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[Feature] Mogami Sanjusan Kannon! Virtual pilgrimage


Mogami Sanjusan Kannon, one of the most historical pilgrimage sites in Japan, is said to date back to the Muromachi period.

Normally, the Gohonson of the Mogami Sanjusan Kannon Sacred Site is closed to the public as a ” hidden Buddha “, but it will be open to the public from May 1st to October 31st this year (2022).

So, this time, we will introduce an overview of the Mogami 33 Kannon Pilgrimage, as well as a plan (by Omotenashi Yamagata ) for those who want to go but cannot go!

Mogami 33 Kannon Pilgrimage

Gokaicho for the first time in 14 years

It is said that Kannon will accompany the wishes of those who pray during the pilgrimage and will save them in the form of thirty-three.

In Yamagata Prefecture, there are thirty-three Kannons in each of Mogami, Shonai, and Okitama.

Among them, Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho is one of the most historical pilgrimage sites in Japan, which is said to date back to the Muromachi period.

The Gohonson of the Mogami 33 Kannon Sacred Site is usually closed to the public as a ” hidden Buddha “, but it is only open once every 12 years for 6 months (May 1st to October 31st) of the child’s birthday. It will be opened.

Originally, it was planned to hold the “Rat Year Union Exposition” in 2020, the year of the rat, but due to the influence of the new COVID-19 virus infection, it was postponed for two years. I am opening a book.

Thirty-four temples

Mogami 33 Kannon has 34 places including “Extra”.

No. 1 Wakamatsu Tendo City Yamamoto No. 18 Iwaki Kahoku Town Iwaki
No. 2 Yamadera Yamagata City Yamadera No. 19 black bird Higashine City Honmaru South
No. 3 Senjudo Yamagata City Senjudo No. 20 Komatsuzawa Murayama City Komatsuzawa
No. 4 Enno-ji Temple Yamagata City Miyamachi No. 21 Isozawa Obanazawa City
No. 5 Karamatsu Yamagata City Shakado No. 22 Nobusawa Obanazawa City Nobusawa
No. 6 Hirashimizu Yamagata City Hirashimizu No. 23 Mutsuzawa Obanazawa City Mutsuzawa
No. 7 Iwanami Yamagata City Iwanami No. 24 Uenohata Obanazawa City Kamiyanagi
No. 8 Rokuso Yamagata City Gun Town No. 25 Obanazawa Obanazawa City
No. 9 Matsuoyama Yamagata City Zaohan Township No. 26 Kawamae Oishida Town Kawamae
No. 10 Kaminoyama Tokamachi, Kaminoyama City No. 27 Fukahori Oishida Town Toyoda
No. 11 Takamatsu Kaminoyama City Takamatsu No. 28 Shionosawa Oishida Town Yokoyama
No. 12 Hasedo Yamagata City Hasedo No. 29 Oishida Oishida Town Oishida
No. 13 Mikawa Village Yamanobe Town Mikawajiri No. 30 Niu Village Obanazawa City Niu
No. 14 Okamura Nakayama Town Oka No. 31 Tomizawa Mogami Town Tomizawa
No. 15 rakugo Sagae Shibabashi No. 32 Tarota Mogamimachi Wakamiya
No. 16 Nagaoka Marunouchi, Sagae No. 33 Niwazuki Sakegawa Village Niwazuki
No. 17 long climb Nishikawa Town Mutsuai B extra world Mogami-machi Mukai-machi

Michinoku Yamagata Sacred Site Mogami 33 Kannon (2017 Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho Bettokai)

One of the things that makes me feel as I go around the Mogami 33 Kannon is that the amulet office is located in an old townscape or village.

Leave the main road and enter the road where rice fields spread, and in the middle of the village where life has been carried out since ancient times, there are temples on the side and back of the path.

Even now, I really feel that it exists as a village temple.

Mogami 33 Kannon is the name of the fudasho, which is rare in Japan.

This is because the temple (Kannon-do) was built by the people of the village.

Many of them are still carefully protected by villages, and can be said to be sacred grounds that are deeply rooted in people’s lives.

Perhaps one of the charms of Mogami 33 Kannon is that it gives you a warm feeling of nostalgia, as if you were encountering the original scenery of Yamagata.

Gokaicho Memorial

Enshrined diety, which is a ” hidden Buddha ” that can be visited during the open exhibition period.

There are many precious things in Japan such as Kannon related to Gyoki Bosatsu, a high priest in the Nara period, and Heian Buddha created by Kobo Daishi and Jikaku Daishi. Opportunity.

Also, during this period, each Fudasho will have an “ original special seal ”, “ commemorative Sange ”, and “ commemorative Osugata” .

Michinoku Yamagata Sacred Site Mogami 33 Kannon (2017 Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho Bettokai)

■ Original special seal

The red stamp is usually up to the 3rd stamp, but only during the period you will be given a special stamp (4th stamp) original to Sanjushikanji Temple.

