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Christmas Market

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This year marks the 9th Christmas Market of the Tendo Terminal Building Parte.

There will be approximately 15 shops selling handmade items and workshops by craft artists from within the prefecture.

In addition, Candle Night in Tendo 2023 (starting at 16:15) will be held at the same time.

Please enjoy it together.

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Candle Night in Tendo 2023

<Lighting Ceremony> 16:15~ <Venue> JR Tendo Station East Exit Square

Basic information

Event name
Christmas Market
Date and time
December 16 (Sat.), 2023 11:00~16:00
Tendo Terminal Building “Parte” 1st floor

1-1 Honmachi, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

Information about vendors and artists
● Leather workshop (leather accessories)
● Komahachi Shoten (food sales, games, etc.) [Experience]
● tsumugi workshop (accessories, doll supplies, knitted toys) [Experience]
● Herb dyeing workshop sloth (herb dyed accessories) [Experience]
● Kinako (accessories) [Experience]
● Art N&A (original illustrations and miscellaneous goods)
● kiri kiri (woodwork items such as accessories)
● HAPPY MEW (fake food accessories)
● 3 o’clock snack (food sample) [Experience]
● Noevir Beauty Studio (Hand Treatment) [Experience]
● Rainbow jellyfish (wool and resin products)
● Nonohana Lab (small goods using pressed flowers, etc.)
● Natural stone accessories emiel (natural stone earrings necklace)
● N’S BAKERY (bread & baked sweets)
● Dashiyanda Gonpa (Yanda Gonpa)


🎄Christmas fair by Palte Kyoeikai stores
● Flower & Handmade Shop My Room <Flower Arrangement>
・Merry Christmas with Christmas ribbon
Materials fee 1,500 yen

● Shinary Cosmetics Gromit Sales Office <Experience 100% petroleum-free genuine products>
・Aroma hand care once 15 minutes
・Perfume workshop 1,000 yen each

● Restaurant Alice’s Sea <Only on that day>
soft serve ice cream
290 yen ⇒ 150 yen (limited to 20 pieces)

● Suzunoki Tendo store wagon sale 5% OFF

● Me and my store RoKo
<Only on the day>
If you purchase 3 of the popular Hachirogata tsukudani, you will receive another free gift.

● Local marriage support marriage consultation office Yui
・Free marriage consultation from a veteran matchmaker
・Professional photographer’s one-coin profile photo session
Fee 500 yen
Hours 15:30~17:00

● Tendo City after-school children’s club liaison council
Holding events for children in children’s clubs
・Dance performances and teaching visitors how to play Kendama and tops
Hours 13:30~15:00


Tendo City Citizen Plaza ☎ 023-654-6200

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