industry is so delicious that once you eat it, you can’t help but want to come back.

1. Yamagyu charms

1. Reasonably priced local beef selected by a connoisseur


The owner, Mr. Onuma, purchases wild cattle.

A true Yamagata beef connoisseur, he runs a meat wholesaler in his hometown of Yamagata and has been knowledgeable about Yamagata beef for over 30 years.

He visits the auction market himself and purchases Yamagata beef carefully selected based on his senses of sight, smell, taste and experience.

The commitment is also introduced on the official website, so please take a look.

If you look at it before coming to the shop, there is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy your experience even more!

② Rare parts and Yamagata beef raw meat menu

Rare part

There are plenty of rare parts that can only be tasted because the owner buys the whole cow, such as rare neck meat, which is only about 100 grams per cow, and the core meat in the center of the rib roast.

In addition, a selection of fresh Yamagata beef dishes such as Yamagata beef nigiri and yukhoe raw beef is also available!

According to the story, it is very difficult to manage raw meat, and there are very few yakiniku restaurants nationwide that can cook it on the premises.

It is a gem that can only be tasted here even in the local Yamagata!

3. A Japanese space overlooking the atmospheric inner garden

img_shop_slide01 Yakiniku Master Craftsman Yamagyu Official HP

One of the great attractions of Yamagyu is that you can enjoy the finest Yamagata beef in a luxurious Japanese space.

There are seats overlooking the inner garden where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, private rooms where you can enjoy yourself without worrying about others, and counter seats recommended for couples.

in store (5)

It can be used for a wide range of occasions, such as lunches, banquets, and celebrations.

2. Appearance and restaurant

It is the appearance of the restaurant.


At this point, there is already an extraordinary atmosphere.

Here is the entrance.

in store (2)

Shoes are strictly prohibited inside the shop, so please use the shoe racks on the left.

Counter seats as soon as you enter the entrance.

in store (1)

There is enough space for two people to sit next to each other, so it is also recommended for couples.

If you go through the aisle behind the counter seats…

in store (7)

There was a space where you could relax while looking at the Japanese garden!

in store (6)

As you can see from the photo, all seats, including the counter seats, have a horigotatsu (sunken space under the table for legs)!

You can relax and enjoy the finest Yamagata beef.

And there’s a staircase leading to the back…


Looking up…

Such an auspicious private room!

Surprisingly, the entire wall is covered with real gold leaf.


It seems that it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as birthdays and longevity celebrations!

It seems to be exciting as a promotion celebration at work or a friend’s wedding celebration.

In addition to the golden room, there are many private rooms where you can enjoy your privacy.

in store (3)

It is a very popular restaurant, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance in order to be sure to use it.

I visited in the evening of a holiday, but it was already fully booked that day.

in store (4)

3. Menu

In addition to grilled meat and raw beef, the menu also includes a la carte dishes, rice, noodles, and more!

We are only introducing some of them, so please take a look at the official website .
*Please note that the Yamagata shop and Sagae shop have different menus.
*Menu contents and prices are as of April 3, 2023
(Subject to change. Please see the official website for the latest information)

① Grilled meat, raw beef

menu 1

menu 2

menu 3
Quoted from Yakiniku master Yamagyu official website

*There are other items too

②A la carte dishes

menu 4menu 5
Quoted from Yakiniku master Yamagyu official website

*There are other items too

③ Rice, noodles, etc.

menu 6menu 7menu 8
Quoted from Yakiniku master Yamagyu official website

*There are other items too

④ Drinks

menu 9
Quoted from Yakiniku master Yamagyu official website

*There are other items too (shochu, fruit wine, soft drinks, wine, etc.)

⑤ Lunch menu

menu 10menu 11
Quoted from Yakiniku master Yamagyu official website

*There are other items too

4. Food report

Well, it’s the beginning of the dinner time that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time!

When I was guided to my seat, Yamagyu’s commitment had already started on the table.

Have a look at this!

Food report-Otoshi

From the left, wasabi from Higashine, seaweed salt from Shonai, homemade sauce, appetizer, and a lineup of famous supporting condiments that bring out the best of Yamagata beef!

Garlic and grated radish are also available separately, so please order according to your preference.

As I was getting nervous while eating the appetizer, a dish like this was brought to me!

Food report-Nikuzushi


There was a moment of silence followed by cheers.

Even the children were confused, thinking, “Huh? Isn’t sushi supposed to be fish? Hm? Sushi with meat?”

In fact, in order for a shop to cook and serve raw beef, it has to pass strict inspections, and there are only a few shops that can provide it.

If you take a bite, the concentrated flavor of the meat spreads throughout your mouth.

Please come and taste this rare gem.