This special stamp (4th stamp) can be given free of charge to the upper left corner of the stamp book.

■ Commemorative Sange

Sanka means to scatter flowers.

When Kannon appears near us, petals fall from the sky, so in Buddhism, petals are scattered in the temple and precincts for memorial services.
It is said that not only does it give us peace of mind when we pray, but it also has the mysterious power to ward off calamities and evil spirits.

In the past, real lotus petals were used for offerings, but today colored paper in the shape of a lotus is used instead.

■ Memorial Osugata

The mikage represents the image of Kannon itself, and is given as a commemoration of worship.

This commemorative image is given as a proof of the relationship that you were able to visit the secret Buddha Kannon, and it is a precious image that shows your name, the high priest who is related to you, and the poem.

What you need for a pilgrimage

In the past, pilgrims wore pilgrimage costumes such as gilt bronze staffs, sedge hats, robes, rosaries, white robes, satchel bags, gloves, leg straps, and white jikatabi, and carried stamps and scrolls. It was a pilgrimage.

However, most of the pilgrims now wear casual clothes and do not bring many things.

However, since it’s a special occasion, you’ll want to bring something to commemorate your pilgrimage.

Here are three items we highly recommend for your pilgrimage.

① Stamp book

Goshuin has been a boom for several years, so many people are probably familiar with it.

Of course, you can get a red seal on the Mogami 33 Kannon pilgrimage.

Normally, up to the 3rd seal is given, but this time, in commemoration of the opening, a special seal (4th seal) of 34 temples will be awarded only during the period.

Michinoku Yamagata Sacred Site Mogami 33 Kannon (2017 Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho Bettokai)

There is also a red stamp book limited to the Mogami 33 Kannon, which contains a Mikage, and is available at major temples.

Because it is possible to replace, you can change the order later, which is very convenient.


The oizuri is indispensable as a pilgrimage outfit.

Oizuri is said to be a unique costume unique to Yamagata Prefecture, which began with the Mogami 33 Kannon pilgrimage. .
*”Oi”: A box that Yamabushi of mountain worship carried Kannon and daily necessities during training.

The inscription on the paper means that he is not traveling alone, but that he is always traveling with Kannon.

There are three colors for the sash, and at the time of creation, the parent with surviving parents is ‘ red , the parent with one surviving is ‘ blue , and the parent with deceased is ‘ white ‘.

The coffin, dyed red with the red seal of the wished-for, was worn on the journey after death, and the custom of placing it in a coffin still remains.


The Kannondo is called a “fudasho,” and the pilgrimage is called a “fudauchi.” This comes from the fact that wooden tags with names, addresses, and wishes written on them were nailed to the Kannondo. .

The bills that fill the walls of the Kannon-do seem to tell us that the temple has been a place of worship for people since ancient times.


“Osugata-ire” to store the miraculous shadows that you have received, mounting papers to put Sange on, and poetry books are sold at various places.

Make sure you have all the items you need for a fulfilling pilgrimage.

Flow of worship

For your reference, here are the methods of worship recommended by the Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho Bettokai.

① When visiting a sacred place, first rinse your mouth and wash your hands at the mizuya
*May be closed due to COVID-19 measures

② Ring the bell at the bell tower
* Only where you can hit freely. After visiting the shrine, you will receive the money back, so please do not hit the shrine.

③ Pay the bill and copy the sutra in the designated box at the main hall

④ Raise lanterns, incense sticks, and money

⑤ Remember Gohonson, put your hands together and recite sutras (Shinkyo, Kannon Sutra, Juku Kannon Sutra, Honzon Myogo, Ekobun, etc.)

⑥ Pay the prescribed payment fee at the Nokyo-sho, and have the Shuin stamp notebook, scroll, suri, etc. stamped with red ink.

⑦ Even if there are various unpleasant things, regretful things, sad things, etc. during the pilgrimage, feel that they are all courtesy of Kanzeon, and accept them gratefully with the feeling of joining your hands together. Also, be kind to people you meet along the way, not to mention accompanying them.

Make your own pilgrimage

Fudasho are numbered from 1st Wakamatsu to 33rd Niwazuki.

It is formal and efficient to go around in that order, but there is no need to worry about the order of the tour.

Along the way, there are many spots to stop by, such as local soba restaurants, set meal restaurants, hot springs, and sightseeing spots.

A pilgrimage trip while enjoying hot springs, food, famous places, and the scenery of the changing seasons…

How about going on a pilgrimage trip just for you?

"I will go around by proxy" plan

Along the way there are many temples for good walkers

In the old days, the thirty-three Kannons were visited on foot.

Most people travel by car now.

… However, it is still not easy to go around the thirty-four places.

And in addition to visiting the thirty-four places, sometimes we stand in our way…

Stairs! !

