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Takahata Summer Festival

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The 56th Takahata Summer Festival Green Bamboo Lantern Festival will be held in Takahata Town.

Market and mikoshi (portable shrine) exhibitions are held in the daytime, and folk song parades and fireworks are held in the evening.

In addition, it is a summer festival so you can enjoy stalls and food trucks all day long!

Please enjoy it with your family and friends.

Basic information

Event name
The 56th Takahata Summer Festival Green Bamboo Lantern Festival
Date and time
August 16 (Tue.), 2022 14:00~21:00
Mahoroba Street & Showa Matchmaking Street

Takahata Town

Main menu

Hours: 14:00~17:00

◆Aodake Market in Takahata
・Akaoni direct sales shop
・Brush pen emoji that conveys feelings ~Rin~
・La Rose Fleur
・Café gallery Mizo
・Healing space Aroma no Mori
・piacolor ** peer color **
・Ono Farm Shizuku no Mori candle
・Café tyatya

Mikoshi display (Photo📷)
Along with the folk song parade, the flower-shaped omikoshi display of the festival!
・Takahata Town (Dragon Mikoshi, Woman Mikoshi)
・Youth Division of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Wakaba Oirimizu Training Division
・Youth Division of Construction Association

Hours: 17:00~21:00

Aodake Illumination (Photo📷)
Green bamboo swaying in the wind is colored with lanterns of gentle light and glittering illuminations.

◆Folk song parade
Hours: 18:30~20:00
Venue: Crossroads in front of Saburo Pharmacy ⇒ Koryu Plaza
Participating groups:
・Karyusha Middle School
・Tournament Officers
・Takahata Town Assembly
・The Groovy 75
・Takahata Mahoroba Folk Dance Club
・Nauel Co., Ltd.
・Yashiro Kouta no Kai
・Takahata Town Hall

◆Lantern Sky (Photo📷)
The approach to Iwaoshima Shrine is lit with colorful lanterns.
How about a summer visit?

◆Summer Festival Fireworks
Hours: 20:00~20:20
Venue: Takahata Town Central Park
*There are no spectator seats at the fireworks venue.

All day
◆ Machi Suma (free hut)
First time in town! ? eSports competition held
Time: 10:00~15:00
Venue: Takahata Town General Exchange Plaza 1F Hall

◆ Mini Miko Lantern Festival
Miko Chochin is back in a mini version
Hours: 14:00~16:00
Venue: Takahata Town General Exchange Plaza Parking Lot
Contents: Mini fair, handmade shooting super ball scooping strikeout, etc.

◆Wind chime decorations (matchmaking shopping street)
◆ Stalls & kitchen cars
◆ Mini three-storied pagoda exhibition (free hut)


The liveliness of Takki and Hatakki
Takahata Town’s mascot characters Takki and Hatakki are coming to visit!
Yamagata Prefecture’s mascot Kitekero-kun will also come to visit!


Takahata Town Commerce and Tourism Division
☎ 0238-52-4482

Takahata Tourist Association
☎ 0238-57-3844

Inquiry on the day of the festival
Takahata Town Chamber of Commerce
☎ 0238-52-0576

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