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[Summary] Autumn in Yamagata! Food festival information for 2022


Autumn in Yamagata is full of delicious food.

One of the attractions of Yamagata Prefecture is that you can find there plenty of high quality ingredients such as rice, vegetables, fruits, and fish, and enjoy the autumn harvest.

Yamagata Prefecture, which is also a sake producer, has many sake breweries and wineries, and in the fall, seasonal and newly brewed sake are lined up over the counter in many shops.

During this harvest season, various events are held in numerous locations to give thanks for the abundant blessings.

This time, we will introduce you to the food and alcohol events that will be held from September to October.

◆ Murayama area

1. Imoni

・Imoni Festival [Yamagata City]

The 34th edition of Japan’s largest Imoni Festival will be held for the first time in three years.

Imoni is a taro and beef stew that is considered Yamagata’s soul food.
During the Imoni Festival, ingredients will be stewed in a large pot of 6.5 meters in circumference to result in approximately 30,000 servings.

In addition to imoni, delicious food stalls from inside and outside the prefecture will gather at the venue, and charcoal-grilled saury will be sold too.

There are also stage events, exhibitions, and introduction corners.

Let’s eat delicious imoni while feeling the pleasant autumn breeze.


September 18 (Sun.), 2022
*held in case of rain (cancelled in case of stormy weather)

Voucher acceptance: 8:30~
Food delivery start: 9:30~
*Ends as soon as stock runs out

Mamigasaki river riverbed (near Sogetsu Bridge), Yamagata City

Voucher sales point
See the electronic ticket service “teket”

Sales period
Until 12:00 September 17 (Sat.), 2022

Vouchers on the day
Sponsorships of 500 yen or more or 1 sponsorship ticket can be exchanged for 1 voucher

Application time
8:30~ (finishes as soon as it’s gone)

Detailed information

Imonikai Festival [Yamagata City]

Imonikai Festival [Yamagata City]

Secretariat of Japan’s No. 1 Imonikai Festival Council


2. A large gathering of sake breweries and wineries in Yamagata Prefecture!

・Bishuken Yamagata Fair [Yamagata City]

The Bishuken Yamagata fair is a fair held to put on display Yamagata, the number prefecture for the most delicious sake.

The fair will be held at a special venue (outdoor) in front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall.

In addition to products of the 47 sake breweries and 16 wineries found in Yamagata Prefecture, the lineup includes whiskey, shochu, and craft beers too.

Delicious food stalls such as Yamagata specialty imoni and beef steak will gather to accompany the delicious drinks.

It is a luxurious event where Yamagata’s delicious sake gathers together.


September 23 (Fri.) and 24 (Sat.), 2022

Part 1: 10:00~13:00 (stop serving at 12:30)
Part 2: 14:00~17:00 (stop serving at 16:30)
* On both days, the maximum number of people per session will be 1,500, and the venue will be disinfected during the replacement time.

Special venue in front of Yamagin Kenmin Hall (outdoor)

Ticket sales
Advance ticket: 2,500 yen (tax included)
Same-day ticket: 3,000 yen (tax included)
(both include 10 coupons + Yawaragi water)

Refill ticket (sold on the day): 1,000 yen (tax included)
(5 coupons)

◎ Pour about 40ml per cup as a guide
◎ Depending on the grade of sake and wine, 1 to 3 coupons are required for each cup
◎ Since the number of samples is limited, the offer may be discontinued as soon as it runs out.
*Tickets are required to enter (those who do not drink alcohol (drivers and children) can exchange the ticket for non-alcoholic drinks and food.

Detailed information

Bishuken Yamagata fair

Bishuken Yamagata fair

1-2-38 Futabacho, Yamagata City


Bishuken Yamagata Fair Committee
(Yamagata Prefectural Industry and Labor Department Prefectural Product Distribution Strategy Division)


3. You can also eat new sweet potato sticks!

・The 13th Ganso Imoni Party in Nakayama [Nakayama Town]

The Ganso Imoni Party in Nakayama will be held around the Himawari Onsen Yu-La-La Exchange Plaza in Nakayama Town.

In addition to stage events and markets, Nakayama Town’s PR characters Sumomo no Shizuku-chan and Kabu-kun will also come to visit.

In addition, new sweet potato sticks will be served, so please try them.


September 19 (Mon.), 2022


Around Himawari Onsen Yu-La-La Exchange Square

・Stage event
・Distribution of new sweet potato stick stew
・Nakayama Town Chamber of Commerce fun lottery, etc.

Detailed information

The 13th Ganso Imonikai in Nakayama

The 13th Ganso Imonikai in Nakayama

1 Izumi, Nakayama Town

Nakayama Town Tourism Association
(Nakayama Town Industry Promotion Division)


4. Alternative plan for Asahi Town Wine Festival

・Home Wine Festival Special Sale [Asahi Town]

The 2022 Asahi Town Wine Festival has been cancelled.

As an alternative project, Wine Festival Special Sale at home will be held.

Red (dry) and rosé (sweet) wines will be sold at a special price!

Please enjoy the delicious wine of Asahi Town at home.


