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Kitokito Marché

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The Kitokito Market is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month from May to November at the Shinjo City Ecology Garden.

Many vendors will gather again this month.

There is a customary “Give Me Vegetables” system in which visitors bring in vegetables as an entrance fee and trade them for food.

As vegetables replace money, visitors can enjoy an all new experience created by values other than traditional currency.

Basic information

Event name
Kitokito Marché
Date and time
3rd Sunday of each month from May to November 10:00~16:00
Shinjo Ecology Garden

6000-1 Tokamachi, Shinjo City

Main menu

Event details
◆Give Me Vegetables
A self-sufficient food and music event where the entrance fee and the chef’s fees are the vegetables brought in by visitors!
The chef will improvise and serve the vegetables that the customer brought as an entrance fee on the spot for free.
Vegetables can replace money, and experience the new cycle and enjoyment created by values different from money.

◆Bon Odori
Everyone in the hall will dance.
Start time
① 11:00
② 13:00
③ 16:00

◆Shinjo dog festival
A festival for dogs and their owners (dog lovers/animal lovers) to enjoy
・Dog run & bathing pool
・Dog school
・Small market
・Free photo sessions, etc.

Wanko Market
・ Japan Police Dog Association Certified Trainer | Dog School (first 10 people)
・Dog salon lig & soap bubbles | Care course at home taught by professionals
・Kokado |Memorials, toys, Sweets
・petit one |Pet clothes sale
・Wan Nyan Support Shinjo | Bazaar
・K-Piko |Bag (handmade)
Umetchi Fam |Small items (handmade) for sale
・MERRILY |Accessory sales
・BOO BOO WAN | Collars, leads (handmade) for sale
・Caricatures of Yamagata | Caricatures, illustrations, and merchandise sales
・Rabbi art painting |Pet caricature illustration, animal motif miscellaneous goods
・All Creation |Snack sample distribution

◆ Kitokito March Exhibition
・Professional Mushroom
|Young mushroom producers in Mogami-gun, Yamagata
・Kurokawa Minimals |Environmentally friendly mini tomatoes
・Tomatoya Yozube | Traveling tomatoes
・melimero-Farmers |Colorful and unique agricultural products that match the season
・Kudo Orchard |I want you to love my peaches
・Studio Straw |Agriculture and Industry
・Matsuda Farm |Vegetables that match the climate and people who live here
・Orchard Kiraku |A small fruit farm in Asahi Town
・Shinjo Nana Sai Vegeta |Vegetables conversations
・Kumano’s honey |Fresh honey
・ Agriculture and Forestry University Market Club |Children learning and raising

・Yakuwa Farm | Bottled fruits
・En jam |Enjoy home-grown vegetables for breakfast

Coffee & Tea
・GLAMPiC |Creating excitement and enjoying the world
・Coffee roaster Higurashi | Tradition of the essence of things
・TANFARM |Coffee, vegetables and flowers
・Café Fukudaen | The wonders of Japanese tea

・Meshi to Kashiribatei | Pop-up cafeteria with multinational rice bowls and baked sweets
・Harada’s Curry |Curry shop without a shop
・Komeyakata |Rice dealer + farmer
・Yanome Kojiya |Naturally brewed 15% koji grain miso in a wooden barrel
・808 Izumiya |Fruit sandwich made by a greengrocer with lots of fruit
・COCOSATO Kitchen | Miura’s Yukare Shinjosa, Abe!
・Toriya | Processing without food additives from farmed chicken and Yamagata cherry chicken
・Yuzurian | Founded in Showa 10
DUE | Salsiccia (Italian sausage)
・Okashina Okashiya|Sweets
・Mon’s kitchen |Taste and smells of Taiwan

・kuma×yoko |Mushroom and cat
・Shonai Smart Terroir & Tagagube | Grain Bag
・MOANI |Have a relaxing time and a fulfilling day
・toitoitoi-ys |The world of children in a jewelry box
・ATMiC |Hand-kneaded candles
・Chiisana Machi no Chiisana Hanayasan | What a flower shop can do in such a world
・Kamuro Kiln |The best porcelain made with deep snow and red clay
・Rawa Chihiro |Picture book and caricature

・Forest Studio by Sora | Take a deep breath with the earth under the blue sky and nature



Ecology Garden
☎ 0233-29-2122

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