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Shelter Inclusive Place copal

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The Shelter Inclusive Place copal is a children playground facility that opened on April 18, 2022.

The indoor facility can be used by making reservations in advance but it is restricted to residents of Yamagata City.

Within, you can have fun in the many areas that include a large playground, a gymnasium, a workshop area, a media room, a book corner and a café.

In addition, outside the facility there are various shaped swings that can be enjoyed regardless of disability or age, and an area with water fountains and mist sprayer for the summer.

Shelter Inclusive Place copal! New playground facility for children”]

Basic information

Shelter Inclusive Place copal

580-1 Katayachi, Yamagata City


By car
About 20 minutes from the west exit of Yamagata Station

By train
About 10 minutes on foot from the Zao station

By bus
About 3 minutes on foot from the Kunakaguchi bus stop

Parking lot
Free Parking for approximately 300 cars (including for people with disabilities and buses) & Bicycle parking lot

Indoor Facility
Exclusive use of the gymnasium 9:00~22:00

Outdoor Facility
(Until 16:00 from October to March)

2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month (or the following day if it is a national holiday)
January 1

Official site
Main menu

For visitors
Free admission for 0 years old to elementary school students and their guardians
* Some digital attractions, workshops, etc., may require separate fees.

Exclusive use of the gymnasium (with separate restrictions)
Gymnasium reservation method


Use of the inner facility requires a reservation
[Resticted to residents of Yamagata City]
Admission is limited to about 150 people per hour

* Adjustment may be made according to the congestion situation in the facility
(If there are people who leave the building or if there is a vacancy in the reservation, you may be able to enter without a reservation.)
The usage time is 90 minutes.

① Click here for advance reservation ▼
Advance reservation

② Same-day reservation
[9:00~10:00 on the day]
Admission numbered tickets will be distributed at the entrance (first-come-first-served basis)
If there are still numbered tickets past 10:00, they will be distributed at the reception.


Terms of Use
● In principle, admission is not possible for children alone without a guardian or for adults alone without children.
● Admission is limited to 3 children per guardian.
● Guardians are requested to watch over their children and being near them at all time.
● Please refrain from entering the premises or using the facility if you are not in good health.
● The number of admissions and staying time may be adjusted depending on the situation.
Eating and drinking in the facility is restricted to the designated area for that.
● Please bring back all your garbage (including diapers) with you when leaving.
● Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited on the premises.
● Pets are not allowed on the premises.
● Please note that copal is not liable for any accidents, troubles, loss, theft, etc. happening while on the premises.

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