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[Summary] New Soba! Festival information for 2020


Yamagata is famous for its many soba restaurant where you can eat delicious soba.
In the fall, these many shops are visited by many customers from outside the prefecture in search of new soba, soba made with freshly harvested flour.
As such, many New Soba Festivals are held at soba restaurants in various parts of the prefecture every year at this time of year.
There are many events that require advance reservation this year, so please apply as soon as possible.

Now, let me introduce you to the soba festival this year (2020).

■ Gassan Sansai Soba New soba festival (Nishikawa Town)

At the Gassan Sansai Soba new soba festival, you can try abundant seasonal mushrooms and mountain vegetables. There is a broth cooked in an iron pot made of mountain vegetables and chicken stock to give the new soba a flavor that is comparable to the individuality of mushrooms and mountain vegetables. Come try it!
* Some shops require advance reservations


October 24 (Sat.) to November 1 (Sun.), 2020
Gassan Sansai Soba festival participating shop (14 in all) 
New soba with mountain vegetables produced in Nishikawa Town
From 1,150 yen (per person)
* Depends on the shop
* Some shops require advance reservations
Gassan Sansai Soba union secretariat ☎: 0237-74-3135

Please see detailed information for information on the 14 participating shops.

Detailed information

■ Shonai Asahi New soba Festival 2020 (Tsuruoka City)

At the Shonai Asahi New Soba Festival, you can enjoy the juwari soba (100% buckwheat) of Dewa Kaori flour from Tsuruoka City.
* Advance reservation is required


October 31 (Sat.)
Soba noodle shop Obonji (Mt. Gassan Roadside Station & Gassan Asahi Museum)
① 10:30~ ② 11:30~ ③ 12:30~ ④ 13:30~
60 servings (each time slot)
Advance ticket 1,000 yen (tax included)
You can choose one item from three types: tenkake soba (soba in broth with tempura) , tenmori soba (soba with separate broth and tempura), and mori soba (soba with separate broth).

・ Reservation is required in advance this year due to COVID-19.
・ Advance tickets should be purchased directly at Soba noodle shop Obonji or booked by phone.
・ Information will be provided for each ticket reception hours. 

[Inquiry & Reservation]
Soba noodle shop Obonji TEL 0235-53-3413
* Hours 14:00~17:00

■ Tendo Kogen New soba guide (Tendo City)

There is a New soba guide indicating where you can enjoy handmade juwari soba (100% buckwheat) using Dewa Kaori flour from the Tendo highlands.
You can enjoy high-quality fragrance, texture, and down-the-throat feel.
* Reservations are required until the day before


October 28 (Wed.) to November 29 (Sun.)
* Closed every Tuesday and Friday
Tendo Kogen Regional Exchange Center
Ita-soba (regular serving of 200 g) 700 yen & kakiage 200 yen
* Reservation required until the day before
Tendo Autumn Festival Executive committee office
☎: 023-654-1111

■ Ita Soba Festival at the Sannansho area of the Mogami river (Murayama city)

At the Ita Soba Festival, you can enjoy the fragrant new soba made of freshly harvested flour in addition to the freshly ground, freshly kneaded, and freshly boiled noodles.

Those who eat the new soba at any Soba Road soba shop during the festival period may win special products of Murayama city on the spot by lottery.
There is also a double chance lottery where you can win hot spring accommodation tickets and meal tickets!


November 1 (Sun.) ~ 30 (Mon.), 2020
・ Soba-no-jin Junsai
・ Handmade Soba Ondori
・ Aikamo Kaikan
・ Handmade Soba Yukimuro
・ Ita-soba-no-Sato Murayama Teuchi Netsu
・ River House Hayabusa
・ Soba Making Dojo Noson Densho-no-Ie (specializing in soba making experience)
・ Kurhaus Goten (Onsen accommodation facility)
・ Soba Yakata Taruishi
・ Korakuen soba
・ Kurenaien (specializing in soba mochi)
・ Araki Soba
Industry and Tourism Division, Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture Commerce,  ☎: 0237-55-2111

■ Furusato Ajiraikan New soba project (Okura Village)

With this New Soba Project, you can enjoy the fragrant variety of earliest new soba.

In addition, those who order soba will receive soba sweets on a first-come, first-served basis!


November 1 (Sun.) to 3 (Tue.), 2020
Furusato Miraikan, Okura Village, Yamagata Prefecture
Furusato Miraikan ☎: 0233-34-6001
* Closed on November 4 (Wed.) and 5 (Thu.).

■ Roadside Station Tazawa New Soba Festival (Yonezawa City)

A new soba festival is held at the Michi-no-Eki Tazawa Roadside rest area where you can eat fragrant Tazawa soba.
This year (2020), only 50 advance tickets will be sold per day along with 20 same-day tickets per day.

