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[Feature] Chilled sweets! Refreshing desserts in Yamagata


Summer in Yamagata in 2022 saw the fastest rainy season observed in history.

In the previous article, “Chilled Food Part 1” we introduced chilled ramen, the symbol of Yamagata’s chilled food culture that is perfect for the summer.


Surely this alone is not enough for “chilled food.”

So, in the second installment, we collected “chilled sweets” recommended for desserts or at snack time.

From shaved ice that tastes good no matter where you eat it to healthy ice cream that doesn’t melt a little, here are 6 chilled sweets recommended by writers!

Let’s get through the hot summer in Yamagata by eating chilled sweets.

1. Summer limited melon parfait

・Café Restaurant Grand Rock [Yamagata City]

The first place I would like to introduce is Gran Rock in Yoshino, Yamagata City.

Here, celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding, you can enjoy the original menu where everything from the pasta sauce to the parfait whipped cream is handmade using house recipes.


Depending on the season, you can have sweets using cherries, melons, grapes, etc., but this time we will introduce the particularly popular “summer limited melon parfait”.

Gran Rock Melon parfait①

It is a luxurious dish with a cool soft-serve ice cream topped on a ripe melon.

It is said that many customers visit just for this melon parfait.

The moment when you put “fresh melon” and “cool soft-serve ice cream” in your mouth is irresistible!

The soft-serve ice cream is not overly sweet, so you can enjoy it to the very end without overpowering the deliciousness of the melon.

Come and enjoy summer sweets that are full of volume and very satisfying!

The relaxed atmosphere of the store, which makes you feel like you are in the sunlight filtering through the trees, is also a recommended point.

Grand Rock - Inside ①

Detailed information

Café Restaurant Grand Rock

Café Restaurant Grand Rock

27 Yoshino, Yamagata City


2. Tempura manju soft (Kuromitsu soybean flour)

・Nakachoya Manju [Kaminoyama City]

Next, we will introduce the Nakajo Manju in the Kaminoyama hot spring town.

Chujo Manju - Appearance

As the name suggests, the shop is famous for its manju buns filled with delicious red bean paste.

Don’t be surprised, it has a history of 160 years!

You can buy the Nakajo Manju, which is made using a method that has been preserved since its founding, at supermarkets in the prefecture, and at Gutto Yamagata, the Yamagata Tourist Information Center .

What I rgot this time was a little rare “Tempura Manju Soft (Kuromitsu Kinako)”.

Chujo Manju - Tempura Soft Serve ②

It is a novel sweet with soft-serve ice cream topped with deep-fried manju.

The batter of the topping fried manju is crispy!

The red bean paste inside is moist!

The compatibility with the ice cream is also outstanding, and it was so delicious that I wanted to have a second serving.

There is also a small eat-in space inside the store, so it is perfect for taking a break from walking around the hot spring town.

Chujo Manju - Inside ①

Detailed information



6-7 Sawacho, Kaminoyama City


3. Taiyaki parfait

・Yamaki [Yamanobe Town]

Next, I would like to introduce Yamaki in Yamanobe Town.

Yamaki-Parking Lot

Even though it is a greengrocer, there are sweets too.

I was surprised when I entered the store!

Pickles, juice corner, jelly, etc., were lined up with so many products that I was surprised, “This is a greengrocer, isn’t it!?”

Yamaki-Inside ②

What I had was the popular menu item, the taiyaki parfait.

I chose the strawberry soft-serve ice cream, see here!

Yamaki-sea bream parfait ①

Soft-serve ice cream was boldly put on the mouth of the taiyaki lol

The children were delighted with the impact.

By the way, the soft-serve ice cream and topping fruit change with the season, so it’s fun to see how it looks and tastes from time to time.

Underneath the soft-serve ice cream is plenty of lightly sweet red bean paste, so it’s filling!

Detailed information



235-1 Yamobe, Yamanobe Town


4. Kuzu ice

・Ipponsugi Confectionery [Tendo City]

The Ipponsugi Confectionery started business under the name of “Miharuya” under a single cedar tree on the Yamadera Highway.

Ipponsugi Confectionery - Appearance

Since its founding in 1930, it has come to be called “Ipponsugi Confectionery”, and even after the cedar tree was cut down, the name remained as the name of the shop.

In the store, there are many products such as the famous agemanju, Japanese sweets such as nerikiri and yokan, candies and rice crackers.

Ipponsugi Confectionery Store - Inside ①

The chilled sweets to introduce is Kuzu Ice.

Ipponsugi Confectionery - Kuzu Ice Cream ①

Because it uses kudzu vine, the ice cream does not melt easily when you take it home.

It has a crunchy texture, but when it melts, it turns into a soft texture that is irresistible!

Please be careful not to eat too much because it is delicious but low in calories.

Detailed information

Ipponsugi Confectionery

Ipponsugi Confectionery

551-2 Hoshinuno, Tendo City


5. Strawberry milk

・Strawberry Room [Tendo City]

At Strawberry Room in Tendo City, you can enjoy sweets made with branded strawberries, including “Nikoniko Berry,” which is directly delivered from a strawberry farm in Yamamoto Town, Miyagi Prefecture, which is a famous strawberry production area.

Strawberry Room - Appearance

It used to be a tropical fish shop, so the inside of the shop is a healing space where tropical fish swim!

Strawberry Room - Inside

There is also a picture shooting spot, so please take a picture here after purchasing.

I received the store manager’s recommended “Strawberry milk”.

Strawberry Room - Strawberry Milk

As a signboard menu, it is a cup that has been particular about ingredients and manufacturing methods.

I used normal amounts of strawberries and condensed milk, but the moderately sweet milk and sourness of the strawberries are exquisite!

It was refreshing and easy to drink, and it was so delicious that you could have endless amounts of it if you weren’t careful.

As an option, you can increase the amount of strawberries and condensed milk, so please enjoy it with your favorite sweetness.

Detailed information

Strawberry room

Strawberry room

421-9 Hoshinuno, Tendo City


6. Taiwan shaved ice


At Tendo’s popular café Pomona38, you can enjoy sweets made with plenty of fresh fruit procured from contracted farmers inside and outside the prefecture.


This time, we will introduce the Taiwanese shaved ice that is only available during the summer.

A hearty dish topped with foam and strawberry ice cream.

pomona38-Food report1

The shaved ice is shaved from milk, so you can enjoy a slightly seaweed sweetness no matter where you eat it.

Large strawberries are also included, and the response to eating is outstanding!

We also recommend the cream soda, which looks great in the photo.

The restaurant has a calm atmosphere, so it is recommended to enjoy your time alone at the counter seats.

pomona38-store 55

Detailed information



644-1 Kuramasu, Tendo City


7. (Extra) Chilled noodles series

Yamagata is characterized by cold winters and extremely hot summers.

Born in Yamagata is Japan’s top-class “chilled culture”.

Starting with ramen, for which which Yamagata has the highest consumption in Japan, to such and such things.

In this article, we also introduce chilled noodles in Yamagata and a slightly surprising chilled culture, so be sure to check it out!

Detailed information

Chilled ramen

Chilled ramen

[Feature] Chilled Noodles! Enjoy Yamagata’s chilled culture in summer

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