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Chinese Food Marutake

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Authentic Chinese food wrapped with hot passion and deliciousness in Kaminoyama City.
Domestic ingredients are used so that you can enjoy the food deliciously and with peace of mind. Yonezawa and Shonai pork, Tsuyahime rice and locally grown vegetables are used by the owner chef, who has a 20-year career, to pursue authentic and delicious Chinese dishes. Of course there is a rich menu, and among the items listed, the Chen mapo tofu is a flavorful dish with Sichuan doubangjiang and Japanese pepper. There are also great lunch options and a banquet course at night, so please enjoy authentic Chinese with your family, workplace and friends!

Basic information

Shop name
Chinese Food Marutake
Chinese (Asia Ethnic)

2-17-27 Kanaoi-higashi, Kaminoyama City


11:30~14:30 & 17:30~21:00 (Weekday and Saturday)
11:30~15:30 & 17: 00~20: 00 (Sunday and holiday)
Last order 30 minutes before closing time

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

Main menu

Shoyu ramen with charred onion… 650 yen
Moyashi ramen… 730 yen
Vegetable shio ramen… 770 yen
Gomoku ankake ramen… 810 yen
Hot & sour noodles… 810 yen
Shredded pork ramen… 810 yen
Dandan noodles… 790 yen
Gomoku ankake fried noodles… 810 yen
Grilled fried rice with charred onion… 750 yen
Fried rice with crab & lettuce… 810 yen
Tofu rice… 730 yen
Sichuan style Mapo tofu & ankake rice… 890 yen
Tenshinhan… 770 yen
Seafood & ankake rice… 830 yen
Gomoku ankake rice… 810 yen
Stir-fried Chinese chive and liver… 800 yen
Shrimp in chili sauce… 1,150 yen
Sweet and sour pork… 1,150 yen
Twice-cooked pork… 1,150 yen
Sichuan style mapo tofu …1,230 yen

・Appetizer + 4 dishes + noodles OR rice + dessert… 3,200 yen
・Appetizer + 5 dishes + noodles OR rice + dessert… 4,500 yen

All you can drink
・90 minutes all-you-can-drink… 1,600 yen
・120 minutes all-you-can-drink… 2,100 yen

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