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Yamagata Prefectural Museum Special ExhibitionFeast of the Goddess

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This year marks 10 years since the clay figure named “Jomon-no-Megami (Goddess figure of Jomon)” was designated as a National Treasure.

In this commemorative exhibition, five clay figurines (reproductions) designated as National Treasure  will be brought together to introduce their charm and beauty, as well as earthenware and clay figurines excavated from village ruins in Yamagata Prefecture.

Commemorative lectures, exhibition explanations, and commemorative events will also be held, and the prayers and wishes of the Jomon people who lived in harmony with nature will be explored.

Basic information

Event name
Feast of the Goddess
Date and time
October 1 (Sat.) to December 11 (Sun.), 2022
Yamagata Prefectural Museum Exhibition Room 3

1-8 Kajo-machi, Yamagata City (inside Kajo Park)


9:00~16:30 (last entrance at 16:00)

*Open on October 10 (Mon.) but closed on October 11 (Tue.)

Adult: 300 yen
(150 yen for groups of 20 or more)
Student: 150 yen
(70 yen for groups of 20 or more)

* Free for high school students and younger
* Free for people with disabilities and their attendants
* “Students” include vocational students

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Part 1: Feast of the Goddesses
Five clay figurines (reproductions) designated as National Treasures will be exhibited together.
・Jomon Venus
・Masked Goddess
・Hollow clay figure
・Jomon-no-Megami (Goddess figure of Jomon)
・Gassho clay figurine

Part 2: The Advent of the Goddess – Funagata Town Nishinomae Ruins

We will introduce the state of the excavation in 1992 at the Nishinomae Ruins, where the Jomon-no-Megami was unearthed.
In addition, we will explain the life in the Jomon period from tools such as earthenware and stone tools used by the Jomon people.

Part 3: Jomon People’s Prayers – Villages and Clay Figures
We will introduce the main village ruins in Yamagata Prefecture and clay figures from each region.
Many other clay figures excavated from the Yachi ruins in Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture will also be exhibited.

Part 4: Treasures of Yamagata – Connecting to the Future
Introducing the National Treasures and Important Cultural Landscapes of Yamagata Prefecture.


Related Events
◆Commemorative Lecture


① October 9 (Sun.)
“The Value of National Treasure Clay Figures and Their Future Use”
Mr. Masayuki Harada (Investigator, Agency for Cultural Affairs)

② November 6 (Sun.)
“Appearance and Development of Nishino-mae Dogu”
Mr. Akihiko Abe (President, Yamagata Archaeological Society)
Application period: October 18 (Tue.) to 27 (Thu.)

③ November 20 (Sun.)
“‘Nishino-mae Dogu’ and Local Communities in the Mid-Jomon Period”
Mr. Keiichi Kobayashi (Center chief, Yamagata Prefectural Buried Cultural Property Center)
“Jomon Period Villages and Clay Figures in Southern Yamagata Prefecture”
Mr. Tetsufumi Sugawara (Expert Researcher, Yamagata Prefectural Archaeological Research Center)
*Subjects are tentative, pre-registration required, capacity is about 25 people
*③ is a joint lecture by two lecturers
Application period: November 1 (Tue.) to 10 (Thu.)

◆Exhibition commentary

Advance application by lottery
① October 1 (Sat.)
② October 22 (Sat.)
③ November 12 (Sat.)
④ December 4 (Sun.)

◆ Commemorative event
Tohoku Culture Day
Free admission day, reception on the day, first-come-first-served basis
Dates: October 29 (Sat.) & 30 (Sun.)
Hours: 9:30~15:00
“Experience! Life in Jomon”
Cooperation: Yamagata Prefectural Archaeological Center
Flyer download

◆Experience event
① “Let’s make a miniature ‘Jomon-no-Megami (Goddess figure of Jomon)'”
Apply in advance by lottery
Date: October 16 (Sun.)
Cooperation: Yamagata Prefectural Murayama Industrial High School
Apply here
Flyer download

② “Let’s make magatama with parents and children”
Apply in advance by lottery
Date: November 23 (Wed.)
Cooperation: Yamagata Prefectural Ukimu Fudoki-no-Oka Archaeological Museum


Yamagata Prefectural Museum
☎ 023-645-1111

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