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Tendo Sakura Festival (Human Shogi)

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The main event at the Tendo City Sakura Festival are the shogi (Japanese chess) games played by professional players having human pieces move along the large board.

Set against the backdrop of Mt. Maizuru, where 2,000 cherry trees are in full bloom, warriors dressed in armor and ladies-in-waiting in kimono move as shogi pieces.

This year there will be no need for reservations or entry restrictions.

During the cherry blossom festival, various events will be held, such as the illumination of the shidare-sakura along the Kuratsu River.

Basic information

Event name
Tendo Sakura Festival (Human Shogi)
Date and time
April 6 (Sat.) to May 5 (Sun.), 2024
Mt. Maizuru summit plaza, along the Kuratsu river, Tendo City Civic Cultural Center, etc.

Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture


Access restrictions for Human Shogi games on April 13 (Sat.) and 14 (Sun.)
By car
General vehicles are not allowed (please use the shuttle bus)
On foot
Please use the path from the Tendo Park water area side on the east side of Mt. Maizuru.

Parking Lot
Please use the areas around City Hall, City Sports Center, Atago Numashita Parking Lot, etc.
Please refrain from parking at shops and facilities near the venue.

About the shuttle bus
Departure & arrival locations
・Tendo City Office
・JR Tendo Station
・Tendo City Sports Center
Free parking lot available: Tendo City Office, Tendo City Sports Center
Paid parking lot only: JR Tendo Station East Exit

Departure and arrival times
April 13 (Sat.): Operates sequentially from 9:00 to 16:30
April 14 (Sun.): Operates sequentially from 9:00 to 18:00

Main menu

🌸 Tendo Sakura Festival

✤ Event opening ceremony
Date: April 6 (Sat.)
Venue: Takeisao Shrine

✤ Children’s shogi tournament
Date: April 7 (Sun.)
Hours: 10:00~
Venue: Parte Citizen Gallery
No longer taking applications for participation

✤ Shidare-sakura evening
Dates: April 12 (Fri.) and 13 (Sat.)
Hours: 18:00~21:00
Venue: Along the Kuratsu river (from Osho Bridge to Footbridge)


・Shidare-sakura concert April 12 (Fri.)
・Traditional performing arts April 13 (Sat.)
(Takaten Lion Dance, Tendo Mikoshikai Mikoshi Togyo, Mukasari Parade, Ryujin Taiko)
・Stall village April 12 (Fri.) to 14 (Sun.) 10:00~21:00
*Until 16:00 on the 14 (Sun.)

✤ Mt. Maizuru bonbori illumination
Date: April 6 (Sat.) to May 5 (Sun.)
Venue: Atago Marsh Water Space ~ Mt. Maizuru Summit Plaza

✤ Kuratsu river shidare-sakura illumination
Dates: April 6 (Sat.) to May 5 (Sun.)
Venue: Along the Kuratsu river (Osho Bridge – Rook Bridge)

✤ Tendo Hanakoma Odori Festival

Date: April 28 (Sun.)
Venue: Tendo City Civic Cultural Hall


☗ 69th Human Shogi Games
Date: April 13 (Sat.) and 14 (Sun.)
Venue: Mt. Maizuru summit plaza
(Tendo City Civic Cultural Center in case of stormy weather)

Invited players
April 13 (Sat.)
Players: Teisho Minami [Female 2nd Dan] *First appearance & Rei Taketomi [Female 1st Dan] *First appearance
Commentators: Koji Tanigawa [17th Master] & Makoto Tobe [7th Dan]
Hostess: Aki Wada [Female 2nd Dan]
*First appearance

April 14 (Sun.)
Players: Akito Hirose [9th Dan] & Makoto Tobe [7th Dan]
Commentator : Koji Tanigawa [17th Master]
Hostesses: Aki Wada [Female 2nd Dan] & Rei Taketomi [Female 1st Dan]

❖ Tendo Hundred Faces
Performing players
・Koji Tanigawa [17th Master]
・Akihito Hirose [9th Dan]
・Makoto Tobe [7th Dan]
・Teimasu Minami [Female 2nd Dan]
・Aki Wada [Female 2nd Dan]
・Rei Taketomi [Female 1st Dan]
・Kimura Kazuki [9th dan]
・Junichi Kase [7th Dan]
・Yusuke Toyama [6th Dan]
・Reo Koyama [4th Dan]
・Yasuhiro Yamakawa [4th Dan]
・Yujiro Takahashi [4th Dan]

⏰ Time schedule
April 13 (Sat.)
10:00: Shogi Memorial Festival
10:20: Opening ceremony
10:30: Shogi Queen unveiled
10:40: Nya Shogi Ondo (Tendo Kindergarten, Tendo Komahachi)
10:50: Meiji Restoration Military Band (Tendo Nanbu Elementary School)
11:10: Denou-te “Sakurashou” match
12:30: Human Shogi
(Entry, performance, match)
14:30: Victory & Resignation
15:00: Guidance time
16:00: End

April 14(Sun.)
10:30: Opening greetings
10:40: Tendo Hanakoma Odori
10:50: Kiyariuta by Tenseikai
11:15: Professional shogi player talk show
12:30: Human Shogi
(Entry, performance, match)
14:30: Victory and resignation
14:45: 27th Tendo Hundred Faces
(Japan Shogi Federation 100th Anniversary Collaboration Project)
15:00: End


Tendo Sakura Festival Committee
☎ 023-653-1680

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