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Happi Festival 2023

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The industrial festivals, which were held in Yawata and Hirata each year, will be held together this year with increased volume.

There are many shops in the Yawata/Hirata area where you can taste a variety of delicious foods, and in the exchange hall, there are workshops where you can casually experience the culture of the Yawata/Hirata area. This is an event where you can enjoy the charm in its entirety.

In addition, the “Shonai Forest and Green Festival 2023” will be held on the same day.

Please enjoy it together.

Basic information

Event name
Happi Festival 2023
Date and time
October 22 (Sun.), 2023 10:00~14:00
Yawata Town Center

41 Teranoshita, Kannonji, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture

Main menu

◆ Regional workshops (exchange halls, etc.)
This is a workshop where you can casually experience the culture of the Yawata and Hirata regions.
① Yawata cedar woodworking experience
Hours: 11:00~
No application required, join on the day

② Shonai Sashiko experience
[Applications closed]
Lecturer: Sashiko Hirata Association
Hours: 11:00~
Experience fee: 1,000 yen per person

③ Clay doll painting experience
[Applications closed]
Lecturer: Hirota-kei Hirata clay doll making group
Hours: 12:30~
Experience fee: 1,000 yen per body

④ Kokeshi doll painting experience at Posca
[Applications closed]
Lecturer: Illustrator rikko
Hours: 13:00~
Experience fee: 500 yen per doll

Experiences ② ③ ④ require advance application (first 10 people)
Application period: October 5 (Thu.) to October 16 (Mon.)
Application: Hirata General Branch Regional Promotion Section
(Weekdays 9:00~17:00)
☎ 0234-52-3910

◆ Eating Zengo no Gottsu (1st and 2nd training rooms)
Let’s enjoy a local delicacy which has been loved and made in the area for many years!
● Handmade soba noodles
Yahata area: Horai
Hirata District: Chocotto City (Tazawa Community Promotion Association Agricultural Subcommittee)
● Crab soup
● Fresh rice balls

Sales hours: 11:00~13:00
(Limited quantity each)

◆ Exchange events
Hours: 10:15~11:00
Venue: Exchange Hall
・Chokai Hachiman Junior High School Brass Band Performance
・Sakata Unicycle Que Sera Unicycle Performance

◆ Others
・Raffle drawing where you can win regional specialties, etc. (Sponsored by JA Shonai Midori)
・Geopark introduction booth (planned by Chokai Yawata Interpreter Association)
・Forestry equipment display and sale (Kita-Shonai Forestry Association)
・Scoop shamisen performance by Master Tateoka Mt. Chokai
・Craft workshops
・Street performers
・Street stalls
・Self-Defense Forces vehicle display

Shop booths
Shops from the Yawata and Hirata areas, as well as vendors related to the area, are on display.
Yawata area
● Izakaya Ima (special lunchbox, chicken wings and other side dishes)
● A Coop Yahata (vegetables, sweets)
● Daikokuya (local sake from Yawata and Hirata areas)
● Olunch (curry lunchbox)
● Canon (Neapolitan lunchbox, beef tendon curry lunchbox)
● Association to protect and grow native vegetables (vegetables, Masuda turnip)
● Sakata rice crackers (rice crackers, dumplings)
● Direct-from-the-farm Tawawa (vegetables, processed products such as tsukemono)
● Chokai Yawata Kanko (yogurt)
● Yamori Confectionery Store (confectionery)
● Yakitori order (yakitori)
● Yawata Mochiya (mochi)

Hirata area
● Aai-ai hirata (instant ramen, manju)
● Kagura (yaki-soba, okonomiyaki)
● Sakata Foods (processed meat products such as hamburgers)
● Direct-from-the-farm Mentama field (vegetables, side dishes)
● Dashiya Rakugaku International Stall (yaki-soba, Thai curry, Gapao rice)
● Tanbaya confectionery (castella, dorayaki)
● Chocotto City Tazawa Community Promotion Association Agricultural Subcommittee (raw soba, tsukemono, agricultural products)
● Hirata Farm (Sangen Pork Yakiniku, Frankfurt)
● Komesudaa (sasamaki, rice flour cookies)
● Marno Yamagata (soy sauce, miso, etc.)
● meat dish (boiled offal, fried chicken)
● Minato pan (snack bread, side dish bread, dessert bread, rusk, pound cake)

Yawata District JA Festival
● Vegetable sales (JA Field Crops Committee)
● Log shiitake mushrooms sales (JA Mushroom Subcommittee)
● Spare rib sales (JA Shonai Midori Livestock)


Held on the same day
Shonai Forest and Green Festival 2023
Why not learn about Shonai’s forests and forestry and experience local timber?
Venue: Yawata Gymnasium Square
*As the event will be held outdoors, please come dressed in preparation for rain and other weather changes.
・Display and sale of wooden toys for woodwork
・Woodwork classes, craft experience
・Free distribution of green trees (11:00~)
・Free mushroom distribution (12:00~)
・Log cutting and log fishing competition (13:00~)
・Forest/forestry experience
Sponsored by: Shonai Forest and Green Festival Committee & Shonai Regional Forestry Promotion Council
Inquiry: Sakata City Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division (Executive committee office)
☎ 0234-43-8708


Yawata-Hirata Collaboration Project Executive committee office
(Sakata City Yawata General Branch)
☎ 0234-64-3111

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