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[Feature] Kamo Aquarium! Jellyfish Dream Hall in Tsuruoka

VISIT YAMAGATA Editorial Staff

VISIT YAMAGATA Editorial Staff

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Kamo Aquarium is the only aquarium in Yamagata Prefecture.
Located in Tsuruoka City, it faces the Sea of Japan.
In 2014, it was reopened as the Jellyfish Dream Hall.
As the name suggests, there are more than 50 types of jellyfish on display in the world! It has been recognized as a Guinness World Record (^-^)
The countless jellyfish floating in the 5 meter diameter aquarium called the “Jellyfish Dream Theater” is the centerpiece of the facility!
In addition to jellyfish exhibitions, attractions include a sea lion and seal show “Hirashi no Hoshi,”  “Sea Cat Feeding,” a “kids area” where you can actually touch starfish and other creatures, and a souvenir shop with a wealth of original products.

1. Kamo Aquarium floor map

Here is the floor map of the aquarium.


*Taken from the Kamo Aquarium website
The Kamo Aquarium has two floors. The entrance is on the second floor, and you must first purchase an admission ticket at the reception. Because the Kamo Aquarium is a municipal facility, the admission price is quite reasonable (^-^)
General admission is 1,000 yen, 500 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and free for infants.

2. Kuranetarium

Take a look at the jellyfish, what Kamo Aquarium is known for.


This visit to the Kamo Aquarium was the first time to properly observe the jellyfish, but I am out of words to describe how beautiful they were floating all around so slowly (>-<)


I feel all relaxed now.
It is fun to come with family or friend or on a date but I think it is highly recommended to visit alone too (^-^)


Please take a look at the video I took.

The last thing waiting after that is the Jellyfish Dream Theater!


Countless moon jellies are floating in the giant aquarium with a diameter of 5 meters.


Please spend a fantastic healing time (^-^)

3. Freshwater fish, saltwater fish, kids corner

Jellyfish are often talked about, but the aquariums also has a substantial collection of freshwater and saltwater fish that live within Yamagata Prefecture or the close by sea.
This is the freshwater fish corner just past the entrance gate.


The tank here was rather large and held saltwater fish living off the coast of Yamagata Prefecture.
If you go a little further there is a saltwater fish corner.


It is a recommended point where you can take great photos in good lighting conditions (^-^)


Although I visit the Kamo Aquarium several times a year, my children are very excited every time!
I can still remember how they were scared and crying the first time I took them  (laughs)

4. Kamo Aquarium events

① Regular events

The first is the aquarium’s classic sea lion and seal show “Hireashi”.


It is a wonderful show with laughter and applause.
Each animal had their own character and personality, and I was surprised to be able to feel them (^-^)

In addition, there are daily events such as the feeding of sea gulls and jellyfish stories, where you can learn about the ecology of jellyfish.
The time schedule is displayed on the official website, so if you check it in advance, you can enjoy your visit more efficiently.

② Limited-time events

Limited-time events that are held regularly are also attractive!
First of all, please take a look at the Sleepover at the Aquarium event.


*Taken from the Kamo Aquarium website
This is a sleepover event where you can stay at the aquarium for a night with a sleeping bag in front of a fish or jellyfish tank! It’s wonderful ~ (≧-≦) I want to sleep while watching the jellyfish drift slowly (> <) I would have liked to sign up had my child been a little bigger!

Other exciting events are also held, such as the Summer Camp at Kamo Aquarium, where you can stay in a tent on the lawn area of the roof terrace of the aquarium, and the Music Evening, a concert event in front of the Jellyfish Dream Theater.

5. Kamo Aquarium food

We had lunch at the Seafood Dining Okimitsuki restaurant in the museum! This time, I ordered the seasonal Mizuki set plate (^-^)


Sea bream sashimi, miso soup, and white rice were all exquisite (≧ 0 ≦)
In addition, there are original dishes on the menu, such as ramen with jellyfish kneaded into noodles, so please try it once.

And after the meal, I had the jellyfish flavor soft serve ice cream topped with chopped jellyfish!


Jellyfish everywhere…
You can really enjoy the taste of jellyfish here (laughs) Although it was more crunchy than I thought, it matched unexpectedly well with the smooth taste of the soft serve ice cream. Please enjoy this once by all means (^-^)

6. Kamo Aquarium souvenirs

After enjoying the jellyfish, be sure to stop by the souvenir corner near the entrance!
There are a lot of Kamo Aquarium original products related to jellyfish (^-^)


Jellyfish key chains, dolls, baked goods and other souvenirs are unlikely to be a problem.
There were buns with jellyfish and rice crackers (^-^)

7. Basic information on Kamo Aquarium

※ Opening days and hours may vary due to COVID-19. Please verify beforehand.

Detailed information

Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium

Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium

657-1 Okubo Imaizumi, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture


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