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Takahata Winery Harvest Festival

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At the Takahata Winery Harvest Festival, delicious events unique to autumn will be held.

The bottle and glass wine corner, where you can also enjoy new sake, is always popular as you can enjoy wines carefully selected by sommeliers at reasonable prices.

For those who don’t drink, there are non-alcoholic drinks such as juices, so don’t worry.

In addition, there are events to enjoy wine even more, such as a special food court where you can enjoy a variety of foods that go well with wine, and a mini music stage.

Why not spend a relaxing time enjoying the pleasant autumn weather while drinking delicious wine?

Basic information

Event name
Takahata Winery Harvest Festival
Date and time
October 7 (Sat.) to 9 (Mon.), 2023
Takahata Winery

2700-1 Iriuda, Takahata Town, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

🍷Bottle & glass wine corner (charges apply)
With the 2023 commemorative glass, you can enjoy freshly made new sake wine or limited daily wine in a glass.
1 commemorative glass: 500 yen (tax included)
*Commemorative glasses are available in limited quantities.
(You may also bring a commemorative glass from the past.)
*You can take out the commemorative glass.

🍅 Glass of wine and mariage!!
Fleur du Soleil lunch box sales
Date: October 7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.)
Sales start: 11:30~
Limited to 50 meals/day
Fee: 2,500 yen (tax included)
Venue: At the food court side glass wine corner

🦐 Special food court (fees apply)
*Last order: 15:30
This food court is perfect for pairing with wine, including local food menus and standard meat dishes.
List of vendors
● First time participating!
・Steamed oysters in the shell from Miyagi Prefecture, fried oysters, ajillo, etc.

● Gotoya Yonezawa ramen, boiled potatoes, Yonezawa beef skewers, etc.

● Gotoya Farm Special ajillo, Genovese penne, etc.

● Yonezawa Meat Corporation Yonezawa beef diced steak, Tengen pork wiener and bacon set, etc.

● Tusk Foods beef tendon stew, Yamagata beef skewers, beef sauce cutlet bowl, etc.

● PIZZA Ktarou stone oven pizzas, cheese dog, mozzarella steak, etc.

●KOMFORTA tomato risotto, herb fried chicken, waffles etc.

●Yuazu fried chicken, green onion mayo, roast beef, beef skewers, etc.

● Cafe towa garlic shrimp, steamed mussels in white wine, assorted cheese, etc.

● Otochaya Jingisukan grill (Zao specialty), basil chicken etc.

● Apple garden skirt steak, Yonezawa beef lunchbox, hamburger

● Smokehouse Fine guruguru sausage, grilled beef, assorted ham, etc.

● Curry shop GARBANZO various curry naan sets, curry bread, etc.

● Confectionery workshop CoCo Izumiya tarte, pudding a la mode, baked sweets, etc.

🍇 Takahata Winery Grape Section
Grape direct sales corner

🍷 New Sake Label Art Competition Award Ceremony
A competition for students of the Department of Graphic Design at Tohoku University of Arts and Science.
2023 Adopted as the label design for this year’s new sake wine.


♬ Mini music stage
Date: October 7 (Sat.), 8 (Sun.), 9 (Mon.)

♪ Cross Talk
Piano and saxophone jazz unit

♪ Yumiko Tsujimura
Mama singer-songwriter who also writes lyrics for NHK program theme songs.

♪ Yuki Fujiwara & Mitsuhiro Sonoyama
Collaboration between Shinobue and saxophone
*Only in the afternoon on the 8 (Sun.)


Takahata Winery
☎ 0238-40-1840

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