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[Feature] Taiyaki Shop Wakaba! Japanese sweets in Yamagata


It is October!
The weather in Yamagata city is now really cool in the morning and evening.
I have a little time today, so I went to Taiyaki Wakaba in Yamagata City’s  Midori-cho district.

Taste from one of the three families of taiyaki in Yamagata!

This place is not known to people from outside Yamagata but it is a famous shop that I have visited numerous times.
It is the place to go to for taiyaki (fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste) in Yamagata and many people have been familiar with this taste since ancient times.

It is said that the taiyaki style is from one of Tokyo’s three great taiyaki families, Yokkaya’s Wakaba.
The shop offers taiyaki for takeout, but you can also eat in at the table inside the shop.
In summer they also sell shaved ice.

Nanokamachi Sightseeing


The shop is in Midori-cho in Yamagata City.
It is about 10 minutes by car from Yamagata Station, but on the street in front of the Bunshokan (old prefectural office) in Nanokamachi, 
go up the gentle slope leading to Mamigasaki river to the east.


Next to the Midori-cho Yonkyoku (post office) is a bus stop.
(Get off at bus stop Midoricho Yotsuji)
There are 2 parking spaces in front of the shop. There is also a second parking lot if these are full.


Taiyaki of course! But also try the dango!

I want to tell you the taiyaki is delicious but I didn’t actually buy one today (sorry).
Instead, my recommendation is the dango dumplings!
Yes, dumplings at a taiyaki shop!


They come in different flavor and all are 130 yen each.
So cheap!
When I went around 14:30, the soy sauce ones were sold out and they wer erunning low on the green beans and red beans ones.


Lot’s of red bean paste!
You can taste the salt on the beans.
Probably the same as homemade bean jam.
A soft mochi rice cake with lots of red bean paste!
Delicious and not too sweet!
The green bean paste with lumps of green soybeans gives the sweet taste of beans.
The handmade dango, Yamagata’s specialty, were not too of strong taste.


The packaging feels like its a long established store!
Enjoy the taiyaki here while it is hot!
You can bring them back as gifts!
The dango of the old taiyaki shop Wakaba are also recommended.

* Opening hours and days may be different due to COVID-19. Please inquire directly with the shop before visiting.

Detailed information

Taiyaki Wakaba

Taiyaki Wakaba

4-7-11 Midoricho, Yamagata City


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