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Le Chateau Kaminoyama 2023

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Le Chateau Kaminoyama started in 2016 and will be held for the 7th time this year.

This is a music festival that fills the city’s Kaminoyama Onsen area with music.

Promising young performers gather and gain practical experience on stage at town concerts and gala concerts.

Also, for the first time, they will be performing together with local high school students.

The public lessons will be held under the guidance of Kenji Nakagi, one of Japan’s best cellists, with the cooperation of pianist Miho Nagata (from Kaminoyama City).

Please feel free to visit us.

Basic information

Event name
Le Chateau Kaminoyama 2023
Date and time
April 28, 2023 (Fri.) to May 7 (Sun.)
Around Kaminoyama Castle

3-7 Motojonai, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

♬ Public lessons
During the event, students’ lessons will be open to the public and can be observed.

April 28 (Fri.) to May 1 (Mon.)
May 3 (Wed.) to May 5 (Fri.)

14:00~17:00 (4/28, 30 & 5/1)
13:00~17:00 (4/29 & 5/3 ~ 5)

Kaminoyama Castle (4/28 ~ 5/1)
Chubu Community Center (5/3 ~ 5)

Admission: Free
(Separate admission fee applies to enter Kaminoyama Castle)

♬ Workshop
Public lessons for amateur cellists
Date: May 6 (Sat.)

Time: 15:00~

Number of people: 3~4 people

Tuition fee: 10,000 yen (1 lesson)
Available for solo and group lessons
*If you would like to take lessons, please contact the office with your name, age, address, phone number, email address, and the piece you would like to study.

♬ Machinaka Concert
Date and hours
● April 30 (Sun.) 11:00~
Kaminoyama Castle Opening Concert
● May 1 (Mon.) 11:00~
Kaminoyama City Library Concert
● May 5 (Fri.) 20:30~
Japanese inn old kiln concert
● May 6 (Sat.) 14:00~
Kaminoyama Castle Concert
● May 6 (Sat.) 20:30~
Senkeien Tsukioka Hotel
*Admission fee required only for Kaminoyama Castle (others are free)

♬ Petit concert
~By Kaminoyama City youth~
Date and hours: April 30 (Sun.) 12:00~
Venue: Kaminoyama Castle (admission fee required)
Application & Inquiry
Le Chateau Kaminoyama Executive committee office
☎ 090-4557-0543


Kaminoyama Music Festival “Le Chateau Kaminoyama”
Gala Concert in Yamagin Kenmin Hall
~Ensemble by young artists Kenji Nakagi and Miho Nagata~
Prefectural Kaminoyama Meishinkan High School Brass Band Prefectural Yamagata Higashi High School Brass Band
Date: May 7 (Sun.), 2023
Opening: 13:30
Start: 14:00
Ticket price
 Unreserved seat General: 2,500 yen
 Student: 1,000 yen
Ticket sales
・Yamagin Kenmin Hall ticket desk
・Kaminoyama Kenmin Hall Mingle Members
・Kaminoyama Onsen Tourist Information Center
・Tomioka main shop


Le Chateau Kaminoyama Committee
☎ 090-4557-0543

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