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Shirataka/Asahi/OeMachitabi photo contest along the Mogami river

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This is an Instagram photo contest in the towns of Shirataka, Asahi and Oe that are all located along the Mogami river.

There will be luxurious prizes for the best 24 photos submitted on the organizers’ account.

You can take pictures of townscapes, landscapes, hot springs, food, events, etc.!

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Basic information

Event name
Machitabi photo contest along the Mogami river
Date and time
Until January 31 (Tue.), 2023
Official site
Main menu

Follow the official @mogamigawa_machitabi Instagram account

Go around the three towns and take pictures
・Take 3 or more photos from Shirataka Town, Asahi Town, and Oe Town!
・It is best if you have at least one picture of food, drink, or souvenir!

Please indicate the shooting location before posting

Post with the #最上川で繋がる町旅 hashtag

* Posted photos may be introduced on the official account
* When posting, please post 3 photos together


Photo Tour Prize
★ Machitabi along the Mogami river Award ★
Value of 10,000 yen to 6 people
[Shirataka] Yonezawa Beef Sukiyaki  meat 500g
[Shirataka] Shirataka Pair Dinner Ticket
[Asahi] Set of two bottles of wine
[Asahi] Set of souvenirs
[Oe] Set of assorted Yamagata free-range chicken
[Oe] Set of assorted specialties & Oe hot spring bathing tickets

★ Photo Tour Award ★
Value of 5,000 yen to 18 people
[Shirataka] Set from Shirataka Confectioneries
An assortment of sweets products from 5 stores in the town (Ebina Confectionery, Numazawa, Shimizuya Liquor Store, Yamari Confectionery, Anchindo)

[Shirataka] Set of horsemeat and horsemeat chashu
A set of basashi (horse meat sashimi) where you can enjoy the soft quality and original taste of horse meat, and horse meat chashu with a firm texture

[Shirataka] Set of seasonal fresh vegetables
Every day is in season at the Doriumu Farm.
Freshly harvested produce is delivered every morning directly from the producers.

[Shirataka] Set of Yama-no-Ekubo tomato juice (500ml x 2 bottles)
Intense yet refreshing juice made from 100% Yama-no-ekubo tomatoes grown with reduced pesticides and no chemical fertilizers.
Recommended for use in cider and soup

[Asahi] Set of apple poultry (ostrich) sausage and pork ham
Ostrich meat is low-fat, low-calorie, low-cholesterol and healthy.
It is red meat like beef and has a delicious taste.

[Asahi] Set of Apple Forest coffee
A coffee set made in collaboration with the Roadside Station Asahimachi and Tohoku Bankokusha that makes you feel the fresh green apple flavor.

[Asahi] Set of local sake Horyu
A luxurious set packed with valuable local sake from Asahi Town’s Horyu Brewery.

[Asahim] Set of Asahi Town sweets
A set of sweets set that uses plenty of special products from Asahi Town.

[Oe] Smoju plum juice
Japan’s first 100% plum straight juice.
It uses plums, a specialty of Oe Town, and is characterized by its moderate sourness and sweetness.

[Oe] ATERA tea time set
Machinaka Koryukan ATERA is a renovated former bank in the Aterazawa area.
This is there original blended coffee and okara cookie tea time set.

[Oe] Set of local Oe Nishiki sake
A local sake set that has a good taste and is liked by a wide range of people.
Two types of rare local sake that can only be obtained in the town: Oe Nishiki and Oe Nishiki Junmai Ginjo

[Oe] Set of assorted Oe sweets
An assortment set of original sweets from Oe Town, such as Nippon Ichi Kun Dorayaki, Aterazawa senbei, and Ekubo Bijin.

Announcement of winning works and delivery of prizes
◆Announcement of prize winners
The Machitabi along the Mogami River Award and the Photo Tour Award winners will be announced around February 2023.
・The winning works will be posted on our official website.
・Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the screening process.

◆Delivery of prizes
・Winners will be contacted by direct message from the official @mogamigawa_machitabi Instagram account. If you receive a direct message, please reply within the deadline. Please note that if you do not reply before the reply deadline, the rights to the prize will be invalidated.
・ If the prize cannot be delivered due to incomplete input of the address, phone number, or name you have provided, the right will be invalidated.
・Alcohol prizes will be shipped after confirming that the winner is over 20 years old.
・The shipping address for prizes is limited to Japan.
・The shipping fee is included in the prize.
・Prizes will be selected randomly. Look forward to seeing what prizes you will receive ^^



Shirataka Town Commerce and Tourism Division
☎ 0238-85-6126

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