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45th Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival

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The Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival is held at Shirataka Yana Park.

Not to mention salt-grilled sweetfish, there are also delicious local dishes available.

At the Shirataka Unmaimono Market, which is only open on weekends and holidays, you can find a variety of foods such as Shirataka dumplings, steamed buns, dondon-yaki, local sake, and Tochio fried tofu from Niigata.

Basic information

Event name
45th Shirataka Ayu Sweetfish Festival
Date and time
September 17 (Sat.) to 25 (Sun.), 2022
Shirataka Yana Park

661-1 Shimoyama, Shirataka Town

Main menu

Event details
Salt-grilled sweetfish

◆We will give you a 50 yen ticket for every purchase of 500 yen or more at each store of Shirataka Unmaimono Market limited to weekends and holidays !
*Limited to 50 tickets per store per day
(Not issued at Ayu Chaya)
Use is limited to the same day .
It can be used at all venues such as Shirataka Unmaimonoichi, Ayu Chaya, Roadside Station Shirataka Yana Park.

Event at Dream Farm Direct Sales Shop
◆ Unmaimono Chaya ~ New Rice Festival ~
Venue: Dream farm direct sales store
Period: September 23 (Fri.) & 24 (Sat.)
In addition to selling new rice, there are soba, udon, salt-grilled sweetfish, tofu dengaku, yakitori, and many other delicious items!


Ayu tea house
Sold every day during the period
・Ayu grilled with salt
・Tofu dengaku
・Ayu rice
・Koshiabura rice, etc.

Shirataka Potato Market
September 17 (Sat.)
● hanasenka |Herbarium making experience
● 353KUROGAMO |Coffee, tortilla rolls, etc.
● Shirataka dumpling|Dumplings
● Shirataka Town Tourism Association | Tokushima Sudachi Festival, Shirataka Confectionery

September 18 (Sun.)
● hanasenka |Herbarium making experience
● 353KUROGAMO |Coffee, tortilla rolls, etc.
● Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture|Tochio Tourism Association Kobayashi Sohonpo |Freshly fried Tochio aburaage, sasa dango
● Shirataka Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Group |Dondon-yaki, curry bread, churros

September 19 (Mon.)
● hanasenka |Herbarium making experience
● 353KUROGAMO |Coffee, tortilla rolls, etc.
● Ebina Kashiho | Anbin, awamanju, igamochi, manju
● Shirataka Youth Club|Dondon-yaki, curry bread, churros

September 23 (Fri.) to 25 (Sun.)
● Miyama-yaki Miyama Koubou Tsuchidango |Hand-twisting experience, electric potter’s wheel experience, sweetfish chopsticks sold
● Yamashichi Shoten | Local sake and red plum wine
● Italian Cuisine SIATTACA |Calzone, Shirataka pop beer
● Higuchi |Spice curry, butter chicken curry, imoni with Yonezawa beef
● Takayoshi | Deep-fried wheat gluten, chilled tomato, Yonezawa beef skewer


Shirataka Tourist Association
☎ 0238-86-0086

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