September 9 (Fri.), 2022~
Sales will end as soon as the stocks are exhausted

990 yen (tax included)
*Normal price 1,320 yen (tax included)

・Red (dry)… 4,000 bottles
・Rosé (sweet)… 2,000 bottles
*Up to 2 bottles per person per purchase

Participating shops
① Asahi Shizenkan (0237-83-7111)
② Asahi Town Wine (0237-68-2611)
③ Abe Masahito Shoten (0237-67-3138)
④ JA Agri Asahi Branch (0237-83-7133)
⑤ Seven-Eleven Asahimachi Miyajuku (0237-67-2455)
Ringo Onsen (0237-67-7888)
Fresh Store Higuchi (0237-67-2011)
Road Station Asahimachi Ringo-no-Mori (0237-85-0623)
Goto Shoten (0237-67-2163)
Endo Shoten (0237-68-2307)

Detailed information

Home Wine Festival Special Sale [Asahi Town]

Home Wine Festival Special Sale [Asahi Town]

Please inquire directly to the participating shops

◆ Okitama area

5. Welcome to Japan's No. 1 Fish Weir

・The 45th Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival [Shirataka Town]

The Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival is held at Shirataka Yana Park.

Not to mention salt-grilled sweetfish, there are also delicious local dishes available.

At the Shirataka Unmaimono Market, which is only open on weekends and holidays, you can find a variety of foods such as Shirataka dumplings, steamed buns, dondon-yaki, local sake, and Tochio fried tofu from Niigata.


September 17 (Sat.) to 25 (Sun.), 2022

*Until 15:00 on the last day

Shirataka Yana Park

Simultaneous event
Unmaimono Market

Detailed information

45th Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival

45th Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival

661-1 Shimoyama, Shirataka Town

Shirataka Town Tourism Association


6. Enjoy the taste of autumn with wine

・2022 Takahata Winery Bar [Takahata Town]

Autumn winery event for the first time in three years.

This is an event to celebrate the harvest by enjoying this year’s new Delaware sake, which will be released in October.

More details will be added later.


October 8 (Sat.) to 10 (Mon.), 2022

8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.): 10:00~17:00 (last entry at 15:00)
10 (Mon.): 10:00~16:00 (last entry at 14:00)
*The winery shop is open from 10:00 to 17:00 during the period.

Takahata Winery

One person: 1,000 yen (tax included)
* Free for infants and younger

◎ Ticket sales start at 9:30
◎ Valid for 2 hours from first admission

Included in the admission fee
・Takahata Winery 2022 Commemorative Glass lLimited to the first 2022 visitors)
500 yen ticket that can be used in the bar venue (valid only on the day)

Detailed information

2022 Takahata Winery Bar

2022 Takahata Winery Bar

2700-1 Nukanome, Takahata Town

Takahata Winery


7. Kuradashi! Enjoy the taste of autumn!

・Toko's Kura de Autumn Market [Yonezawa City]

At Toko’s Kura de Autumn Market, a limited quantity of Junmai Hiyaoroshi sake will be on sale, and stalls will offer a variety of seasonal seafood, agricultural products, and mushrooms.

In addition, for takeout food, there are delicious autumn foods such as seasonally colored lunchboxes, namafu, sweet gluten, rice with chestnuts, and Mont Blanc cake.

Why don’t you enjoy the long autumn nights with limited pure rice Hiyaoroshi?


September 17 (Sat.), 2022


Sake Brewery Museum Toko Sake Brewery


・Autumn Fermentation Tour Stamp Rally
・Kura de Akiichi Limited Liquor Sales
・takeout food stalls
・Sano Fisheries Market
・Yamagata Okitama Direct Marketing Center
・Mimori Market

Detailed information

Toko's Kura de Autumn Market

Toko's Kura de Autumn Market

2-3-22 Omachi, Yonezawa City

Kojimaso Co., Ltd. main shop


◆ Shonai area

8. Celebrate longevity by eating shrimp!

・Beni Ebi Fair [Tsuruoka City]

Roadside Station Atsumi will hold the Beni Ebi Fair to sell processed products made from beni ebi shrimps landed at Nezugaseki Port as a raw material for shrimp fishing, which has been lifted since September.

It’s three days full of shrimp that lovers will enjoy!

In addition, there is going to be the very popular free rental of rocky crab fishing rod!.

Adults and children alike will be thrilled to see if they can successfully catch rock crabs in the crevices of rocks on the coast using dried squid as bait!

Please come and visit us.


September 17 (Sat.) to 19 (Mon.), 2022


Road Station Atsumi

Products for sale
・Sales of beni ebi shrimp processed products
・Beni ebi shrimp rice crackers
・Longevity soup (shrimp soup)
・Shrimp skewers
・Beni ebi shrimp teppanyaki
・Yaki-soba, rice ball, soup made with beni ebi shrimps

・Free rental of rock crab fishing rods

Detailed information

Road Station Atsumi

Road Station Atsumi

606 Hayata Tonoura, Tsuruoka City


9. Revived for the first time in 3 years in front of Sakata Station!

・Tatenokawa Kura Festival [Sakata City]

For the first time in three years, the Tatenokawa Kura Matsuri will be held at Miraini Square in front of Sakata Station.

In addition to Tatenokawa Sake Brewery’s familiar Japanese sake, you can also taste the fruit and yogurt liqueur Kodakara, the popular Yoko, and the limited-time Yoko Lemon for a fee.

In addition, you can enjoy live music with a sense of realism that makes Shonai food and sake that go well with sake delicious.


September 24 (Sat.), 2022


Miraini Square

・You can enjoy a paid tasting of Akai Tate Nyan sake cup
・Sale of Kura Matsuri Limited Sake
・Sale of Challenge Bottle limited to online shop
・Stage events, etc.

Detailed information

Tatenogawa Kura Festival

Tatenogawa Kura Festival

1-10-1 Saiwaicho, Sakata City

Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.


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