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Toko’s Kura de Autumn Market

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At Toko’s Kura de Autumn Market, a limited quantity of Junmai Hiyaoroshi sake will be on sale, and stalls will offer a variety of seasonal seafood, agricultural products, and mushrooms.

In addition, for takeout food, there are delicious autumn foods such as seasonally colored lunchboxes, namafu, sweet gluten, rice with chestnuts, and Mont Blanc cake.

Why don’t you enjoy the long autumn nights with limited pure rice Hiyaoroshi?

Basic information

Event name
Toko's Kura de Autumn Market
Date and time
September 17 (Sat.), 2022 9:00~15:00
Sake Brewery Museum Toko Sake Brewery

2-3-22 Omachi, Yonezawa City

Main menu

Event details
◆ Limited sale of Junmai Hiyaoroshi
* The event is only for one day, but Junmai Hiyaoroshi will be on sale for three days from September 17 (Sat.) to 19 (Mon.). 

◆Autumn Fermentation Tour Stamp Rally
If you collect stamps from the long-established soy sauce brewery (Hirayama Magobe Shoten) and miso brewery (Kakuriki Miso Hanazumi Miso Jozo ) adjacent to Toko, you will receive a wonderful gift.

◆ Agricultural and seafood sales
・Sano Fisheries Market
(Various fish roe, dried fish, appetizers that go well with Japanese sake, delicacies, etc.)
・Yamagata Okitama Farmers’ Market Center
(Grape, apple, taro, eggplant, pumpkin, green onion, morokkeiya, okra, etc.)
・Mimori Market
(Fresh vegetables, mushrooms, and other products made with small domestic ingredients)

◆FOOD takeout
・ Tasuke Isshin (colored lunchbox)
・ Kurashi-no-kazoku (lunch box)
・Saito Fuya (raw wheat gluten, wheat gluten sweets)
・Chestnut rice
・Mont Blanc cake, etc.


Kojimaso Co., Ltd. main shop
☎ 0238-23-4848

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