There is also a child plate for preschool children.

Food report-for children

“I eat meat too!”

It seemed to be very delicious, and they completely ate up to the vegetables.
(Even though they don’t at home…)


This one, which can be said to be the main dish, has been brought!

Food report-Yakiniku-Okemori

It is a specially selected mountain beef bowl that is introduced as “Yamagyu no Ichioshi” or the finest selection of the shop.

Its divine appearance is a masterpiece.

Red gems such as the rib core, which is a rare part, top sirloin cap, inner thigh, shoulder loin, and fillet are lined up.

To be honest, I don’t know where to start…

I didn’t have the courage to go from the rib core, which is a rare part, so I started with the sirloin rib cap next to it!

Food report-Yakiniku-Ichibo 1

The fragrant scent that spreads throughout the room and the sound of “juu~~~” that fills the appetite endlessly.

Ah, isn’t it the most beautiful tone in the world?

First of all, you can eat it as it is without adding anything!

Food report-Yakiniku-Ichibo 2

The balance between the firm umami of red meat and the faintly sweet fat is exquisite!

It’s delicious enough on its own, but I’ll try pairing it with the “homemade mountain beef sauce” that was perfected through repeated trial and error.

What is it, a sense of stability like the old couple comedy!

The sauce is made to match Yamagata beef, and it feels like the flavor goes up a notch.

Keeping the excitement as it is, next turn the rare part rib core on the grill!

Food report-Yakiniku-Rib Core 1

Well, it’s just delicious.

Food report-Yakiniku-Rib core 2

The meat has a fine texture and is soft to the touch.

While it has plenty of marbling, it is juicy but not persistent at all.

Combined with the mellow and deep seaweed salt, you can enjoy a different dimension of deliciousness.

It goes well with soy sauce-flavored wasabi.

It was also so delicious that I could not help thinking about it.

Speaking of yakiniku, don’t forget this.

Food report-Rice (2)

This time, I ordered the negi-tama-meshi (green-onions-and-raw-egg-topped rice bowl) on the left and the Yamagyu-meshi (beef-topped rice bowl) on the right.

Below is the stairway to heaven.

Food report-Rice (3)

Food report-Rice (1)

No more words, right?

Yamagata’s strongest luxury was here by using Tsuyahime rice that represents Yamagata.

The final piece of meat is this upper tongue!

Food report-Yakiniku-Beef Tongue

It contains fine marbling that is different from the meat served in a selective platter.

Along with its softness, it also has an irresistible crunchy texture.

Food report-Yakiniku-Beef Tongue_01

The deep flavor of the meat was impressive.

For the last dish, I choose the YAMAGYU Reimen chilled noodles.

Food report-Reimen (1)

Actually, I ordered it along with the upper tongue, but I was full when I ate the meat that was brought first. . .

To be honest, I felt like I messed up a bit.


As soon as I took a sip of this homemade soup, all my regrets flew away!

A sharp, salty soup and smooth, chewy noodles.

Food report-Reimen (2)

When you notice it, it’s easy to eat!

I was so full until just now…

It was a truly terrifying experience.

When I asked the children if there was something they wanted to eat, they requested this.

Food report-Rice (4)

Yes, the Yamagyu-meshi (second serving),

It was said to be quite delicious, and in the end my two children ate it all up, lol.

Rice bowl rice is terrible for the future growth period.

For the last dessert, I ordered the 5 kinds of Kozab ice cream.

This is a collaboration menu with Kozab Gelato, a gelato specialty store that has quickly become popular due to its commitment to ingredients and its deliciousness.

Food report-dessert

From left to right, Yamagyu homemade macarons, macha green tea, La France, cream cheese, blueberries, chocolate, and milk.

This is also delicious!

It was literally gone in an instant.

This is a dessert that you should definitely try!

5. Shop information

Is the parking lot in front of the shop?


Please use a nearby paid parking lot.

You can get a parking rebate ticket (free for 30 minutes) only when using the affiliated coin parking Dia 71 Kinomimachi Parking.


Detailed information

Yakiniku Meisho Yamagyu Yamagata

Yakiniku Meisho Yamagyu Yamagata

Hours: 11:30~14:30 & 17:30~21:30
Closed:  Tuesday
Seats: 90 seats
Address: 1-8-15 Hatagomachi, Yamagata City
Phone: 023-666-6129

6. Message

Finally, we received a message from the manager, Onuma-san, to everyone reading VISIT YAMAGATA.


“We would like to convey the deliciousness of Yamagata beef to as many people as possible.

Please enjoy our delicious Yamagata beef dishes that can only be provided by purchasing a whole cow.

We’ll be expecting you! ”

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