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Yamadera (Hojuzan Senju-in Temple)

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■ Origin & History
Located at the foot of Risshaku-ji Temple, famous for the haiku of Matsuo Basho, it is said that this temple was founded by the priest Ennin.
The enshrined deity is a wooden Senju Kanzeon Bodhisattva statue, which is said to have been made by Ennin himself, but it is now enshrined out of people’s sight. Instead, visitors can admire a golden Senju Kannon statue of about 1 meter high.

■Pray for
Monetary fortune
Fulfillment of wishes

■Recommended points
At the foot of the right pillar of the torii gate is a stone monument engraved with gold letters, “Torii dedicated to: Kazuto Saito.” It was donated by Hitoshi Saito, the founder of the health food chain Ginza Marukan. It is dedicated to fulfill the worshipers’ wishes. It is said that you should hug the pillars of the torii and pray for love or monetary fortune, but just one. Think about which before praying.

Worship of the Zodiac Guard
Be sure to visit the twelve guardian shrines that are enshrined on the left and right of the Kannon-do.

Browse the treasures in the hall
Please browse the treasures inside the temple that tells the history of Yamadera Sentein Kannon-do.

Hospitality for worshipers
After visiting enjoy the hospitality offered by the local residents in charge that day.

Historical walk around th eYamadera Senju-in
(The information board stands to the left of the torii gate)

On a hill at the back of the Kannon temple there is a trail to reach the old Yamadera temple. Make sure to climb up the mountain to enjoy the walk and scenery.

Since the tracks cross the stone steps leading up to the temple, you need to be careful for passing trains when entering the grounds.

■ Main deity
Senju Kanzeon Bodhisattva

Basic information

Yamadera (Tendai sect, Hojuzan Senju-in)

4753 Yamadera, Yamagata City


15 minutes walk from JR Yamadera Station

Parking lot
Both for buses and cars, there is parking on the road at the entrance to the Senju-in temple.


Surrounding spots

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