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Kaminoyama Kannon (Mizugishi Kannon-ji)

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■ Origin & history
The buddha here is said to protect the scholar Ono-no-Takamura.

This area was originally a lake, but when he visited this area, he accidentally dropped in the water the Kannon image he had in his pocket. It was later pulled up by a fisherman’s net and the was temple built afterwards due to its connection to Kannon.

When you go up the stone steps, there is a hot spring called “Senshin-no-Yu” where you can clean your hands before worship.

■ Pray here for:
Meeting people
Parent’s good fortune

■ Recommended points
The two masks on the ceiling (Hannya, a female demon for awakening and Shishi, the lion for protection)

A pair of sculptures of sumo wrestlers on a beam of the temple.

The picture of a large dragon on the ceiling of the temple.

The memorial tower

The hand washing spot located on stone stairs.

The name of this temple is often found in hot spring towns.

Soba noodles and fruits are excellent here.

There is a hot spring inn and a communal bath (where the Zen priest Takuan bathed).

You can see the famous Kaminoyama Castle, the sole Ushu castle in the prefecture, and the bukeyashiki, the old samurai residences.

A visit to the Harusame-an compound of the Zen priest Takuan is recommended.

At the Naragejuku district located at the foot of the Kaneyama pass on the Ushu Kaido road there is the healthy food restaurant Konnyaku Bancho and the culturally important bridges.

Many legends and historical stories have been handed down because famous historical people have stayed here during their travels and left records.

■ Enshrined deity
Sacred Kanzeon Bodhisattva

Basic information

No. 10 Kaminoyama (Shingon sect Mizugishiyama Kannonji)

9-29 Tokamachi, Kaminoyama City 999-3153


From JR Kaminoyama Onsen station:
15 minutes on foot

Parking lot
Dedicated parking lot for cars in the shopping district

Stamp obtainable at the Kannonji Temple

Surrounding spots

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