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Matsugaoka Spring Cherry Blossom Market 2022

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A spring market is held at Tsuruoka’s Matsugaoka Craft Park.

In addition to the food market and craft shops, there will also be workshop events for children.

Please enjoy the market leisurely in the spring weather when the cherry trees bloom.

Basic information

Event name
Matsugaoka Spring Cherry Blossom Market 2022
Date and time
April 16 (Sat.) & 17 (Sun.), 2022 10:00~15:00
Matsugaoka Craft Park

Matsugaoka, Haguromachi, Tsuruoka City

Official site
Main menu

Market & Craft
Also pay attention to the food market and craft shop offering Matsugaoka’s local dishes and other special products!

~ Food & Drink ~
● Grand El Sun (food, drinks)
● Omusubi Daichi (rice balls)
● Entrance Bagel Coffee (bagels)
● Green Store (fruit sandwiches) only on April 17
● 808 Izumiya (fruit sandwiches) only on April 16
● Saitoya Kunsen Gohan (smoked rice & dishes)
● Colorful Vineyard (bread, coffee, sweets)

~ Shops ~
(Miscellaneous goods, etc.) only on April 16
● Yasairo (vegetables, fruits)
● GACHA BOX (apparel)
● ohisama (apparel)
* Participating shop lineup and sales content may change

Kids Workshops
Workshop Hill
Workshops and hands-on events for parents and children!
Free participation & priority to those who made reservations

☆ Matsugaoka History Stamp Rally
Both days at 11:00 & 13:00 (limited to 20 people each time)
Let’s collect stamps while learning the history and culture of 150 years of cultivating.
Get a free gift if you collect all stamps

☆ Shonai Blue Ambassador Direct
Parent & Child Yoga Class
April 16 at 14:00
April 17 at 11:00 & 14:00 (limited to 30 people each)
* Let’s move happily with a ANA cabin attendant who moved to Shonai

☆ Grape branch recycling experience
Both days at 10:00 (limited to 20 people)
Experience making things using pruned grape branches that are no longer needed.
Learn how to reuse resources and think about the SDGs!

Play space
Children’s fair corner
You can enjoy it by purchasing an admission ticket on the day.


🌸 Matsugaoka Sakura Festival 🌸
Power spot woven by cherry blossoms, history and culture
● One of Tohoku & Yume-no-Sakura Kaido forty six famed spots
● A stunning cherry blossom tunnel made with 100-year-old trees dating back to 1921
● Matsugaoka Kaikonjo (reclamation site) is connected to Japan’s history of silkworm cultivation by samurai
Let’s experience the history and culture at this National Historic Site of Japan with a sericulture building dating to the Meiji era!
An event will be held on site on the day!

Matsugaoka Craft Park Shop
◆ kibiso shop
Exhibition and sale of Tsuruoka’s kibiso brand of silk products

◆ Ichisuien & Direct Sales Office Hyotan
Offering direct sales of locally produced seasonal vegetables and fruits, and light meals

◆ Matsuoka Kiln Ceramics Class
Matsugaoka-yaki exhibition sales, painting, and ceramic art experience

◆ Craft Matsugaoka Koderaine
Sales of works by craft artists from in and out of the prefecture, and craft workshops


Matsugaoka Harvest Festival Market Committee
☎ 0235-24-4633 (Grand El Sun)

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