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[Feature] Authentic Glamping! Perfect for autumn in Yamagata


The record-breaking summer heat has ended, and autumn has finally begun.

Speaking of autumn, appetite, reading, sports, art…
Yamagata, where nature is rich and food is delicious, has many places where you can fully enjoy the fall.

So, this time, I would like to introduce a wonderful shop that opened in Yamagata City last year where you can enjoy outdoor and gourmet eating at the same time.


What is Glamping?

Glamping stands for “glamorous camping.”

It is a portemanteau from the two words.
It was born on the idea that you should be able to enjoy camping without the setting of the tents or the outdoor preparation of food.

Even beginners without camping gear can experience camping here.
This new activity is now popular.

The first glamping shop in Yamagata

I actually went there because a shop where you can enjoy such Glamping (glamorous camping) opened last year in Yamagata City.

When you drive along Route 286 of Yamagata City Shinzan,
The cafe and bar “GLAMPIC” can be seen between the trees.

It operates as a café and a bar
but is also a facility where one group per day can enjoy the glamping experience.

The log house-like exterior is very fashionable, with colorful flags welcoming you in the wind.

Of course, there is also a parking lot next to the store, so it is safe.


Going inside


When you enter the site, you will be greeted by lovely animals carved in wood.
The door is also designed with a handmade feel, which makes it more exciting.


Inside the store, orange lamps are lit, creating a very warm space.


Wooden box tables are lined up with a seats reminiscent of a lawn, and there is a giant teddy bear!
Waiting for children to be happily hug? (I also wanted to hug it…)


At the table seat next to it, a hammock is hung from the ceiling instead of a chair!

In addition, there are many fun decorations and gimmicks inside the store.
I got dazed just looking around.

Feel the nature of Niiyama from the second floor terrace

The terrace seats on the 2nd floor are accessible by stairs next to the shop.


There is also a very long table on the wide artificial turf.


There’s even a BBQ space and hammocks!
If you lie down here and look up at the blue sky it will be the best feeling ever.


From the terrace, you can see the rich nature of Niiyama and feel like you are camping.

Excitement does not stop with the great menu


“GLAMPIC” ‘s special menu is curry and sandwiches.

The curry, which contains a large 200g lump of meat, is plenty of food.
For those who are healthy, there is also a curry with tomatoes as the main curry.
Both are carried in hot Skillet.
You can enjoy the outdoor feeling with this alone.

Sandwich can be selected from two types of sets,
“A set 1,400 yen” includes 2pc of your favorite sandwich, pickles, potatoes and drinks.
“B set 1,000 yen” has a sandwich of 1pc.

The sandwiches are very rich and there is no doubt the classic “Basil & Chicken Sandwich”
Starting with the combination of golden combinations “salmon & avocado”
Recently, mackerel, which has been attracting much attention due to its high nutritional value, is the main character such as “Saba Sand”.

This sandwich is gorgeous in appearance, but in fact it is also sticking to bread,
The type used in all types is different.


The salmon and avocado I ate were healthy, nutritious bread with sesame.

Of course, the crunchy texture of lettuce is comfortable every time you chew,
The soft, fragrant salmon and creamy avocado make for a delicious smile.

If you are still hungry
there are also sweets sandwiches such as Strawberry & Mascarpone and Banana & Chocolate.

Also, please pay attention to the daily homemade sweets that can be purchased at a discount of 100 yen when ordering a set menu.

Glamping starts in September!

The glamping experience is limited to one group per day as you will get the whole mountain for yourself!
Not only can you enjoy BBQ, but you can also take a bath in a drum can. It has luxurious contents that both adults and children can enjoy.

Still in progress

Actually, “GLAMPIC”, a guesthouse is under construction! (* As of September 2018)

We were looking for support through crowdfunding, but we achieved it the other day,

今年の秋までには泊まれる工房「YOU&ME STUDiO」が完成予定です。

This facility has a studio,
It will be a wonderful place where guests and locals can interact through manufacturing.

In addition, since there is a vast back mountain in the back mountain of the facility, hiking and insect catching,
You can also experience various activities such as picking mountain vegetables.

There is no doubt that it will be a wonderful guest house that makes use of Yamagata’s rich nature and food.

Surrounding facilities...?

In front of GLAMPIC, you can enjoy river fishing that grew up in the clear stream of Yamagata.
Beyond the Sasaya Pass is also Miyagi Zao St. Mary Ski Resort,
It is a feeling that you can play all day around this area alone.

Please enjoy a fruitful autumn in Yamagata with your family and friends this fall.

Detailed information



514-1 Niyama, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture 990-0015


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