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Roadside Station Tendo Onsen

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At the Roadside Station Tendo Onsen you can get sightseeing information, traffic information, there is corner dedicated to shogi pieces, which Tendo City boasts the largest production volume in Japan, and the Tento La France Factory where you can taste La France pears, for which Tendo is also the largest producer in Japan.

Furthermore, there is also a footbath open to the public for free, as well as as playgrounds facilities popular with children.

The adjoining Sunpure facility is a popular farmer’s market with local seasonal vegetables, fruits and souvenirs.

Recommended pointsRecommended points

Recommended points

Tento La France Factory

They sell sweets such as pies and tarts made with La France pears (in limited quantities), and gelato using seasonal fruits. The most popular flavor is La France, but the rice flavor gelato is also popular.

Recommended points

Shogi piece corner

In addition to demonstrations by graduates of the shogi piece-making training course, you can also see the works of veteran artisans, new-style decorative pieces and collaboration goods between Tendo City and the shogi manga "March Comes in like a Lion."

Recommended points

Footbath Koma-no-Yu

Footbath open from 6:00 to 21:00
*Closed for cleaning from 10:00 to 12:00 on Mondays and Thursdays

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Playground facilities

There are lots of playground equipment, a covered rest area, and an open space covered with grass. A great place to hang out and eat lunchbox. In front of the outdoor stage is a fountain square, which is popular as a playground for children during the hot summer months.

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Adjacent to the Roadside Station Tendo Onsen, Sunpure sells souvenirs and agricultural products such as seasonal vegetables and fruits. In the dining space, you can eat Yamagata's ita-soba, ramen, curry, and other popular items for children and adults.

Basic information

Roadside Station Tendo Onsen

2-3-41 Kuwanomachi, Tendo City

Parking lot

Opening hours
✤ Tendo City Forest Information Center Morina Tendo (Roadside Station Building)

✤ Tento La France Factory
9:30~18:00 (last order at 17:30)

✤ Footbath
*Closed for cleaning from 10:00 to 12:00 on Mondays and Thursdays

✤ Public bathrooms
Available 24 hours

✤ Tendo City Forest Information Center Mori-na-Tendo
January 1

✤ Tento La France Factory
January 1 & irregular holidays

Please contact directly
☎ 023-666-3670

Main menu

❖ List of functions
・Service dogs accepted
・Multi-purpose restrooms
・Osmate support
・Priority parking for people with disabilities
・Baby seats
・Baby chairs
・Hearing aid information (ear mark)

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