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Yume Area Market 2023

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The Yume Area Market is held at Yume Area’s 1st floor’s Flower and Green Exchange Plaza.

There are 27 shops selling handmade goods, food, kitchen trucks, and more.

There will also be a magic show and voice imitation performance by Mr. Hamster and Bonchan.

Furthermore, from 16:00, the Yume Area Lighting Ceremony will be held to lit up the inside of the Yume Area building.

Please come visit!

Basic information

Event name
Yume Area Market 2023
Date and time
November 26 (Sun.), 2023 10:00~15:00
Mogami Wide Area Exchange Center Yume Area 1F Flower and Green Exchange Plaza

1-2 Tamoncho, Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

~Introducing the exhibitors~
👜 Handmade items for sale
● amour ciel (Mogami Town)
[Handmade accessories]

● Cloth accessories Chittadon (Tsuruoka City)
[Cloth accessories]

●Guru Guruya (Shinjo City)
[Guru Guru Bag and others]

● Illusionary line segment (Mamurogawa Town)
[Sealing wax, accessories]

● Morinokomichisha (Shinjo City)
[Wooden accessories etc.]

● Parupal~~~39FROM18 (Shinjo City)
[Knitted goods]

● Natural stone handmade emiel (Tendo City)
[Natural stone accessories, woolen bags, etc.]

● *Priima* (Shinjo City)
[Tsumami crafts, pouch wallet, etc.]

● toitoitoi-ys (Shinjo City)

● Sewing Seeds (Sakata City)
[Cloth accessories, sashiko sacoche]

● RiRi.accessory (Yuza Town)

● Little White (Shinjo City)
[Diamond art etc.]
<🍮 Food>
● Herb Farm Sato (Sakegawa Village)
[Herbal tea tasting sale]

● Curio (Shinjo City)
[Baked sweets]

● Meat Attack Naomi (Tendo City)
[Steak bowl, hamburger bowl, etc.]

● Shinjo KURA Pudding (Shinjo City)
[Puddin (arikA sales)]

🚌 Kitchen cars
● JAHMIN BURGER (Tsuruoka City)
[Burger, fries, etc.]

● anko-ya∞INF (Shinjo City)
[warabi mochi rice cake]

● Happy melon bread happyhappy (Higashine City)
[Melon bread]

● ORIENT (Sakata City)
[Pure tofu, drinks, etc.]

✂ Experiences & Workshops
● Hauoli (Shinjo City)
[Balloon, photo shoot]

● Hunter Hunter (Shinjo City)
[Fortune telling appraisal, healthcare]

● AMUSE (Mamurogawa Town)
[Resin experience etc.]

● Tsumugu – a handmade artist who knits and ties together – (Shinjo City)
[Lease making]

● Kiitos (Shinjo City)
[Cloth miscellaneous goods (custom pinch, etc.)]

● LIB (Tozawa Village)
[Natural aroma bath time miscellaneous goods sales]

● mi-ruto-i (Sakata City)
[Glass Sand Art]

🎵 Performance
● Mr. Hamster & Bonchan
[Magic show & voice imitation]


~Held simultaneously~
✨Yume Area Art 2023 lighting ceremony
Lights on 16:30


Yume Area designated manager independent planning project
☎ 0233-28-8888

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