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[Feature] Yukotto! Refreshing time in hot springs


Akayu Onsen is located in Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture.

It has a deep history of over 930 years, and is said to have been discovered in 1093 by Minamoto no Yoshiie’s younger brother Yoshitsuna.

The water qualities are sulfur-containing sodium/calcium-chloride hot springs.

This area, which once prospered as a post town on the Oshu Kaido, is an attractive town that still retains the warm atmosphere of its hot springs.

This time we will introduce one of the Akayu Onsen public baths, Yukotto.

1. What is Yukotto?

Yukotto opened in June 2022 with the catchphrase “Keep your body and life warm.”

It was created as a successor to Azuma-yu and Towa-no-yu, which supported the city’s culture of public baths for over 50 years.


There are many local people as well as people who come from far away, and in winter, about 700 people visit even on weekdays.

Inside the facility, there is a large bath with natural hot spring water, an open-air bath, a rest area, and a rare wine server.

There is also a barrier-free bath area that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities and those who require nursing care.

2. Reception

There is a ticket vending machine as soon as you enter the building.


After purchasing your ticket, place your shoes on the shoe shelf and hand your ticket to the staff at the counter.


The stand is on the general bath area side of the shoe shelf.


3. General bathing area

First of all, we will guide you from the public bath.

Once you pass through the noren curtain, you will find yourself in a bright and spacious changing room.


Of course, there is a hair dryer, and there is also a powder space in the women’s bath.

I’m glad that both the men’s and women’s baths have baby cots.


Another good point is that it is easy to use even for children.

The large public bath has luxurious natural hot spring water.


The ceiling is high and it also has an open feel.

There are hot and lukewarm bathtubs, so you can relax and soothe your fatigue by entering the bath with the temperature to your liking.

This open-air bath is said to be the first open-air bath at a public bath in Akayu.


It is semi-open-air, making it easy to use even in the snowy winter.

It’s irresistible to soak in the water while watching the falling snow.

4. Barrier-free bath area

Next, we will introduce the barrier-free bath area where people with disabilities and those who require nursing care can enjoy the hot springs.


It has been designed with ease of use in mind, from changing clothes to taking a bath.

Of course, this is also fed directly from the source!

The bathtub is equipped with a bath lift (a device that lifts the bathtub), so those who are unable to stand up or sit down by themselves, or those who find it difficult to bend their knees or hips, can use the bathtub with peace of mind.


There is also a shower bath where you can warm up your whole body while sitting on a chair without having to soak in the bathtub.


The barrier-free bath area can be used even by those who do not have a nursing care notebook.

If you have any questions regarding usage, please contact us from the official website .

Also, please note that reservations are required for 5 slots per day.

Barrier-free reservation

5. Rest area

This resting area is something that you should definitely use.


The warm wooden furniture and soft lighting create a comfortable space.

The relaxing time after taking a bath is truly the paradise of this world.

Please also pay attention to the interior supervised by Osamu Sudo, a designer from Nanyo City.


6. Lounge and wine bar

The lounge can be used even by those who do not take a hot spring bath.

The space has a high ceiling and is well-ventilated, making it a great place to socialize and hold various events.

And one of the big attractions of Yukotto is the wine server!


In fact, Nanyo City is known for its thriving grape production and is said to be the birthplace of grapes in Yamagata Prefecture.

There are six wineries in the city.

You can taste wines brewed at each winery and juices from Nanyo in this one place.

Enjoy carefully selected local wines.


Tickets are 300 yen for one drink, but if you buy 4 drinks, it’s 1,000 yen, which is a little cheaper.
*Amount at the time of interview


Some people buy four tickets and enjoy one drink each as a family, or enjoy the tasting alone.

It is very dangerous to enter a hot spring after drinking alcohol, so please consider your own physical condition before bathing.

8. Rental room

There are also rental rooms available that can be used freely according to your needs.

We also have tatami mats, chairs, and tables available for rent, and can be used by adults as well.


It is also recommended as a private space after taking a bath.

You won’t want to sit on the tatami mats after taking a bath.

All rooms can also be connected.

9. Message

This time, Akayu, Mr. Shinseki, director of the Nanyo City property district hot spring office, gave a message to everyone who watched VISIT YAMAGATA.


“The facility opened in June 2022.

During the cold months, we hope that our hot springs, which are fed directly from the source, will warm your body and your mood.

We hope you enjoy the hot springs and wine that Nanyo City is proud of.”

10. Basic information about Yukotto

Detailed information

Akayu Onsen Yukotto

Akayu Onsen Yukotto

3004-1 Akayu, Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture


6:00~22:00 (reception ends at 21:30)


Tuesday (or Thursday if Tuesday is a holiday)


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