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Oe Town Library Festival 2022

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The Library Festival 2022 will be held at Oe municipal library for one month from October 1st (Sat.) to 31st (Mon.).

The Autumn Book Festival where you can win gifts from the library if you get a hit on the receipt issued when you borrow a book will be held during this period, in addition to the opening of a recycling market, free movie screenings, etc.

The pleasant autumn nights are long, and it’s a good season for reading.

Please come visit.

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

[Apply in advance] Free movie screening

Cat in Boots
Date: October 10 (Mon.)
Doors open: 10:00
Screening time: 10:10~11:40
Venue: Chuo Community Center
Capacity: 50 people (including infants)
And, the baton was passed
Date: October 10 (Mon.)
Doors open:13:00
Screening time: 13:10~15:27
Venue: Chuo Community Center
Capacity: 50 people (including infants) ************* *********************
◎Pre-registration required!
Application period: September 10 (Sat.) ~
Oe Town Chuo Community Center
Admission: Free

Basic information

Event name
Oe Town Library Festival 2022
Date and time
October 1 (Sat.) to 31 (Mon.), 2022
Oe Town Library

373-1 Hongocho, Oe Town, Yamagata Prefecture

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◆Autumn Book Festival
Period: October 1 (Sat.) to 31 (Mon.)
During this period, you will receive a gift from the library if you get a “hit” on the receipt issued when borrowing books at the library.
*You can also collect non-hit receipts and exchange them for gifts.

◆Let’s make a book tree
Write the titles of your recommended books on the leaves of the tree on display and complete the book tree with everyone!
The finished product will be published on SNS.

◆Recycling Market
Magazines, books, appendices, etc. that are scheduled to be disposed of will be distributed at the library for free.
Period: October 2 (Sun.) to 10 (Mon.)
Venue: Townspeople Hall on October 2 &Townspeople Gallery from October 3
・Donations limited to 5 items per person per day
・Please bring your own bags

◆Nippon Ichi-kun is coming!
Nippon Ichi-kun is coming to visit the library!
Would you like to take a commemorative photo together?
Date: October 8 (Sat.)
Time: 10:00~ & 14:00~
*Both sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes

◆Book covering service
Library staff will apply book covers free of charge to protect books from scratches and sunburn.
*You may have to wait for a long time when it is crowded.
Date: October 9 (Sun.)
Capacity: 5 people on a first-come, first-served basis
◎ Limited to 1 book per person


Oe Town Central Community Center
☎ 0237-62-3666

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