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[Feature] Nanokamachi Gotenzeki! Classic Café

Hoshi Mama

Hoshi Mama

I moved to Yamagata with my family on the occasion of the U-turn of my husband (coming back to work to Yamagata where he is from). I was fascinated by the people, nature and food in Yamagata, and now I am totally captivated. I will do my best to let many people outside the prefecture know the charms of Yamagata! Also, I am also running a personal blog named Yamagata Kurashi ( with the theme o​ Enrich your life in Yamagata. I will continue to share information on Yamagata from various angles in the future.


The fourth article of the feature on the historic site of Gotenzeki in Nanokamachi and Yamagata City!
This time, we would like to introduce Classic Café located in a renovated traditional warehouse.
In addition to introducing the shop, its menu and the recommended items, we also talked to the owner, Mr. Kawaguchi.

1. Classic Café

Classic Café-Sign

Gotenzeki is one of the five former weir (irrigation canals) areas in Yamagata City.
It was used to carry agricultural and domestic-use water for over 400 years, and part of Gotenzeki also flowed to the moat of the Yamagata Castle.

The area was redeveloped in 2010 utilizing the old-fashioned masonry canal and was renamed Nanokamachi Gotenzeki, now a place of relaxation for citizens and tourists.

Classic Café introduced this time is located in the innermost section from the entrance of Gotenzeki.
What Classic Café cherishes is “Yamagata’s food culture.”
It is a restaurant that boasts a menu that focuses on local production for local consumption.

The sound of shop’s “Classic” incorporates “kura” which in Japanese means “traditional warehouse.”
Just look at the shop’s outside and inside introduced here and you will know why it is relevant (^-^)

2. Exterior of the shop

It looks like this!

That’s right, the shop is located in a renovated traditional warehouse!

Originally it was a storage area for tea leaves of the Iwabuchi Tea Shop introduced in the first feature on Gotenzeki, but it was renovated and reopened as Classic Café.
Iwabuchi Tea Shop

The entrance is very traditional!

I hadn’t had many opportunities to enter a warehouse, so I was thrilled (^-^)

3. Inside

Inside it looks like this!

It was a calm space with a wood grain and white as the base color, which made me feel somehow nostalgic.
The thick beams on the ceiling are also impressive.
The floors will be the same as they were at that time, without major renovations.
The owner, Mr. Kawaguchi, chose furniture such as chairs and desks in the store to match the atmosphere of the brewery.

Opposite the table seats is the counter seats.

It is also recommended to spend a relaxing time alone at the precious table that uses a single plate.

Go up the stairs in the back to the second floor.

The presence of the beams on the ceiling is even more amazing!
The ceiling is close and you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the first floor (^-^)

4. Menu

① Lunch menu

・ Omuraisu Yamagata beef hayashi sauce 950 yen
・ Yuba cream croquette (with hot spring egg) 1,100 yen
・ Zao beef taliata bowl 1,500 yen
・ Cheese taco rice 1,000 yen
・ Ham and chicken plum cheese sandwich 850 yen
・ Chicken simmered in hayashi 1,200 yen
・ Chicken and gobo spice curry 900 yen
・ Smoked salmon quiche 880 yen
・ Ratatouille-style tomato sauce 1,100 yen
・ Beef and cabbage peperoncino 1,100 yen

② Dessert & Drink menu

All desserts are handmade by the owner!
Please try them during meals but also as sweets during the day.

・ Gateau au chocolat 480 yen
・ Mango cheesecake 480 yen
・ Parfait 580 yen
・ Vanilla soft serve ice cream 350 yen
・ Chocolate soft serve ice cream 350 yen
・ Mango soft serve ice cream 350 yen
・ Sangria juice 450 yen
・ Coffee float 500 yen
・ Tea float 500 yen
Plenty of fruits + non-alcoholic white wine

5. Recommended items

This time, I ordered the recommended “omuraisu” dish.
Here is the plate that was brought in!

The fluffy feeling of the egg that you can see just by looking at it!
And the scent of the hayashi sauce that the owner is proud of!

I’ll have omuraisu entwined with hayashi sauce (^-^)

The collaboration of tomato-flavored rice, cheese, fluffy eggs and special hayashi sauce is irresistible (≧-≦)
The block meat, which has been slowly simmered for 2 hours, melts in your mouth.
You can also see why the owner recommends it (^-^)
It was omuraisu that was packed with the deliciousness of Yamagata because it used Yamagata beef and eggs from the prefecture.

You can also choose between homemade mini desserts and drinks with our lunch-only service.
Mini desserts vary from day to day so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out.
The mini dessert of the day was a Gateau au chocolat.

The gentle and firm taste of chocolate is irresistible (≧-≦)
The moist texture extended the length of stay in your mouth.
Both are perfect after a meal (^-^)

6. For children

Children’s chairs and tableware are also available, so no worries if you come with kids.

Those who present their “Kosodate passport” can also enjoy free stuff (^-^)
・ Lunch coupons, toys, candies

Don’t forget to bring yours!

7. Parking Lot

The following Parking Lots are affiliated.
・ Nana Beans Parking Lot (YT Park 24)
・ ARC Building Parking Lot (Nanokamachi Parking)

Please note that the service will change depending on the content of use.
① 30-minute parking ticket service for every 1,800 yen for food and drink (up to 1 hour and 30 minutes)
② For party plans, service up to 2 hours per group

8. Message from owner Mr. Kawaguchi

The owner, Mr. Kawaguchi, has a unique background in that he jumped into the food and beverage industry from a travel agency salesman.
In the future, it will be delivered in cooperation with nearby stores.

“Please come and have a cup of tea in this valuable space.
We will do our best to continue to be loved by everyone for a long time like the flow of Gotenzeki. “

Detailed information

Classic Café

Classic Café

2-7-6 Nanukamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


Detailed information

[TAKEOUT] Classic Café (Nanokamachi Gotenzeki)

[TAKEOUT] Classic Café (Nanokamachi Gotenzeki)

Click here for takeout information!

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