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[Feature] Green Shop Harada! Fruits and vegetable store in downtown Yamagata


A new facility called Nanokamachi Rurutas opened in the center of Yamagata City on July 21, 2021. Inside it there is a new branch of the popular local Greenshop Harada fruit and vegetable shop founded in 1978. It is a fruits and vegetable specialty store staffed with a professional vegetable sommelier that offers products centered on local production for local consumption and other traditional Yamagata vegetables.

1. Nanokamachi Rurutas

On July 21, 2021 a new spot opened in the downtown area of Yamagata City!

It is called Nanokamachi Rurutas!

It will be a commercial facility adjacent to the high-rise condominium Duo Hills Yamagata Nanokamachi Tower completed on the site of the former Seven Plaza.

There are three representative shops of Yamagata inside:

① Fresh fish shop Yoshinoya
② Fresh meat shop Sato Gyunikuten
③ Fresh fruits and vegetables Green Shop Harada

Yoshinoya and Sato Gyunikuten used to be located within the no-longer existing Onuma Yamagata department store, so I’m grateful for them to reopen nearby (^-^)

With the addition of the Green Shop Harada, this location has become the spot for a great lineup of fish, meat and fruits and vegetables!

The three shops are connected to each other within the facility for easy shopping.
* Please note that the checkout will be done individually at each shop.

Also, on the north side, there is Nanokamachi Gotenzeki, one of the main attraction of the downtown of Yamagata City.


2. Green Shop Harada

Green Shop Harada was founded in Yamagata City in 1978.

It is a fruits and vegetable specialty store staffed with a professional vegetable sommelier that offers products centered on local production for local consumption and other traditional Yamagata vegetables.

In the prefecture, there are three branches, one at the Moh’z grocery store (Motoki, Yamagata City), one at the Genki Ichiba Takahashi Uwamachi store (Uwamachi, Yamagata City), and one at Rurutas Yamagata store here.

This is how it looks from the outside.

The cabbage at the entrance is quite impressive (^^)

This is what fruit and vegetable shop looks lile.

3. Inside the shop

This is how it looks inside.

The characteristic of the shop is the open space. 

Like the old shops, the grocers are close to the customers.

Mr. Yamaguchi, the manager, spoke with us this time.

Mr. Yamaguchi is Yamagata Prefecture’s only vegetable sommelier with an Advanced Pro rank. Focusing on Yamagata, he is offering a lineup centered on local production for local consumption, and other traditional Yamagata vegetables.

It is said that there are 7 other vegetable sommeliers in Yamagata!

① Fruit and vegetable corner

There are lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits in the shop.

In late August, when I visited for the interview, there were many kinds of summer vegetables and fruits, including watermelons, melons, and eggplants.

The staff will offer suggestions about the right food to eat according to each vegetable and fruit.

Please feel free to ask (^^)

For example, it seems that the choice of melon will change depending on whether you want to eat it today or a few days later.

Okahijiki in the photo is a traditional Yamagata vegetable.

Many of the traditional vegetables here are not found in other shops, and there are about 85 kinds such as Hata eggplants from Shinjo City, Fujisawa turnips from Tsuruoka City, Onogawa bean sprouts from Onogawa Onsen in Yonezawa City, and so on.

These vegetables are procured by directly asking the farmers.

“We don’t just sell vegetables, we start by looking for vegetables that we are satisfied with, and we go on to get customers to look at them, pick them up, and eat them. We want many people to know. We purchase our stock with the thought of having our customers try them,” said Mr. Yamaguchi.

The assortment is the best in the prefecture!

Please come visit (^-^)

② Eat-in corner

There was also an eat-in corner inside the shop.

An eat-in corner in a fruits and vegetable shop is rare.

The showcase inside the shop is lined with delicious fruit sandwiches and sweets, but you can enjoy these products at the eat-in corner (≧-≦).

These are items that can be offered only because the shop knows how to distinguish seasonal fruits and how to find the best time to eat them.

