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Narageshuku Tanno Konnyaku

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    Konnyaku Bancho entrance

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    Shop with many konjac products

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    Healthy konjac kaiseki course meal

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    Daily konjac (café) recommended menu

Tanno Konnyaku in the Narageshuku district of Kaminoyama City is a shop and restaurant specializing in konjac food.
They incorporate konjac in a variety of dishes such as sashimi and soba, and make the dishes look real!

The kaiseki course meal is popular because as you can enjoy a variety of konjac dishes with changing taste and texture.
In addition to selling tama konnyaku (konjac balls) that you can easily enjoy, you can also buy other konjac-based products as souvenirs.

In addition, you can enjoy sweets using konjac at the attached Daily Konjac Café.

Basic information

Shop name
Narageshuku Tanno Konnyaku

6081 Suwanomae, Minazawa, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture


About 40 minutes by car from Yamagata Station
About 12 minutes by car from Kaminoyama Onsen Station

If you are using a car navigation system, please search for “608-1 Minazawa Suwanomae, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture”.
* If you search by store name or phone number (023-674-2351), you may be directed to the old store.

Parking lot

Shop: 9:00~17:00
Restaurant: 11:00~16:00 (last order)
Daily Konjac (café): 9:30~16:00

Due toCOVID-19, the business hours will be as follows for the time being (as of early December 2020).
* Subject to change, please contact the shop directly for details.

[For the time being]
Shop Weekdays 9:00~16:30
Weekend and holidays 9:00~17:00
Restaurant Weekdays 11:00~15:00 (last order)
Weekend and holidays 11:00~15:30 (last order)
Daily Konjac (café) 10:00~15:30

Shop & restaurant Tuesday
* Open on public holidays
Daily Konjac (café) Tuesday & Wednesday
* Open on public holidays

Official site
Main menu

・ Tama konnyaku (konjac balls)… 108 yen
(tama konnyaku (konjac balls) is a Yamagata specialty and is a signature product of Tanno Konnyaku)

・ Yakitori-style roasted meat… 110 yen
・ Mochi kon soy sauce… 110 yen
(Konjac like yakitori!?)

・ Walnut sweet miso… 185 yen
(Taste of fragrant miso * Winter only)

・ Konjac steamed bun… 165 yen

Kaiseki menu
Kaiseki course
1,320 yen <br /> Simmered dish (x2), vinegared dish, assortment, sashimi, konjac soba (or konjac porridge)
1,870 yen <br /> Simmered dish (x2), vinegared dish, assortment, sashimi, fried food, konjac soba (or konjac porridge)

Two-dish kaiseki
2,420 yen  Simmered dish (x2), vinegared food, assortment, sashimi, soup, fried dish, steamed dish, konjac soba (or konjac porridge)
2,970 yen  Simmered dish (x2), vinegared food, assortment, sashimi, motsuni-style konjac, soup, fried dish, steamed food, konjac nigiri, konjac soba (or konjac porridge)

Three-dish kaiseki
3,520 yen  Apéritif, simmered food, vinegared food, assortment, appetizer, sashimi, soup, fried dish, roasted dish, konjac soba (or konjac porridge)

Konjac Kaiseki Masuei full course * Reservation required the day before
4,400 yen
Available in private rooms for 2 people or more

* Price is tax included

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