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[Feature] Beni-no-Kura! Souvenir shop Agarasshai


Discover food, sake and souvenirs from Yamagata.
From confectionery, pickles, liquor and miscellaneous goods, the charms of Yamagata are packed in this shop located within the Beni-no-Kura facility.

◆ Inside full of charms of Yamagata

It is the chalk warehouse that you can see on the left from the eastern front gate of Beni-no-Kura.

It was once used as a warehouse, so it has a high ceiling.


Here you can find items not only from Yamagata City but also gems from all over the prefecture.

From confectionery, pickles, liquor and miscellaneous goods, the charms of Yamagata are packed in the shop.


◆ Recommended... the sake of course!

The sake is recommended.
Yamagata is a rice producing prefecture and as such has a wide variety of sake, including limited edition ones.
You can try some of them for just 100 yen a cup!


There is a special sake tasting vending machine, the only one in the all of Tohoku, filled with carefully selected famous sake. The bottles that turn like a merry-go-round is a dream for sake lovers!
It’s convenient because you can check the taste of the sake before you buy it as a gift or souvenir.

Yamagata is also known as a suitable place for viticulture, and many wineries are trying to make up for it by creating unique wines.

Here is the result of this effort.


Not to mention the standard red and white wines, there is also a wide variety of popular rosé wines, so please enjoy selecting your choice carefully.

◆ Don't miss the monthly sales ranking


The monthly sales ranking is displayed at the entrance of the shop!
Some products are steadfastly popular, while others can soar depending on the season.
Please use it as a reference.

By the way, next to the entrance, there was a lineup of chilled shampoos.
This summer, when it’s already expected to be extremely hot, why not soak yourself in a refreshing feeling at home?


Beni-no-Kura! Everything to know

Detailed information

Souvenir shop Agarasshai (Beni-no-Kura)

Souvenir shop Agarasshai (Beni-no-Kura)

2-1-8 Tokamachi, Yamagata City


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