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[Feature] Beni-no-Kura! Café & Dining 990


At the Café & Dining 990 (“kukurei”), you can enjoy French cuisine made with seasonal Yamagata ingredients.

The shop has a retro-modern atmosphere in a renovated traditional warehouse that is perfect for girls’ gatherings and dates.

◆ Have a luxurious time at a retro-modern restaurant!

Café & Dining 990 (“kukurei”) is in a building with a unique Japanese atmosphere.

Cafés and variety shops open in renovated warehouses are not uncommon in the prefecture.
The relaxed atmosphere of such shops is wonderful, but 990 is quite unique.


The blackboard is lined with the attractive items on the menu, and the authentic wine barrel welcomes you like a café overseas.

The namako wall design characteristic of the traditional warehouse will stand out.

The Marutani Hasegawa house name of the former owners is engraved on the tile roof of the warehouse.


Once upon a time, it was once used as a kimono shop, and the interior is really prestigious.
The feeling of tension and uplifting when you went out to eat with your parents as a child will come back to life.

A tile floor like in a dance hall, a staircase leading to the second floor where there are still many collection items, and lights with slightly different designs…
The retro-modern atmosphere is reminiscent of the good old days of Yamagata.

◆ Many boastful dishes for lunch and dinner

You can enjoy a great set menu of pasta with salad at lunchtime from 11:00, and in the evening you can have a stylish dinner that is perfect for a special day.

In addition to pasta, there is a rich lineup of Yamagata prefecture meat dishes and fresh fish from Shonai.

You can also get Americaine rice, which was once popular in Yamagata.
The sauce that makes use of the sweetness of shrimps and scallops wraps the rice in a gentle taste.


In addition, the salad, which is often just a side dish, is large and delicious just like a main dish.
There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the colorful and crispy vegetables.

Seasonal ingredients are introduced on the board under the stairs, so please have a look while enjoying your meal.

◆ Teatime with blissful sweets

There are also seasonal fairs, and the sweets you can enjoy at teatime are full of special feelings.


Furthermore, you can enjoy teatime too at 990.

For teatime we recommend the cake set (880 yen) that includes a selection of sweets and drinks.

There is a variety of sweets decorating the blissful teatime, such as 990’s Apple Pie with its crispy crust and sweet and sour apples, tiramisu, etc.

* The café menu is currently available during lunchtime.

◆ Don't miss the limited items on the menu

What you can’t miss is the seasonal menu.

This is the Masaichigo variety that released this Spring.


It is very Japanese, with lots of strawberries from Yamagata and a small umbrella.
Inside is rich in ice cream with a special strawberry sauce, a sweet and mellow chocolate mousse, and refreshing mascarpone cream cheese, 
and a sponge cake, too much to write about!

Other seasonal items will be added to the menu from time to time. Please check the information on the website.

◆ Takeout is still happening

You want to enjoy the taste of the shop at home… so please try the takeout!
Hors d’oeuvres that are perfect for home parties and festive dinners on special occasions are also on sale.
We also recommend “990 bowl of the day” at lunchtime. The healthyness of fresh salads and millet rice is also attractive.


Dining out is not just about enjoying the food, but the excitement before going to the shop, its atmosphere, the conversations with the staff and the joy of a meal with people important to you.
I felt all of those after this brief period of self-isolation.

Currently, the shop is making various efforts as a “COVID countermeasure shop”, a program run by Yamagata City working to reduce the risk of infection.
Now that you can enjoy your meals safely and securely, please spend a delicious time at 990.

Beni-no-Kura Summary Article

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[ TAKEOUT] Café & Dining 990

[ TAKEOUT] Café & Dining 990

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Detailed information

 [Feature] Let's fill up our stomach with Yamagata♪ Café & Dining 990!

[Feature] Let's fill up our stomach with Yamagata♪ Café & Dining 990!

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Detailed information

Café & Dining 990 (Beni-no-Kura)

Café & Dining 990 (Beni-no-Kura)

2-2-1-8 Tokamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


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