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Roadside Station Nishikawa

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The Roadside station Nishikawa has a local beer brewery.

The beer made with a particular manufacturing method using Mt. Gassan’s spring water and carefully selected ingredients from Germany has a reputation for being delicious.

In addition, local agricultural products such as mountain vegetables and mushrooms, which are abundantly found on Mt. Gassan, are displayed over the counter, and during the season, customers line up even before the station opens.

We also recommend relaxing at the adjacent Mizusawa Onsenkan to soothe away the fatigue of the day.
* Currently closed due to renovation work, scheduled to open in spring 2023

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Mt. Gassan beer

We use malt, hops and yeast from Germany and the Czech Republic, the home of beer, and use German brewing technology and world-renowned Kasper Schulz brewing equipment. ① Pilsner It features a refreshing bitterness of hops, an exhilarating throat, and fine bubbles like silk. ➁ Münchner roasted germ is used, and although the color is dark, it has a clean and fresh taste. ③ Raoho Born with smokeness; that smoke permeates the germ when it is put on fire. Tsuyahime rice produced in the town is also used for the thinnings of the Keio cherry tree, which is actively produced in Nishikawa town, and for the auxiliary raw materials. There are many people who are addicted to the unique scent and taste even though it has a habit.

Recommended points

Mizusawa Onsenkan♨ (closed due to renovation work until spring 2023)

Mizusawa Onsenkan is adjacent to the roadside station Nishikawa. It has a colorless and transparent refreshing hot water. There are two public baths, Mt. Gassan and Yakushi, which change weekly for men and women. [Water qualities] Sodium-chloride spring [Efficacy] In addition to general indications, cuts, burns, chronic dermatitis, weak constitution, chronic gynecological diseases [Admission] Adult: 300 yen Child: 100 yen [Large hall usage fee] Adult: 200 yen Child: 100 yen [10 tatami room] 1,200 yen (for 2 hours・reservation required) [8 tatami room] 1,000 yen (for 2 hours・reservation required)

Basic information

Roadside Station Nishikawa

2304 Mizusawa, Nishikawa Town, Yamagata Prefecture


About 40 minutes by car from Yamagata Station (using the expressway)

Parking lot
Available (free)


December 31 & January 1

Official site
Main menu

Direct sales place information
mountain vegetables & mushrooms
✤ Mountain vegetables (April~August)
✤ Nemagaritake (May~June)
✤ Seasonal vegetables (June~September)
✤ Mushrooms (September~October)

✤Japanese sake, wine, local beer, etc.
✤Japanese sweets
✤ Sweets
✤ Honey
✤ Juice
✤ Noodles
✤ Rice
✤ Tsukemono pickles
✤ Crafts
✤ Mt. Gassan T-shirts, etc.

Restaurant Information
Lunch time: 11:00~15:00
Snack corner: 9:00~17:00


❖Roadside station facilities
・Light meal
・Coffee shop
・Onsen baths
・EV Charging Facility
・Wireless LAN
・Tourist information
・Barrier-free toilets


Tourist Information Center
Mt. Gassan Asahi Tourist Association Tourist Information Center
☎ 0237-77-1332

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