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Matsuyama Autumn Festival 2023

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The Matsuyama Autumn Festival 2023 will be held at the Matsuyama Rural Environment Improvement Center in Sakata City.

In addition to enjoying Matsuyama’s local delicious food, this is an event that everyone from children to adults can enjoy, with activity corners and stage shows.

Please do not miss it.

Basic information

Event name
Matsuyama Autumn Festival 2023
Date and time
November 19 (Sun.), 2023 9:30~13:00
Matsuyama Rural Environment Improvement Center

28 Yamada, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

Event details
🐯 Toramaru’s Speed Caricature Present!
Hours 9:30~13:00
(Numbered tickets will be issued from 9:30)
Free caricature

🎈 Balloon performer
SAWA stage show
10:00~10:30 & 11:30~12:00

Balloon present : 10:45~
[Limited to 50 people]

🚑 Utility vehicles corner
(Snowplows, fire trucks, ambulances, etc.)
Hours 10:00~12:30
*May be dispatched in case of emergency.

🎁 Raffle
Hours 10:00~
Each ticket allows you to participate in the raffle once.
One ticket will be given for every 300 yen purchased at a shop.
Purchase amounts from separate shops cannot be combined.

🌲 Activity corner
● Green gift “Sapling gift”
Hours 9:30~
[First 120 pieces]

● Kitashonai Forestry Association “Shiitake mushroom inoculation experience”
You can inoculate shiitake mushrooms and take them home!
Hours 9:30~
*Numbered tickets will be issued from 9:30

●Shonai Forest Conservation Association “Woodworking Craft Class”

● Matsuyama Liveliness Creation Committee “Game Corner”

● Rabbit tail “Make it with dried flowers”


🍁 Shop corner
● Shonai Forest Conservation Association (Choumi Forest Forest Guide Council)
[Woodcraft (bamboo flute, ballpoint pen, pendant)]

● Shonai Midori Agricultural Cooperative Matsuyama Branch

● Midori Service Co., Ltd. Marno Yamagata
[Soy sauce, miso, various seasonings]

● Sakata Fureai Chamber of Commerce Female Division
[Coffee, tamakon, yaki-soba, takoyaki, etc.]

● Disability Welfare Service Office Ippo
[Woodwork, ceramics]

● Rabbit tail
[Dried flowers, etc.]

● Confectionery Sakataya
[Japanese and Western sweets]

● Goto Shoten Ltd.
[Shonai-fu, gluten-free sweets, etc.]

● Fujitani Confectionery Store
[Japanese and Western sweets]

● Flower and vegetable direct sales shop Shomari
[Fruits, vegetables, flower seedlings]

● Green present
[Sapling gift]

● Kitashonai Forestry Association
[Shiitake mushroom inoculation]

● Daruma sushi
[Sushi, side dishes, rice bowls, etc.]

● Matsuyama Liveliness Creation Committee

● Izakaya Ponta
[Gyoza dumplings, meat buns, etc.]

🌰 Exhibition corner
● Matsuyama Regional Tourism and Product Business Committee Specialty Product Development Subcommittee
[Panels, etc.]


Matsuyama Industry Fair Committee
(Sakata City Matsuyama General Branch)
☎ 0234-62-2611

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