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Peony Forest Apotropaic Magic ForestSuwa Shrine (Nanyo City)

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Suwa Shrine in Nanyo City is said to have been solicited by the warlord Shimizu Mikawa Moriyasu of Nakayama Castle around 1601 (the year after the Battle of Sekigahara).

If you take a walk in the precincts, you will find sculptures such as the statue of Maria Kannon, which shows that it was a place of kakure kirishitan (hidden Christian) faith, and votive tablets that tell the story of the era when sericulture flourished.

Suwa Shrine is famous for its pretty blooming peonies. The vast site is full of 108 species, about 5,000 plants, and about 100,000 flowers, which are in full bloom from early to mid-June.

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Recommended points

Owls of Suwa Shrine

It seems that owls used to live in the forest where the shrine is located. They were rare recently, until two came from Ishigaki Island. To cherish the relationship with owls, and in order to share good fortune, they were named "Fuku" and "Ro." The peonies remove the trouble and the owls call for good fortune. Come see the two owls when you visit.

Basic information

Suwa Shrine (Nanyo City)

759-7 Motonakayama, Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture


・ 12 minutes by car from Akayu Onsen, 12 minutes by car from Kaminoyama Onsen
・ 15 minutes by car from JR Ou Main Line Akayu Station
・ 20 minutes by car from Tohoku Chuo Expressway Yamagata Kaminoyama IC

Look for the National Highway No. 13 Iwabuyama Tunnel.
◎ If you are coming from Yamagata, turn right at the traffic light in front of the tunnel
◎ If you are coming from Yonezawa, go through the tunnel and turn left at the traffic light

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