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Koshikae-an! Fluffy Japanese sweets in Tendo


Hi, it’s Naomi Sato the writer.

2018 is fast coming to an end.

It’s already snowing in various places in Yamagata, and in cold days like this getting out of your kotatsu is a hassle.

But! There are many people who will go anywhere for delicious sweets.

This time, I would like to introduce a Japanese sweets shop in Tendo City where you can enjoy super fluffy warabimochi and other warmth sweets even in winter.

■ What is Koshikake-an?


Koshikake-an, located in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, is at the foot of a small mountain where the Tendo Castle used to stand.

It is close to the hot spring town in the center of the city. The parking lot is always full with cars with plates from out of the prefecture.

In summer it is famous for operating the shaved ice shop at the Yamagata Prefectural Sports Park.

Fluffy ice like cotton snow and homemade syrup that makes use of Japanese flavors. The “Raspberry and Curant Milk” and “Uji Kinki” are irresistibly delicious and are so popular that the numbered tickets will soon disappear. You.


Another classic at Koshikake-an is the warabi mochi rice cake.

It is usually open as a takeout-only shop, but in this season you can taste it slowly in the coffee room attached!

■ A Japanese-style fascinating coffee room


Here is the coffee room of Koshikake-an.

It is a very calming space where the sun shines through the windows.

The Japanese-style room, which has been renovated, has several large and small tables.

There are no partitions between seats, but thanks to the small tables, I feel that individual spaces are well protected.

In addition, there is a sunken hearth, and the fire is burning red with a rattling noise.


■ Eat the finest fluffywarabi mochi rice cake!


If you go to Koshikake-an, you will definitely want to eat the warabimochi sweets (500 yen with hojicha tea).

The golden shining flour is made from deeply roasted black soybeans, and emits a fragrant scent from the moment it is delivered, ticking the nose and heart.

The slightly large, thick mochi shakes in the bowl. It overturns the image of warabimochi rice cake that we have seen so far.

If you gently insert the bamboo skewer and bring it to your mouth, it will quickly melt on your tongue!

The texture is just fluffy. With the bitter and moderate sweetness of the kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour), you will be captivated quickly.

■ Limited to winter, enjoy the strawberry warabi


What we would like to recommend is a winter-only strawberry warabi (550 yen for a set with green tea).

This is also a smooth rice cake with large strawberries dressed with koshian paste.

The translucent fabric is just like the beauty of thin ice over pure water on a winter morning.

Anko made with domestically selected azuki is modest in sweetness, so if you are not good at sweets, you can try this.

Once you put it in your mouth, the strawberry’s juices will overflow and you will definitely smile.

■ What is “Joman” using local sake…! ?


Taste the warabi mochi rice cake and strawberry warabi, and you may already feel satisfied with your stomach and heart.

However, it is a waste to leave the store without eating this!

So the sweets I want to try last is the Joman (150 yen each).

“Joman” is a sake bun that uses local ginjo sake and sake lees, and you can get it fresh at about 10:30 in the morning.

The secret of deliciousness is that it is made using a unique recipe kneading without adding any water. It is known for having many fans, just like the warabi mochi rice cake.

Just after placing the order…


A cute rabbit is coming my way!

Yes, it is made in the shape of a cute rabbit in winter, and the appearance of riding on a plate is exactly the same as the photo.

After singing the promised “It’s a waste to eat this!”, I had half of it in my mouth before I knew it…

The freshly made dough is fluffy and has a faint aroma of sake from the moment it is cracked.

This is also an elegant taste because it uses sweet bean paste. I’m also happy with the pickles too.

■ The attic is a tiny museum!


Warabi mochi rice cake and warming oneself in a kotatsu…

The appeal of Koshikake-an is not only that.

These stairs, which are quietly next to the kitchen, actually connect to the attic.

Since they has been left as it is about 130 years ago, they is very steep, and make a squealing sound every time one goes up one step.


The interior of the room is like this, and the spacious space is full of things that are intriguing.

There is a shogi board in the center, typical in Tendo, a town of shogi, and behind it is a bookshelf with thick books.


In addition, there are on the tasteful desk a “Fable Insects Journal” and a map of the world. If you look closely, you will see the words “Grandfather was an entomologist.”

There are many other materials such as an old sewing machine and dolls that can be found to be quite valuable, just like in a museum.

You can immediately enjoy the atmosphere as if you had slipped in time, so be sure to take the courage and go up the stairs.



■ Great for souvenirs and gifts ♪


Please enjoy this taste at home! If so, I recommend a gift set.

Warabi mochi rice cake / small box (for 2-3 people) is sold for 650 yen, and large box (for 4-5 people) is sold for 1,300 yen.

There is also a recommended set where you can enjoy several flavors, such as yuzu warabi and dada warabi, which uses Yamagata’s specialty dadacha beans.

There are also small and large boxes, 6 pieces (small) are 1340 yen while 10 pieces (large) are 2210 yen.

Seasonal strawberries and brewed buns are also available.


■ Other information

Koshikake-an is a very popular shop, so many customers come from all over the prefecture as well as from outside the prefecture.

The number of spots in the parking lot is less than 10, so if you want to slowly enjoy your stay, we recommend that you visit around 10 in the morning.

Why don’t you taste the exquisite warabi mochi rice cake at Koshikake-an this winter?

Detailed information



1-6-11 Kitame, Tendo City

023-654-8056 023-654-8056

Shop information

Sweets, Japanese sweets, shaved ice

Closing when out of items

Monday (or the following Wednesday if Monday is a holiday)

* In summer, only takeout is available.
* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

・ 20 minutes on foot from JR Tendo Station
・ 14 minutes on foot from JR Tendo Minami Station
・ 1 minute on foot from Tsuitachi-machi bus stop on the route from JR Tendo Station bound for JR Yamagata Station (via Urushiyama)
・ JR Yamagata Station ・ 2 minutes on foot from Tsuitachi-machi bus stop on the route from JR Yamagata Station or JR Uzen Chitose Station bound for Tendo Onsen (via Urushiyama) or bound for Tateoka (via Jinmachi & Higashine)

About 16 cars (There is staff)

There is a tatami room but no private rooms (all seats are non-smoking), children are welcome

Credit cards not accepted

Recommended items
Joman bun… 150 yen
Warabimochi (with hojicha set)… 500 yen
Warabi manju… 160 yen
Yuzu warabi… 220 yen
Kurimeigetsu (chestnut)… 230 yen

* Takeout: Warabimochi small box (for 2-3 people)… 650 yen
* Takeout: Warabi mochi large box (for 4-5 people)… 1,300 yen

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