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Shirataka Town Industry Fair 2023

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The Shirataka Town Industry Fair 2023 will be held at Shirataka’s Town Development Complex Facility (Shirataka Town Hall).

There will also be a sale of agricultural products, an activity corner, a lion dance performance, a lion head mask display, a ride on an aerial work platform, and a display of utility vehicles.

This is an event that everyone from children to adults can enjoy and get to interact with Shirataka Town’s industry.

Please come have fun!

Basic information

Event name
Shirataka Town Industry Fair 2023
Date and time
November 5, 2023 (Sunday) 10:00~15:00
Shirataka Town Town Development Complex Facility (Shirataka Town Hall)

833 Aratoko, Shirataka Town, Yamagata Prefecture


Opening event
10:00 Ayukaikoshishi performance & Kagami biraki
10:25 Arato High School x Elite Shiko
♡ Invented bread (2nd edition) announced Shirataka National College of Technology Benihana

Project ~ Let’s eat up Shirataka’s beni ~ Announcement
10:45 Haginoko lion performance
10:55 Aratojishishi performance

Main menu

Experience menu
Yamakura Foods
● Experience making homemade butter using a plastic bottle
① 10:30~
② 11:30~
③ 13:00~
④ 14:00~
Capacity : 150 people

Nishiokitama Hometown Forest Association
● Decorative charcoal making experience
・Pine cones, etc.

● Mushroom fungus beating experience
Capacity: 60 people

● Charcoal grilling experience
・100 marshmallows and wieners each

Construction Section of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

● Stepping stone making experience
Experience fee: 500 yen

● Log cutting experience

● Bamboo dragonfly painting experience
Experience fee: 500 yen

● Learn about traditional techniques!
・Exhibition of joints

Industrial Section of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

● Corporate panel exhibition and product exhibition

● Experience making magatama beads using local materials
Experience fee: 200 yen

Tukuru Co., Ltd.

● Original cutlery making experience
Experience fee: 500 yen limited to 20 sets

● Experience making original coasters by hand
・Laser processing
Experience fee: 200 yen, limited to 30 pieces

Tsuchi dango
● Miyama ware pottery experience
・Electric potter’s wheel 1,800 yen (limited to 10 people)
・Hand-made 1,200 yen (limited to 25 people)

Imma Meriyasu Co., Ltd.
● Experience making accessories using buttons

Kids Corner
● Cardboard maze
● Target shooting (200 yen per session)


🎈A collection of delicious Shirataka foods!
❖ Shirataka Town Tourism Association
Exchange Cities Product Exhibition
・Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture (scallops, etc.)
・Tochio area, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture (Tochio fried tofu)
・Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture (melon bread)
・Kawazu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture (Wase Satsuma mandarin orange)
2024 edition calendar “Shirataka no Shiki” on sale

❖ Chamber of Commerce Youth Group
・Dondon yaki, curry bread, churros
・Benitaka-chan goods sales

❖ The first 60 people of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Ladies’ Club
・Chankonabe from the Takadagawa sumo stable
・Kokugikan curry or hayashi rice

❖ i-make
・Tomato juice
・Dried tomatoes

❖ Arato High School x Elite Shihaku
・Collaboration Bread

❖ Takahashi
・cow comb, etc.

❖ Italian cuisine SIATTACA

❖ Kitchen Curl Iruka
・Crepes and more

❖ Chiffon workshop Silk
・Chiffon cake

❖Yonezawa Sangenton

❖ Dangoya Sakae
・Yakitori, dango, natto mochi

❖ Higuchi
・Curry and others

❖ Ayu Chaya
・Salt-grilled sweetfish, fried small sweetfish

🍎 JA Yamagata Okitama agricultural products sales
・Yonezawa beef, apples, La France, burdock, etc.

🚚 Light truck city
Imma Meriyasu Co., Ltd.
・Knit product  (ShiratakaKnitIchi)
Tsutsui Co., Ltd.
・Leather bags, leather accessories, etc.

🎁 Raffle
Hours: 10:30-14:30
A lottery will be held depending on the amount purchased at the venue.

Give away
✤ Yamaraku Foods
・Yogurt and milk
① 10:30
② 11:30
③ 12:30
④ 13:30
⑤ 14:30
Limited to 300 each

✤ JA Onigiri
(Compare the tastes of Tsuyahime rice and Yukiwakamaru rice)
Hours: 11:30-12:00
Limited to 200 pieces

✤ Shirataka College of Technology
Safflower cake sale and Safflower rice
Hours: 10:30~&12:30~
Limited quantity

● Yamagata Prefecture Dairy Farming Cooperative Association
Hours: 10:00~15:00
Venue: 2nd Compost Center (Yokotajiri)
★Please bring your own shovel and fertilizer bag.


Shirataka Town Industry Fair 2023 Committee
(Inside Shirataka Town Commerce and Tourism Division)
☎ 0238-85-6126

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