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[Feature] Beni-no-Kura! JA Yamagata Farmer’s Market


Yamagata is blessed with abundant food and you can find delicious things throughout the prefecture.
The farmer’s market at Beni-no-Kura is operated by JA Yamagata and has a full lineup of seasonal items including vegetables and fruits!
It is safe and secure, and because the name of the producer is known, it is also highly reliable. Please come buy cheap and fresh vegetables and fruits!

◆ Vegetables, fruits and seasonal tastes

The building across the road of Beni-no-Kura is a JA Yamagata-operated Market’s Farmer.

In Yamagata City, there are three JA Yamagata farmer’s markets with now more than 700 registered producers offering seasonal tastes with their grown fruits and vegetables.

Located at Beni-no-Kura, this is the only branch in the city center, so people start lining up before the opening at 9:30.

◆ Line-up of seasonal summer vegetables


The attractive aspects are the rich product lineup, cheap prices, and the safety and security of the food.
Because it is purchased directly from the farmers, the price is very competitive compared to supermarkets.

In addition, each product is fresh and the name of the producer is printed, so it is also highly reliable. Now, some producers sometimes have dedicated fans!

When you enter the shop, the seasonal vegetables are on display.
Tomatoes and cucumbers are lined up during this early summer season.


The tomatoes are reddish enough to make them dazzling, and the lush and juicy cucumbers have warts, evidence of their freshness, that can be seen through the package.

The shelves directly above are lined with miso and lightly pickled vegetables that go well with vegetables. Consumers are happy with the eating suggestions provided.

◆ Speaking of Yamagata's summer... cherries


Yamagata’s summer is cherries!
Some were already available at the market.

There are many different varieties of cherries, including Beni Sayaka, Red Glory, the main variety Sato Nishiki, and many others that will be lined up in July.

Many localities have cancelled cherry-picking activities this year to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so I would like to actively purchase some of their goods to support the local farmers.

You can have cherries shipped from here.
Why don’t you send delicious items from Yamagata to your relatives and friends who are hard to meet due to the influence of COVID-19?


In addition to meat and processed goods, there is also a corner where you can buy bread and rice balls.

You can also get fresh flowers at a very low price.


“Local production for local consumption” is heard often as these farmer’s markets are important for connections between farmers and consumers in that area.

Surrounded by mountains and blessed with abundant nature, Yamagata is home to delicious vegetables that you can enjoy.
Please come visit!

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Detailed information

[Feature] Fresh and seasonal! JA Yamagata Farmer's Market Ochiai branch

[Feature] Fresh and seasonal! JA Yamagata Farmer's Market Ochiai branch

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Detailed information

JA Yamagata Farmer's Market Beni-no-Kura branch

JA Yamagata Farmer's Market Beni-no-Kura branch

2-1-28 Tokamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture


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