Steep stone steps that seem to go on forever if you look up…

There are several temples where you have to refocus yourself in the blazing sunshine.

In fact, there are elderly people waiting at the bottom of the stairs who have entrusted their visits to those who have come with them, and people who are walking around with Shuin stamp books and suri for their children and parents.

If I can go around by myself, I want to go around on my own feet.
But I’m worried about my physical strength…

It’s difficult to visit all temples in person because of busy schedules or long distances…

There may be many people who are interested, but have given up on the 33 Kannon tour for various reasons.

For such people, Omotenashi Yamagata has created a plan to “go around on your behalf” .

How to apply

Omotenashi Yamagata will contact you after receiving your inquiry by e-mail.
Please let us know what you would like.
<Example> I want you to purchase a red stamp book limited to Mogami 33 Kannon and receive a red stamp there <Example> I want you to receive a red stamp on my osuri (please send the osuri to our company) increase)

The Special Event

① Report with photos <br /> We will report the worship scene with photos by e-mail.

②Implementation of remote worship (if necessary)
We will be live via Zoom and LINE video calls. Please visit us together.
*If there is a conflict between the customer and our company, if the communication environment is not in place at the temple where you can visit at the desired date and time, or if you do not have permission from the staff of the temple, we will not be able to carry out. Please note.

After the pilgrimage

We will send you the things you requested, such as the red stamp book and the suri.

About fees

Agency admission fee

15,000 yen per person (tax included)
2 people 20,000 yen (tax included)
23,000 yen for 3 people (tax included)
25,000 yen for 4 people (tax included)

What is included in the price・Transportation expenses, fees incurred when the staff visits Mogami 33 Kannon on behalf of the staff ・Tomyo, incense sticks (if there is an incense burner, we will raise it)
・Offert (I will put it in the offertory box at each courtesy place)
・Other fees

◆Things not included in the price・Shuin stamp fee
・Charges for purchasing Shuin stamp books, suri, bills, shadow holders, etc. on your behalf (the following charges will be charged)
・Shipping fee for sending the Shuin stamp booklet, osuri, and nofuda specified by the customer to our company ・Shipping fee for sending the Shuin stamp book, giozuri, nofuda, and shadow case from our company to the customer after the pilgrimage (we will send it by cash on delivery)
・Other items not listed in “What is included in the price”

Fee required separately

◆ Shuin stamp fee etc.
*It is a formal donation (red seal, etc.) received at the Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho Bettokai.
・Oizuri 200 yen (300 yen for 2-mark *3-mark)
・Red stamp book 300 yen (calligraphy and three stamps)
・Hanging scroll 500 yen (calligraphy and three seals)
・Osugata 200 yen (no seal *300 yen with 1 red seal)
・100 yen per red stamp ・150 yen for writing on red stamp book ・250 yen for writing on hanging scroll

◆ When purchasing
*Depending on the Fudasho you purchase, the types sold may differ, and in that case the price may also differ from the following.
・Mogami Thirty-three Kannon Limited Goshuin Book 1,500 yen ・Prayer 1,000 yen / 1,500 yen ・Oizuri 3,000 yen ・Commemorative Sange Paper 500 yen ・Payment 350 yen ~
*The color of the tag changes depending on the number of requests.
1-2 white cards / 3 times board (wood) cards / 4 times red cards / 5 times yellow cards / 6 times blue cards / 7 times purple cards / 8-9 times silver cards / 10 times or more gold cards
*If a visitor who does not have a stamp book or a suzuri wants to receive a “Memorial Sange”, it will be 200 yen (300 yen with a stamp).

Fee calculation method

(Example) Request for two people (if the delivery address is the same)
・Mr. A: I would like a red stamp for my own shuin book ・Mr. B: I would like a Shuin stamp for a suzuri (the suri is purchased by our company)

20,000 yen (proxy admission fee) + 300 yen x 34 places (Mr. A’s seal) + 3,000 yen (Mr. B’s stamping fee) + 200 yen x 34 places (B’s stamp) = 46,800 yen ( tax included, shipping fee not included)


・It doesn’t matter if you write your name or wishes on the payment tag, either by yourself or on our behalf. We will send it to you, so please send it back to us after filling it out.

Detailed information

Click here for Inquiry about the

Click here for Inquiry about the "I will go around by proxy" plan

Omotenashi Yamagata Co., Ltd.
Honcho, Yamagata City2-4-3


Mogami 33 Kannon Pilgrimage Click here for details

Why don’t you take a trip filled with healing, realization, excitement, and peace by visiting Kannon, enjoying hot springs and food from various places, looking at yourself, and connecting hearts with loved ones?

Detailed information

Click here for the official website

Click here for the official website

For more information about “Mogami 33 Kannon”, please see the official website (Mogami 33 Kannon Fudasho Bettokai)

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