These products will be available around 11:00 every day.

Glittering jewel fruit sandwiches, minced pork cutlets and pork cutlets sandwiched with freshly fried side dishes from the neighboring Sato Gyuniku-ten meat shop… Just looking at them makes me hungry (; ^ ω ^)

Isn’t it the best luxury to be able to eat freshly selected products from a professional perspective (^-^)

There is a wide variety of drinks too, so it’s perfect for a short break.

You can enjoy various drinks such as smoothies, amazake, and herbal teas.

Amazake is a special drink made only from fermented rice that does not contain additives.

Some people come to drink after exercising because they are captivated by irs original sweetness.

In addition, “fruit as-is shaved ice” is different from ordinary shaved ice, and as the name suggests, it is made by directly shaving frozen fruits.

In addition to the feeling of eating fruits as they are, it is a sweet that is perfect for beauty and health because you can also ingest dietary fiber and vitamins.

4. Featured Products

① Dadacha beans

This is the season (mid-late August) when the morning picked dadacha beans sent directly from the production areas are delicious.

Just like asparagus, edamame, corn, etc., it is recommended to eat them quickly while they are delicious.

It seems that the shipments arrive to the shop between 14:00 and 15:00, so please come to the shop at that time to enjoy the freshest arrival.
* Information at the time of coverage (August 2021)

If you buy them and boil it at home right away… just imagine the frech taste!

② Salt recommended by salt coordinator

There are many seasonings in the shop.

Among them, this “salt coordinator carefully selected [salt]” is recommended.

There is a lineup that is not found at other stores.

Yamagata’s Domeki Onsen salt is recommended for mountain vegetables and mushrooms.

The difference in taste will be obvious (^-^)

You can enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they are without the need for extra chemical seasonings due to the presence of minerals.

③ Whole fruit juice

The last thing I recommend is this whole fruit juice.

This time I got a ruby grapefruit.

There are also oranges, white grapefruits, and Jackson fruit, which is also a member of grapefruits.

When you hear only the product name, it is an image of squeezing the fruit and pouring it into a cup, but this juice is agitated with a stirrer as it is after removing the core of the fruit!

Grapefruit juice and pulp flow directly from the straw, and you can feel the deliciousness directly (≧-≦).

This makes me want to drink many to compare (^^)

It is also recommended to have a look at the scenery of the Gotenzeki area.

5. Parking Lot

You will receive vouchers for 30 minutes of free parking for purchases of 1,500 yen or more, and 60 minutes for 2,000 yen or more.

・ Nanokamachi Parking Plaza 2
・ Yamagata Prefectural Parking Lot
・ Yamagata City Central Parking Lot
・ Yamagata City Saiseikan Parking Lot
・ TAN6 Building Parking Lot
・ Yamagata City Kasumi Parking Lot
・ Eigyokudo Parking Lot
・ Otemachi, Yamagata City Parking Lot
・ Needs building parking
・ Yamagata Prefecture Higashiguchi Kotsu Center Parking Lot
・ Repark Yamagata Nanokamachi Boulevard
・ Kajo Central Parking Lot
・ Yoshida Parking
・ Echigoya Parking

6. Message to everyone who reads VISIT YAMAMAGATA

Finally, we received a message from the staff members for those on VISIT YAMAMAGATA.

“This time, we opened in Nanokamachi as a downtown fruits and vegetable shop.

“We are offering not only fruits and vegetables of the market, but also traditional vegetables produced locally, Kahoku Italian vegetables, and other vegetables harvested in the morning.

“At the eat-in corner, we carefully select and prepare delicious fruit products such as fruit sandwiches, smoothies, whole fruit-shaved ice, and whole freshly squeezed fruit juice.

“We would like you to use it.

“We look forward to your visit. “

Detailed information

In the city

In the city

2-7-5 Nanukamachi, Yamagata City


Detailed information

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[Summary] Nanokamachi Gotenzeki! All shops in one article

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