Please apply as soon as possible.
* Advance tickets are sold


November 1 (Sun.) to November 3 (Tue.), 2020
Michi-no-Eki Tazawa Nagomi-no-Sato Roadside Rest Area 

・ Soba with tempura (in broth)
・ Soba with tempura (with separate broth)
* There will be a difference when you eat large serving.
1,000 yen
<Sunday, November 1>
Moehana Yoshizawa & Stage Car Show to enjoy with children, grandpas and grandmas
In the morning only
For children only… free popcorn

<Tuesday, November 3>
Free tama konnyaku (konjac balls) (limited to 100 servings)
9:30~ & 14:30~
Let’s play rock-paper-scissors with the stationmaster and get soft-serve ice cream
* Two times for 30 minutes (Anyone can participate)

[Advance ticket sales location]
・ Michi-no-Eki Tazawa Nagomi-no-Sato Roadside rest area
・ Yonezawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
・ Tazawa Community Center
Michi-no-Eki Tazawa Nagomi-no-Sato Roadside Rest Area ☎: 0238-31-2753

■ The 11th Shinjo Soba Festival (Shinjo City)

At the Shinjo Soba Festival you can enjoy soba noodles made from the latest ingredients from Shinjo
This year (2020) you can participate with reservations only.

Apply early.


November 8 (Sun.), 2020
Yamaya Seminar House
Cold soba
500 yen per dish * Please select a soba ticket for your desired time zone
① 10:00~ ② 11:00~ ③ 12:00 ~ ④ 13:00 ~ ⑤ 14:00 ~ ⑥15:00~  ※ Limited to 100 dishes per time slot
[Ticket office] Area code 0233
・ Shinjo Tourism Association (☎22-2340)
・ Mogami Bussankan (☎28-8886)
・ Mogami Central Agricultural Cooperative Northern Agricultural Center (☎25-3611)
・ Direct production Mayu no Sato (☎23-5007)
・ Shinjo Chamber of Commerce (☎22-6855)
・ Shinjo City Agricultural Cooperative (☎22-3966)
・ Sobashop Asanuma (☎22-5538)
・ Raw soba Sarashina (☎22-8891)
・ Soba shop Ebisu (☎29-2527)
・ Handmade soba Sabun (☎23-7733)
・ Tea soba Shinkokutei (☎22-3255)
・ Handmade soba & Japanese food Kikori (☎22-4088)
Shinjo Soba Festival Executive committee office (Shinjo City Agriculture and Forestry Division)
☎: 0233-22-2111

■ Lively Miyamago Nodoka Village New soba Festival (Shirataka Town)

Enjoy delicious soba noodles at the annual new soba festival, the idyllic scenery of the Miyama area and the water wheel.


November 8 (Sun.), 2020
Lively Miyamago Nodoka Village
Handmade soba (with small plate) 650 yen per person
Due to COVID-19, admission to the hall will be restricted, and there will no self-service of simmered dishes and tsukemono this year.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Lively Miyamago Nodoka Village ☎: 0238-85-0380

■ Mogami Town New soba Festival (Mogami Town)

The Mogami Town New Soba Festival in 2020 will be held in a drive-through method.

Enjoy the unique scent of the new soba at home.
* Advance reservation required


November 15 (Sun.), 2020
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort, Mogami Town, Yamagata Prefecture
[Reservation application period]
October 26 (Mon.) to November 6 (Fri.), 2020
Handmade raw soba (3 servings, with broth)
1 set: 1,500 yen
Reservation required & quantities limited to 100 sets
[Reservation application & purchase flow]
① Apply using the form at the bottom of the leaflet
Fax it or bring it to the Mogami Town Industrial Promotion Center ↓
② Admission purchase tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis
It will be mailed to the address indicated in the application form ↓
③ Please come to the venue on November 15 at the delivery time indicated.
To avoid crowds there will be three separate delivery times.
After payment at drive-through, the soba set can be picked-up.
A staff member will guide you at the venue.
Mogami Town New soba Festival Flyer.pdf

■ Show your purchase ticket stub and get a great deal on day trip bathing at Akakura Onsen Ryokan!

Day trip bathing at Akakura Onsen Ryokan member vanues
Regular Price 500 yen ⇒ 300 yen (limited to that day!)
Mogami Town Industrial Promotion Center ☎: 0233-43-2340
Contact by phone is from 10:00 to 16:00, excluding weekends and holidays.
Tickets once booked cannot be canceled.

■ Shirataka New Soba & Seasonal Soba Campaign 2020 (Shirataka Town)

In this year’s (2020) New Soba & Seasonal Soba Campaign, if you fill out and post the application ticket at the shop where you ate, you may win a soba meal voucher (1,000 yen) by lottery.

The campaign will be held for many months, so please visit as many times as you like.

In November, the new soba festival will be held at three locations.
Please enjoy this as well.


November 1 (Sun.), 2020 to February 28 (Sun.), 2021
[New Soba Festival]
・ Nodoka Village New Soba Festival (November 8)
・ Ayu Chaya New Soba Festival (November 21 and 22)
・ Palace Matsukaze New Soba Festival (November 23)
[Participating shops]
・ Kumaya
・ Rikyuan
・ Soba Kiri Yassun
・ Houshi Soba
・ Nodoka Village
・ Kama-no-Koshisakura Chaya
Shirataka Town Tourism Association ☎: 0238-86-0086

Click here for detailed information on soba shops!

Detailed information

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