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Shinjo Festival

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With a history of more than 260 years, the attraction of the Shinjo Festival is known for its gorgeous float procession, the sound of the musical accompaniments, and the local people’s passion for the festival that has been passed down from generation to generation.

A historical picture scroll reminiscent of the feudal era, such as the floats that express various scenes from kabuki and stories, the traditional mikoshi procession, and the elegant Hagino deer dance and Nitayama deer dance performed at the Shinjo castle ruins.

Basic information

Event name
Shinjo Festival
Date and time
August 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Sat.), 2023
Shinjo City center

Tamoncho, Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture

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❖ Evening Festival ❖
August 24 (Thu.)
● Tozawa Shrine annual festival
Hours: 10:00~
Venue: Tozawa Shrine

● Dedication to Shinjo Hayashi
Hours: 8:30~
Venues: Tozawa Shrine, Tenmangu Shrine, Gokoku Shrine

● Shinjo Hayashi Joint Concert
Hours 9:30~
Venue: Abies, Fureai Square in front of Shinjo Station

● Light-up ceremony
Hours: 18:00-18:20
Venue: Chuo-dori intersection

● Yoimatsuri float procession (19 cars in total)
Hours: 18:30~20:30
Venue: Central Shopping Street – Shinjo Station Fureai Hiroba Abies

❖ Main Festival ❖

August 25 (Fri.)
● Tenmangu Annual Festival
Hours: 7:00~
Venue: Tenmangu Shrine

● Festival procession starting ceremony
Hours: 8:30~
Venue: Tenmangu Square

● Mikoshi procession
Time & Route
[ 9:00 Departure from Mogami Park] ~ [ Around 9:45 Fureai Plaza Abies in front of Shinjo Station] ~ [Various places in the city] ~ [ 15:00 : Ishikawa-cho Gokigen Street] ~ [ 15:45 Arrive at Mogami Park ]

● Main festival float procession (19 cars in total)
Time & Route
[ 10:00 Departure from Elderly Welfare Center] ~ [ Around 10:40 Fureai Hiroba Abies in front of Shinjo Station] ~ [Various locations in the city] ~ [ Around 14:00 Honmachi Street] ~ [ Around 16:00 End at Kitamachi Jujiro]

❖ After Festival ❖
August 26 (Sat.)
● Gokoku Shrine annual festival
Hours: 9:00~
Venue: Gokoku Shrine

● Kowaka Renbayashi Concert
Hours: 9:30~11:30
Venue:  Yumeria “Flower and Green Exchange Square”

● Dedicated Judo Tournament
Hours: 8:30~13:00
Venue:  Shinjo Junior High School Gymnasium

● Dedicated Archery Tournament
Hours: 9:30~16:00
Venue: Higashiyama Budokan gymnasium

● Dedicated deer dance
Hours: 10:00~11:00
Venue: Mogami Park

● Decorative floats (19 in total)
Hours: 10:00~16:00
Venue: In front of the station, Honmachi, Omachi, Chuo-dori

● Deer dance in the city
Hours: 13:00~
Venue: Minamihonmachi crossroads

● Hand tightening
Time : 15:30-
Location : Minami-Honmachi crossroads

● Amateur singing and entertainment show
Hours: 17:30~20:30
Venue: Kirayaka Bank Parking Lot

*Event schedule may be subject to change


You can see the Shinjo Festival float theme here:
float theme


Shinjo Festival Committee
☎ 0233-22-6855

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