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The 40th Fujishima Summer Festival

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Fujishima has been called “Shishigo” since ancient times, and many lion dances and kagura have been handed down from generation to generation.

It is a festival where the traditional performing arts come together.

Also, at the 2nd “Fuji Rock Festival”, vocalists in their teens to 50s who have applied in advance using karaoke will be scored and scored to determine the Utauma No. 1

There are shops, festival stalls, and Bon Odori dances, so everyone from children to adults can enjoy it.

Basic information

Event name
The 40th Fujishima Summer Festival
Date and time
August 7 (Sun.), 2022
Open space at the Fujishima gymnasium

1-1-1 Fuji-no-hana, Tsuruoka City

Main menu

◆ Fun events for children
Time : 11:00-13:00
Location : North side of lawn open space
Participation fee : Free ★Struck Out ★Flying Disc ★Water Deppo Event etc. ※Please participate in clothes that you don’t mind getting wet ※All participants will receive a prize
◆Fuji Rock Festival
~Burning Singing Festival~
Scores will be given to vocalists in their teens to fifties who have pre-applied, and “Utauma No. 1” will be determined.

Time : 13:00-16:00
Venue : Lawn Square special stage

“Jiguro Kyosuke” Live Held A special impersonation live of “Jiguro Kyosuke”, who has one of the best impersonation skills in Japan with Kyosuke Himuro’s impersonation.
Time : 15:00-
Free viewing <br />Original event items (limited quantity) will be distributed.
◆ Yakiniku Festival at home
Redemption of meat with advance ticket
Time : 15:00-18:00
Location : North side of lawn square *There will be no live events at the venue


◆The 21st Tsuruoka Traditional Performing Arts Festival
“Shishigo” Fujishima’s lion dance, nursery schools in the Fujishima area, elementary & junior high school students, and various presentations by adult groups.
Traditional performing arts other than Fujishima will also be shown.
Time : 16:00-19:30
Location : Lawn Square special stage
16:00 : Fujishima Korisu nursery school lion dance
16:15 : Toei Elementary School Lion Dance
16:30 : Tsuruoka City Fire Brigade Fujishima Area Team Ladder Climbing and Dressing
16:45 : Fujishima Junior High School Brass Band
17:00 : Tozen Elementary School Children’s Lion
17:15 : Fujishima Children’s Center Inama Drum
17:45 : Daikokumai, Kamodomari [Tsuruoka]
18:00 : Takadera Hakkou [Haguro]
18:15 : Higashihorikoshi lion dance [Fujishima]
18:30 : Naganuma Hachiman Shrine Kagura [Fujishima]
18:45 : Fujishima Taiko Drums “Kusui” [Fujishima]
◆Bon Odori
If you can’t dance “Hanagasa Ondo song”, you may not be a Fujishima person.
Dance the “Fujishima Ondo” in a big circle.
Time : 19:30-20:00
Location : Around the grass field stage


Fujishima Summer Festival Committee

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