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Atsumi Onsen Rose Garden Festival 2022

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Atsumi Onsen Rose Garden is located on a hill overlooking the hot spring town.

About 3,000 roses of 90 species are planted in the garden, and the rose garden festival is held during the whole month of June.

At the 2022 Rose Garden Festival, there will be a hospitality campaign where you can win Atsumi Onsen’s special products, a photo contest, and the foot bath is lit-up.

At the Rose Garden Café in the park, you can buy rose-flavored ice cream, which is a hot topic on SNS!

After enjoying a stroll in the rose garden, why not spend some time at Atsumi Onsen?

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Rose Footbath & Footbath lit-up

🌹 Rose Foot bath
Hours: 10:00~20: 30
Venues: Anbe-yu, Mokke-yu, Mosshi-yu
🌹 Footbath lit-up
Hours: 18:00~20:30
Venue: Anbeyu

Basic information

Event name
Atsumi Onsen Rose Garden Festival 2022
Date and time
June 1 (Wed.) to 30 (Thu.), 2022
Atsumi Onsen Rose Garden

Atsumi Ko 63, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture


Parking Lot
Atsumi Onsen Free Parking Lot (3D Parking Lot 2nd floor)
Atsumi Onsen Forestry Center
In front of the former Grand Hotel (Temporary Parking Lot)

Parking lot
Official site
Main menu

Event details
◆ Rose Enquest
~ Hot spring town NEW NORMAL ~
Aim for a prize with all the correct answers!
The contents of the quiz include questions from the QR code type tourist information videos on the signboards installed in various places in the hot spring town, and the variety of roses.

◆ Ancient and modern SNS photo contest
During the festival, we are looking for photos related to Atsumi Onsen on SNS!
It doesn’t matter when the photo was taken or the number of applications.
The following awards will be decided from the posted photos.

Prize list
● Best of Atsumi Onsen Award 
● Sakai Family 400th Anniversary Award
● Atsumi Onsen IC 10th Anniversary Award
● Tonosama’s Rose Transplant 10th Anniversary Award
● Atsumi Onsen Rose Garden Award
● Best Couple Award
● Best Family Award
* One person for each award will be given a supplementary prize.
Please see SNS for details

Apply from Instagram / Facebook
① Follow Atsumi Sightseeing Association official account
② Post photo # Atsumi Onsen # Rose garden # Yubarina Atsumi
Please describe the three hashtags and the shooting location in the comment column.

◆ Hospitality Campaign in Atsumi Onsen
A great campaign to win Atsumi Onsen’s special products to 30 people by lottery.

① Use or shop for a total of 1,000 yen or more at the participating shops!
➁ Please post the application form (one per total shopping exceeding 1,000 yen) in the application box installed at each shop

Participating shops
・ Soba shop Oshimizu
・ Grill Sumire
・ Four Seasons Cuisine Yamatsuki
・ Suehiro Sushi
・ Footbath café Chit Moshe
・ Masumoto Shokudo
・ Salt café Atsumi go-en
・ Bread studio Ventvert
・ Resting place Shozaemon
・ Rose garden café
・ Tamazumido Yumatsu
・ Sugawaraya Confectionery
・ Takehiroya
・ Honma Confectionery
・ Yamatoya Confectionery
・ Ancient Cloth Atsumi Shinaori Shibataya
・ Manraiya Liquor Store
・ Hibiki Shoten
・ Kitchen Foods Kasumiya
・ Fruit and Vegetables Kobayashi
・ Saito Denroku Shoten
・ Sato Studio
・ Heiwado Electric Department
・ Nanako Abe Beauty Salon
・ Artisan Matisse
・ Chuka soba Kahan


Atsumi Tourism Association
☎ 0235-43-3547

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