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[Feature] Nanokamachi Gotenzeki! Kimono and Accessories Yukiya

Hoshi Mama

Hoshi Mama

I moved to Yamagata with my family on the occasion of the U-turn of my husband (coming back to work to Yamagata where he is from). I was fascinated by the people, nature and food in Yamagata, and now I am totally captivated. I will do my best to let many people outside the prefecture know the charms of Yamagata! Also, I am also running a personal blog named Yamagata Kurashi ( with the theme o​ Enrich your life in Yamagata. I will continue to share information on Yamagata from various angles in the future.


This is the second feature article on Yamagata City’s historic Gotenzeki area in Nanokamachi.
This time, I would like to introduce the Kimono and Accessories Yukiya shop that was founded in 1891.

Here you will find a wide range of products, from kimonos that are breathtakingly beautiful to everyday items that are perfect for everyday use.

We asked Kozo Yuki, the 4th generation owner, about recommended and popular items, so please have a look.

1. Kimono and Accessories Yukiya

Gotenzeki is one of the five former weir (irrigation canals) areas in Yamagata City.
It was used to carry agricultural and domestic-use water for over 400 years, and part of Gotenzeki also flowed to the moat of the Yamagata Castle.

The area was redeveloped in 2010 utilizing the old-fashioned masonry canal and was renamed Nanokamachi Gotenzeki, now a place of relaxation for citizens and tourists.

The Kimono and Accessories Yukiya introduced this time is located in the third building from the entrance of the Gotenzeki area.

At Yukiya, which was founded in Meiji 34 and has a long history, you can leave anything related to kimono, such as selling kimono, remaking, repairing, stain removal, selling small items (^-^).
This shop is attractive for its products that are carefully tailored for domestic tailoring in terms of quality and price.

The author also visited us for the first time, but I was excited by the cute accessories that are useful for everyday use, such as breathtakingly beautiful kimono (^-^)


2. Exterior of the shop

This is the exterior of the shop.

The Gotenyan is a two-story building, but the Yukiya is a store of blue goodwill on the first floor.

At the entrance, the popular Japanese pattern tenugui mask welcomed you right away!

This mask does not get stuffy even in the hot summer of Yamagata and it goes well with kimono and clothes.
Yukiya, who considers “masks to be fashion”, has about 40 patterns.
*The number of patterns at the time of interview is planned to be gradually increased in the future.
The size corresponds to M and L.

It is also introduced on the website, so please try to find your favorite one (^-^)

Yukiya HP


3. Inside the shop

This is the interior of the shop.

First of all, this wonderful kimono will catch your eye!

The flower pattern is really beautiful (≧-≦)

“We are decorating so that you know it is a kimono shop,” says the owner Mr. Yuki.

Kimono seems to change regularly, so please take a look when you go (^ ^)
You can find anything related to kimono such as geta, sandals, hairpins, purse, and velveteen collar in the store.

In addition, a wide range of products such as purses and cloth that can be used everyday and other Japanese accessories that are perfect as souvenirs are available.
Since each product is beautiful, it seems that I will stay in the shop for a while (^^;)

Pottery was also sold on the left hand side from the entrance.

It is a work by Ken Tsuchida who opened the “Sound Snow Kiln” in Oizawa, Nishikawa Town, which is located in the central part of Yamagata Prefecture.
I am also impressed that there was such a wonderful pottery in Oizawa, which I often visit with my family (^^)
The work that was fired in the climbing kiln was a warm gem.

Please also check these out.

4. Three items recommended by the owner

From here, I would like to introduce the items recommended by the owner!
It is a lineup that tourists as well as people in the prefecture want to use (^-^)

① Safflower dye

Safflower is designated as Yamagata prefecture’s flower.

Safflower dye seems to be a rare dye that uses flowers, even among the plant dyes that use natural plants as dyes.
The method that does not use chemicals at all and the effect of safflower to promote blood circulation are supported by people who are highly interested in health and those who are genuinely interested.

Each one has a really bright color and is perfect as a gift (^-^)

② Kahoku slippers

Kahoku Town in Yamagata Prefecture is the largest producer of slippers in Japan!

A wide range of products are being developed and produced, from home-use practical products to brand-name products by famous designers.
Highly praised nationwide including design aspects such as quality that is distinct from imported products backed by the history and know-how as a local industry, and the award of national “Good Design Award” and “Yamagata Excellent Design Award” Is getting

How about a little fashion from your feet at home?

③ Hirashimizu pottery

Ceramics from the Hirashimizu district of Yamagata City.

Shichiemon-gama is a kiln with a history of about 200 years that has continued to maintain the tradition of Hirashimizu ware.
They make attractive folk art pottery using porcelain stones containing iron sulfide found at the local Mt. Chitose.

This is recommended not only for everyday use but also as a gift.

5. Popular items

Mr. Yuki says that the everyday accessories are popular (^-^)

Have a look at this!

Colorful products line up! !! !!
There are really cute items such as purses, purses, cloth cases, eyeglass cases, and Shingen bags that can also be used as back-in-back items (≧-≦)

How about changing the mood by using Japanese accessories?

6. Message from the owner

We received a message from Kozo Yuki, the 4th generation owner (^-^)

“At Yukiya, we have been selling kimono, a traditional Japanese costume, since 1868.”

“In the kimono industry, the demand for kimono is rapidly decreasing,
Yet there are many movements that want to “protect the original Japanese kimono.”

“Here we offer genuine traditional kimono and Japanese clothing.
We are working hard every day with the belief in communicating the true goodness to everyone.”

“We have many attractive products, so please come visit us.”


Detailed information

Kimono and Accessories Yukiya

Kimono and Accessories Yukiya

2-7-6 Nanokamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


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