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Asahi Town Wine Festival

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The Asahi Town Wine Festival will be held for the first time in four years.

It is an adult-friendly event where you can drink the town’s wines while enjoying barbecue with family and friends.

There is no tickets sold on the day as it is a complete advance sale system, so apply early!

A free shuttle bus (reservation required) is also available from Sagae Station and Aterazawa Station for those coming by the Aterazawa Line.

Please take advantage of this.

Basic information

Event name
Asahi Town Wine Festival
Date and time
September 23 (Sat.), 2023 (Autumn Equinox Day)
Asahi Town Eco Museum Core Center Soyukan Lawn Square

Miyajuku, Asahi Town, Yamagata Prefecture


🚌 Free Shuttle bus information
Reservation required 
✤ For those using the JR Aterazawa Line ✤
Buses will be operated from Aterazawa Station and Sagae Station to the venue.
[To the event] Sagae Station 10:00 ➡ Aterazawa Station 10:20 ➡ Soyukan 10:40
[Back from the event] Soyukan 14:30 ➡ Aterazawa Station ➡ 14:50 ➡ Sagae Station 15:10
*Please make sure to reserve your seats beforehand
*4 large buses (capacity of up to 200 people) will be used, but if the capacity is reached, the same bus will operate as a shuttle.
In that case, please note that you will arrive at the opening time (around 12:10)
*Operating hours etc. will be announced at the time of booking.

◆ Reservation method ◆
Please make a reservation by calling the General Industry Section of the Asahi Town Office.
Reception hours Weekdays 9:00~17:00
☎ 0237-67-2113


*Last entry time is 13:00



Main menu

🍷 Advance ticket sales
Release date
August 21 (Mon.), 2023

Sales venue

Development Center Hall (with Asahi Town Hall)

Sales time


Advance ticket price

Adult: 3,900 yen
Elementary and junior high school students: 1,900 yen
Up to 10 advance tickets can be purchased at a time per person
*If you have purchased 10 tickets, you can reserve seats spot.

*There are no same-day tickets
* Sales venues after August 22 will be posted on the website.

For those who cannot come to the sales venue on the day the advance tickets go on sale
We will accept reservations by phone from 9:00 to 17:00 on the day.

☎ 0237-67-7722 [Temporary line]

《Regarding transfer and cancellation》
To receive the advance ticket, please make a payment by the specified date, and after confirming the payment, the advance ticket will be mailed.
No cancellations will be accepted after the application has been submitted, so please confirm the number of people and apply.
Please be understanding if the tickets are sold out.


Asahi Town Wine Festival Committee
☎ 0237-67-2111

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