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Yamanobe Marugoto Festival

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The Yamanobe Marugoto Festival is held at the Yamanobe Town Citizens General Gymnasium as the main venue.

It’s a day where you can fully enjoy Yamanobe, where you can encounter delicious food and wonderful techniques from Yamanobe Town.

A public live broadcast of FM Yamagata’s Yamagata Childcare Support Radio “High Touch” will also be held at the venue.

There are plenty of other fun events as well.

Please do not miss.

Basic information

Event name
Yamanobe Marugoto Festival
Date and time
November 3 (Fri.), 2023 9:30~15:30
Yamanobe Town Citizens General Gymnasium and its surroundings

1 Midorigaoka, Yamanobe Town

Main menu

Event schedule
9:30 Opening ceremony
・Utility vehicles exhibition
・Bug Festa in Yamanobe Vol.2 (outdoor)

10:00 ★HADO experience ①
(Reception starts at 9:30)

FM Yamagata

Yamagata childcare support radio “High five”
11:00 Public live broadcast

11:10 Sagami Elementary School 6th grade presentation
(inside the gymnasium)

12:00 Yamanobe Kindergarten hand bell performance and singing
(inside the gymnasium)

12:30 ★HADO experience ②
(Reception starts at 12:00)

13:30 Yamanobe Town Beauty Ambassador Inauguration Ceremony
(inside the gymnasium)

14:00 Cheer★Fest stage
(Inside the gymnasium)

15:00 Stamp rally grand lottery
(inside the gymnasium)

15:30 Festival ends

Event details
📻 FM Yamagata public live broadcast
Yamagata childcare support radio “High Touch”
Time: 10:00~11:00

🚗 Bug Festa in Yamanobe Vol.2
・Vintage air-cooled wagons will be collected!

● Cheer★Fest
① Wyvans Cheerleader
② CROWN Cheer & Dance Team
Stage: 14:00~

● Yamanobe Knitting Association
・Exhibition and sales event

● HADO (AR sports) experience

● Yurikago kindergarten marching band performance
Time: 9:40~

● Yamanobe Kindergarten hand bell playing and singing
Time: 12:00~

🎁 Stamp Rally Grand Lottery
Participation fee: 100 yen Limited to the first 500 people

🚗 Exhibition of utility vehicles
・Cool cars such as police cars, fire engines, Self-Defense Forces vehicles, etc.

● Kotodama Warrior YAMBAIDER photo session

🐽 Maimebuta special pork bowl on sale!
Limited to 300 meals

● Special store opening from “Friendship City” Hitachi City


Food Area Vendors
A (Outdoor)
・Female Division of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Youth Division
・San-A Co., Ltd.
・Social Welfare Council Aozora
・Yamakichi Flower Cosmos

B (Outdoor)
・Sato Liquor Store
・Coffee Service
・En Kobo
・Kikuya Co., Ltd.
・Yoshida Delicacy
・Yamagata Pig Farm Co., Ltd.

C (Outdoor)
・Okuyama Shoten Co., Ltd. (Sumidoya)
・Sagami Daily Foods
・Kiyomatsu Confectionery Store
・Café Anju

Agricultural products vendors
・Yamanobe Town Young Farmers Liaison Council
・JA Yamagata Fruit Tree Section
・JA Yamagata Yamanobe Branch
・Yamagata Pig Farm Co., Ltd.

Hitachi City Products Area
・S‣F Foods Co., Ltd.
・Kasho Takeda Co., Ltd.
・Watasuke Shoten
・Sendaya Co., Ltd.
・Kikusui Foods Co., Ltd.
・Avocado Oil Japan Co., Ltd.
・Ogawaya Saketen Co., Ltd.
・Unpeido Co., Ltd. main shop
・Tamahime Soy Sauce Brewing
・Nakajima Vinyl Processing
・Hitachi City Tourism and Products Association

Utility vehicles area
・Yamagata Construction Labor Union
・Housing consultation
・Charity knife sharpening

Inside the gymnasium (indoor)
1st floor area
・Ishizawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
・Maru Boots Store
・Ishizawa Futon Store Co., Ltd.
・Nakaichi Konbukan
・Yamani Soy Sauce Brewing Co., Ltd.
・Nawano Precious Wood Crafts
・Oriental Carpet
・Yamanobe Town Machinery and Metal Industry Association

2nd floor area
・Yamanobe Knitting Association


Yamanobe Town Chamber of Commerce
☎ 023-664-5939

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