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Tsumugi Yuen Market

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The Tsumugi Yuen market has been held on the first Sunday of every month since May this year and will be held for the last time this year in November. (Next time will be held after spring 2023)

This time, in addition to regular stalls, there will be an Apple Peeling Championship, an Autumn Harvest Festival, the ATERA Homemade Apple Sherbet Free Voucher Gift event, the Firewood Stove Self-Baking Corner and many other fun projects.

Please enjoy autumn in Oe Town.

Basic information

Event name
Tsumugi Yuen Market
Date and time
November 6 (Sun.) and 7 (Mon.), 2022 (There will be no stalls on the 7, but you can shop at your leisure) 10:00~16:00

2290-2 Oe Town, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu


◆Food (Takeaway)◆
Sunday only
✤Dondon-yaki café Kashiwaya |Dondon-yaki
✤Kabo Kashikura |Takeout-sized Japanese and Western sweets

Sunday and Monday
✤café Whoopi |Homemade apple sweets
✤Cheesecake Shirakawa|Homemade cheesecake

Sunday only
✤ Tarot fortune-telling cosmic rain | One coin tarot fortune-telling
✤Farmer’s medaka shop |Ornamental medaka scooping and sales
✤Wakatsuki model shop | Diorama making experience, miniature car painting experience, plastic model sales
✤ Cram school for elementary and junior high school students who are not good at mathematics in Oe-cho | Free consultation
✤ gluckgerden |Succulent pot group planting experience

Sunday and Monday
✤Bottleman shooting game |Original shooting experience using Bottleman

◆Handmade goods sales◆
Sunday only
✤ Momonomi Koubou momon’ga product | Wood, peach seed crafts and accessories
✤705. |Genuine leather coin case, sacoche, etc.
✤June 3rd |Hand-embroidered accessories and miscellaneous goods
✤Art N&A |Original illustration postcards, original drawings, miscellaneous goods, etc.
✤one point. |Handwritten art goods that add a sense of fun to everyday life
✤to_motif |Botanical candle

Sunday and Monday 
✤Karube zori |Inside sandals・Traditional hand-knitted sandals for Shichigosan
✤Tsumami-zaiku Mayohiga |Tsumami-zaiku Ichiban Kuji
✤48stamp | Eraser stamp
✤nuimii |Puku-chan hand-stitched stuffed toy sale

Sunday and Monday 
✤ Special booth to enjoy autumn in Oe Town (feat. Oe Town Tourism & Products Association)
✤ Oe Town Policy Promotion Division |Aterazawa Line & Fireworks Festival 100th Anniversary “Puku Gacha”, acrylic key chains, can badge sales


❖Special Project 1 ❖
Apple Peeling Contest
Entry: 10:00~12:00
Competition start: 12:00
The winner is the one with the longest peel within the time limit.
Overall 1st place will receive a luxurious gift
* All participants will receive a “Special Time Puku-chan Can Badge”!

❖Special Event 2 ❖
Autumn Harvest Festival
・Wa Yasaien
・Kosaku Apple Orchard
・Aterazawa High School Agricultural Club
・Murayama Industrial High School
・Fresh Mart Shibuya and others

・Apples (Fuji, Kogyoku, Shinano Sweet, Shinano Gold, Kotoku, Akiei)
・La France
・Sweet potato
・Chinese cabbage

❖Special Event 3 ❖
ATERA Homemade Apple Sherbet Free Gift Voucher
Limited to November 6 (Sun.), a free exchange ticket will be given on a first-come, first-served basis for those who shop at the Tsumugi Yuen Market

❖Special Project 4 ❖
Wood-burning stove self-grilling corner
You can cook by yourself with a wood stove installed at the venue!
Warm baked sweet potato, baked apple…
Let’s try it!


Tsumugi City Preparatory Committee

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