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Zao Onsen Ski Resort! Slopes and courses information

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Zao has 14 slopes and 12 courses in an area of 305 ha. that everyone from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders can enjoy.

There are many courses to chose from, including one going through the snow monsters area, and the Yokokura’s wall has a peak lean of 38°.

Please visit many times and enjoy various courses.

Takiyama (beginner / intermediate / expert)
Utopia (beginner / intermediate)
Nakamori (beginner / intermediate)
Uwanodai (beginner / intermediate / expert)
Shobunuma (beginner / intermediate)
Diamond Valley (beginner / intermediate)
Sunrise (beginner / intermediate)
Kotan (ski: beginner / intermediate)(snowboard: intermediate)
Kurohime (beginner / intermediate / expert)
Yokokura (beginner / intermediate / expert)
Paradise (beginner / intermediate / expert)
Omori (beginner / intermediate / expert)
Hyakumannin (beginner / intermediate)
Chuo (beginner / intermediate / expert)

●Zangezaka (beginner / intermediate)
●Hanenkamm A & B (beginner / intermediate)
●Juhyogen (beginner / intermediate)
●Hanenkamm C (intermediate)
●Renraku (beginner / intermediate)
●Karamatsu (beginner)
●Ohira (beginner / intermediate)
●Kurohime Super Giant (beginner / intermediate / expert)
●Takatori (beginner / intermediate)
●Omori (beginner / intermediate / expert)
●Paradise (beginner / intermediate)
●Kurohime Connection (beginner / intermediate / expert)



Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Recommended to beginners [Ohira Course]

It is a long course with a total length of about 5 km that connects the Paradise & Shobunuma slopes with the Uwanodai & Sunrise slopes.

There are many gentle slopes with a course width of around 30 meters, but there are also steep slopes on the way, making it a popular course that has variations!

Even beginners can fully enjoy it.

Recommended points

Recommended to intermediate skiers [Hyakumannin slope]

Located on the lower part of the Utopia slope, in the middle of the Snow Monsters course, it is a wide, single-burn slope with a maximum width of 200 meters and a minimum of 100 meters.

The view from the slopes is also good, and it serves as a contact point to the upper and lower slope courses. It is popular with families and groups.

Recommended points

Recommended to advanced skiers [Yokokura's wall]

Yokokura's wall with a peak lean of of 38 degrees is famous as one of the most difficult places in the Zao Onsen ski area.

A steep slope of 30 degrees or more continues for 300 meters, and if you fall in the middle of it you will go all the way to the bottom. (Beginners and intermediate skiers should avoid it.)

Recommended points

You have to try them if you come to Zao! [Zangezaka & Juhyogen course]

If you come to Zao, you can't miss this course!

It is the longest course (about 8 km) of the Zao Onsen ski area, connected from the Zangezaka course and passing through the Utopia slope and the Hyakumannin slope toward the Yokokura slope.

This is a course where you can fully enjoy the snow monsters and powder snow.

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Zao ski slopes

Zao Onsen, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture

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