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Takahata Winery during Golden Week

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Takahata Winery will hold a spring winery event for the first time in three years.

The main event this time is the ~ Spring Winery Picnic ~.
In addition to tasting a special lunch and two gold award-winning wines, there will also be a mini tour of the winery.

Advance reservations are required to participate, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible! [Reservation accepted from April 4 (Mon.)]

There will also be spring markets and events for children and families.

~ Spring winery picnic! [Advance Reservation required] ~
☆ You can taste gold medal winning wines (2 types)! ☆
◎ Special lunch, with wine glass ※ There are several types of wines by the glass too(fees apply)
◎ Participants will take a mini tour of the winery on that day (about 15 minutes)

May 3 (Tue.) to 5 (Thu.)

Morning: 10:30~12:30
Afternoon: 13:00~15:00
(Up to 10 groups per day and time slot)

Vineyard on the west side of the winery

3,500 yen per person (tax included)
Up to 4 people per group

From 10:00 starting on April 4 (Mon.)
On the homepage, SNS, etc.

☎ 0238-57-4800 (Weekdays only)

Basic information

Event name
Takahata Winery during Golden Week
Date and time
May 3 (Tue.) to 5 (Thu.), 2022 10:00~16:00
Takahata Winery

2700-1 Nukanome, Takahata Town


By Train
10 minutes walk from JR Ou Line or Yamagata Shinkansen Takahata Station

By Car
About 15 minutes from Yonezawa Station or Akayu Station

Parking lot
Official site
Main menu

~ Local support ~
☆ Winery Spring Market
Sales booth under the winery terrace (product sales only)

We sell gems that 8 local manufacturers are proud of!

~ Winery Shop G0lden Week Feature ~
☆ Limited item sales!
・ Rare wines
・ Collection wines
☆ That popular item is back
・ Red wine cake
・ White wine cake
1,620 yen each (tax included) Approx. 450g
* Alcohol content: Red: 0.9%, White: 0.8%
Please be careful if you arepregnant, or planning to drive.

~ Children’s vehicle ~
☆ Mini Tsubasa Shinkansen bullet train [3 days]
Ride experience: Free
The longed-for Shinkansen bullet train Tsubasa is coming to Takahata Winery on a mini scale!

~ Fusen Take-san ~
☆ Balloon Art & Sound Act [3 days]
・ Performance twice a day (11:00 & 14:00)
Balloon performance and sound act mainly shown in Yamagata prefecture.
The performance that makes everyone smile is popular for both children and adults.

☆ Takahata Winery Quiz Rally [3 days]
Challenge the mystery of making delicious wine.
Explore the secrets of the winery!

☆ Vehicles on display!
・ May 5 (Thu.) 11:00~15:00
A collection of vehicles that are indispensable to our lives, such as fire engines, winery tractors, and aerial work platforms will be on display!


~ 🍇 Limited sale ~
[2021 Takahata Maceration Pinot Gris]
1,800 yen (tax included)
750ml / white / slightly dry
Takahata Winery uses Pinot Gris grapes from its own orchard.

The phenolic content of the purple skin, which is a characteristic of Pinot Gris, is extracted, and it has a profound taste and a faint tannin.


Takahata Winery
☎ 0238-40-1840

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